A postcard from Realityville

  • Much is made of lying in political campaigns. Partisans can easily spot lies told by the opponent. But neither lies nor truth matter. Only voter response does. If it takes lies to motivate you, then lies it will be. If spotting the other guy’s lies works, that will be the issue of the day.
  • Campaign professionals are doing private polling at all times determining the effect of ads, talking points and demeanor. It’s all a show.
  • What I find so discouraging is how invested the sentient public is in the campaigns. We sat in Colombo’s Pizza in 2004 as the Bush/Kerry debate was on in the next room. It was a sporting event with cheers and groans. It was spectacle.
  • Very few are even looking at this blog right now because it is not about party politics. That has taken over our media, ads, letters and, sadly, even the good blogs.
  • Most discouraging, after the elections, it’s business as usual, as if there was never a campaign. George H.W. Bush was shocked in 1992 to learn that his “No new taxes” pledge of 1988 was even remembered. It was just a good line. But Repubbies were paying attention, at least to that one memorable line. Perhaps that’s why Obama was so deliberately vague in 2008.
  • As far as I can tell, Obama is a neocon. I know, he doesn’t talk like one, but it is hard to look at his behavior in office and see any difference from his predecessor, except perhaps that he has doubled down.
  • Democrats have to control their base, and so during elections have to say things that minorities, unions and environmentalists and retirees like to hear. So the chains are removed for a brief time, and they can say things they would not otherwise say, and of course do not believe.
  • After the election, it’s back to business as usual. The public goes back to work (those who even have jobs), TV, sports and celebrities, and the real business of politicians – paying back donors who want low taxes, no regulations, subsidy and free access to the commons – resumes.
  • It’s discouraging to see blank faces. There is an active force at work here whose task is to distract us with these elections. Most citizens feel an urge to participate. Not voting is seen as a sign of low intellect.
  • But to easily gobble up the lies, invest in the liars and their words while remaining oblivious to their deeds is, to me, a sign of resignation. We’ve given up our citizenship, and have accepted in exchange a biennial sports event, the outcome as meaningful as the Superbowl.
  • We could skip elections, as Bush wanted to do in 2004. But they matter in this sense: If we did not have them, people might wake up to something being missing.
  • At this late time in our oligarchical existence, with fascism on the rise, the only reason to have elections is to distract us from the fact that elections do not matter.

About Mark Tokarski

Mostly retired CPA living the life here in Colorado. Formerly Montana, 59 years, which is why so much of this blog is devoted to Montana issues.
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7 Responses to A postcard from Realityville

  1. steve kelly says:

    Less than 50% of voting-eliglible-age actually cast a ballot. Representatives have <25% support in most close elections. Mandate indeed. Imperial global capital thumbs its nose at nation-states and owns both major parties with bribes and other coersive tactics. The power is not in the presidency, Congress, or the court system, it is in global capital that operates with only the poor and working men, women and children resisting capital's absolute power. Nation-states enable, and pretend the game hasn't changed, but know full well the old system is history. Bread and circus for the true believers.

  2. steve kelly says:

    50% or less of age-eligible vote. So a close election results in representatives with less than 25% support. Mandate! Silly, but nothing when compared to the uncontested power of imperial global capital that thumbs its nose at nation-states, including the U.S. We’re #1, and playing a useless, obsolete political game.

  3. rally says:

    Hypothetically speaking, if a legitimate working class third party were to get organized and run candidates, would then elections matter?

    • If I might be so bold as to paraphrase, you’re saying that if only we had representative government, we would also have meaningful elections.

      • rally says:

        Yes, something like that. Sorry about my previous sentence. It was not very well stated and I did not even end it with a question mark. Getting old and having trouble with my thought process..

        I am saying there are stages in all development. Will the next stage in the electoral process be the development of a third party? How long will the general population put up with this fraud of a two party system. As workers are being throw out of work at the point of production and historically have been tied to the democratic party through unions, when this breaks will they demand new political representation?

        If we have but two classes, the ruling class and the working class. When will the working class fight for its own political party?

      • You’re doing quite well in spite of advancing age! We are all in line ahead or behind you in that regard. We do have a third party, but they do not vote. They find no validation in the two allowed parties, and know that third parties are marginalized and even demonized. I suspect that the true purpose of the Democrats is to prevent the rise of a third party, as they do absorb movements and then kill them.

        Organization is key, but it appears that mobilization requires more motivation than currently exists. Things have to still get even worse.

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