Is Sirota targeted for an Obama drone strike?

David Sirota departed the radio scene here in Denver late last year, and no one is talking about it. I assumed while he was on-air that his goose was being slow-cooked in a crock pot. The only allowed “alternative” radio voices are rank-and-file Democrats like blow-hard Ed Schultz or motor-mouthed Thom Hartmann. The only discussion allowed on our airwaves is about the microscopic differences between the parties. Sirota was openly critical of President Obama, Sen Michael Bennet and Gov John Hickenlooper. Democrats, not known for tolerance, were steaming. When he left radio, I pictured those three eating a dish served cold.

Here’s another view. Sirota had also urged listeners and readers to sign a White House petition for Obama to create a “Do not kill” list so that some of us could be protected from his terrorist drone strikes. Did this make him a target? Is that why he was removed from radio? Will he soon exit the planet?

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10 Responses to Is Sirota targeted for an Obama drone strike?

  1. Steve W says:

    Why not ask Sirota himself?

    His email and twitter addresses are with his article.

  2. Steve W says:

    I’m not testy. I just thought going to the source might allow a higher degree of quality info as opposed to idle speculation. Not that I’m particularly opposed to idle speculation, mind you. :)

    Here’s an article that contains statements from both Sirota and the station.

    • I read everything surrounding his ouster when it happened. He’s not saying anything, implying a gag. Anything anyone else says is pro forma. He and Brown appeared to be best of friends long before, when Brown was a regular guest on Sirota’s show. They agreed to do a show together based on friendship and respect. Sirota never said anything about Brown and FEMA that I am aware of, and Brown understood what happened to him under the Bushies to be pure politics, a scapegoat. He’s a big boy. Sirota understands politics as well. I understand politics as well, and know that some people have to be hung out to dry to protect others, that they usually land on their feet, probalby richer for it all.

      This is a blog. I do other work during the day. I repeat what others say depending on how much I feel I can trust them. I am not going to run down every lead, for instance, searching for Todd Beamer’s marriage certificate. I go so far as time allows, and since it is public record, if a marriage certificate exists, it is very easy to prove and should present no problem. If a marriage certificate does not exist, it is not my problem. I only know that Todd Beamer and like 80% of the passengers on those planes that day are not on SSDI, and you can check it for yourself.

      Now, here’s a standard you should be aware of: Everything the government says regarding 9/11 is regarded as true until proven false by other readers here, and I am surprised to learn, you as well. There is no objective standard applied to them. Everything skeptics say is considered false until proven true by other readers here, and I am surprised to learn, you as well.

      That ought to be reversed. Never trust the people around 9/11. Ever. How can that not be obvious?

  3. steve kelly says:

    The partisan patronage system reaches far and wide. Most have no idea how insestuous the system can get. Piss both parties off, and you’ve really narrowed your options.

  4. Steve W says:

    My belief is that most of what the government says about 9/11 is demonstrably true. I believe a good cover-up depends on that. For one thing, the vast majority of the people in government aren’t privy to black opps, period. They get a story and that’s the story they give. They are in on nothing even as they may facilitate whatever is really going on.

    My belief is that some of what some so-called skeptics say is demonstrably false. That also helps the cover-up.

    I believe that remaining as agnostic as possible is more helpful than assuming. I don’t assume the government is lying or that someone who claims skepticism is telling the truth, or is even any good at analysis, critical thinking, etc.

    So if your trusted source is contending that Todd Beamer is a completely fictionalized entity who never existed until 9/11, I’d say that is helping the cover up continue, because I believe that is demonstrably false. It’s also extremely risky and unnecessarily complicated. Why not just take someone who was going to fly on 9/11 and make him the hero? Which is what they did in both real and imaginary life. No matter how you slice the rest, Beamer is a national hero.

    If you want to drag this into a discussion of Shanksville and planes (which I know little about) then one would have to figure out if there was no plane and no plane to shoot down with a missile, or if in fact there was a plane and they shot it down? (They? who they? Foreign terrorists? The military chain of command? Raytheon executives?) Or did it just crash?

    If there was no plane and no missile then there is no there there at all. So WTF?

    If there was a plane and a missile then that might explain the big debris field and lack of big pieces. Who shot who for what reason? Did the fake passengers rush the fake hijackers? If there were no hijackers and no passengers then why shoot down a drone with no one aboard? Did some military person not in on it take out a drone? A plane?

    If there was only a crash then where did it go?

    Anyway, if speculation is what you need I’m going to guess that the operator at the Air Phone center just happened to be on duty and she got a call from someone who told her he is Todd Beamer and a passenger on the hijacked flight. The person self identified as Todd Beamer gave her all the information that she later related to the world through newspaper interviews and in her book, “Called.”


    She’s a religious nut on deep cover who just happened to help out her buddies as needed? We should get a video camera and go meet her and see what we think. Or maybe not.

    It is interesting that she has complete and sole control of the story. And the story is so mythic. I go for choice #1 at this point.

    • You appear to think that I am on some sort of mission. I am not. The Todd Beamer story, just as the Osama bin Laden Zero Dark Thirty story, are meant to be part of the national mythology. Once these things are implanted, they are not undone. The Flags of Iwo Jima, the charge up San Juan Hill, Boston Massacre, Ballad of the Green Berets, Tonkin, Berlin Air Lift, Drug War … are all part of our national identity, consciously made up as we go along. Countries are only held together by myths. It does me no good other than psychic satisfaction to learn that the Todd Beamer myth was created out of whole cloth and quickly made into a movie. It’s part of our narcissistic culture, our fake macho reality. It is fed to us like pabulum.

      The phone calls that day are as suspicious as everything else.

      For one thing, the vast majority of the people in government aren’t privy to black opps, period.

      Who said they were? It takes only a few people in key positions to pull this off, and part of the intrigue in the theft of Florida in 2000 was to get key people in key positions. I can only name a few, as Richard Clarke, General Myers, Rumsfeld, perhaps Cheney, but it is a mistake to look for public faces. Real power does not operate in the open.

      Once in place, it was a matter of creating a distraction scenario, which is what most of the key words I offered my son were about – Amalgam Virgo and all of that – practice drills that sent key defense components away, distracted air traffic controllers, locked down military bases, had a fake fire-fighting unit ready to distribute debris at the Pentagon, and exercised a practice drill where [fake] hijacked airliners would be fake-flown into Twin Towers. Just as you say, the vast majority of government people, just like us, did not know what was up. Most who appeared to be part of it were confused, thinking they were being drilled. They were just doing thier jobs, and notice that the FAA, charged with getting every aircraft out of the air (a diversion, to be sure) did just that, and did so efficiently and admirably well, and had no part in the crime. They functioned like a well-oiled machine, just as our air defense system would have had it not been compromised by all of the take fake drills and advance deployments.

      The key for me in this whole matter is the word “PSY-OP.” Imagine that if you had kids, you want them to view you as protector, you stage a fake burglary and have people break into their bedrooms and scare the shit out of them. In that traumatized state you can tell them anything and they will believe you, as you have created a hostage/protector situation. The kids are Stockholmed. That’s most of what was done to the American people that day – if you really want to get to the guts of it, all you need to is view the events of that day through the TV screen, because that is where most of it took place – on TV. It also helps to view the government-people relationship as parent-child. The American people are, as a group, little children.

      Something happened at Shanksville. Whatever happened on that plane, there was no passenger/ground communication. Someone talked to your Belief-Net host. Todd Beamer’s “Wife” may really had been his wife, as he apparently died before 9/11. She may be going along for money, and surely knows that if she speaks up, she’ll be killed. Money works, adn as with JFK, witnesses dying mysterious deaths has its intended effect – the rest shut up. That, to me, is a more plausible scenario than to kill him that day and then later recruit her as a participant. The “Lets’ Roll story had to have been cooked in advance.

      I’ve been a little shocked, though not much anymore, at the ease with which the Zero Dark Thirty story went down without any evidence to support it. The real story about the Navy Seal Team members dying on a National Guard helicopter disappeared from the news as quickly as it appeared. Most likely the participating team members were killed that night and then later “officially” killed by fictitiously putting them on an overloaded copter and shooting it down. On board were real Seals as well, perhaps ones who threatened to go public. Such an event shuts everyone up.

      We are under an oppressive thought control regime, and there is so little resistance that there is no hope of changing it. As can be seen with the debate here, it takes no evidence to convince people of the official story, and no amount of evidence will change their minds, as they are programmed to avoid looking at it.

      I’m moving on, anyway. I do this for me. I need to live honestly and without pretense, and I got very tired of being afraid to speak up, of keeping all of these thoughts under a bushel basket. I am an idealist, and as such must be to the outer world as I am on the inside. I cannot live in duplicity. It creates a sense of cowardice.

      • PS: I forgot the most important point, in case you are not aware of it – most of the “9/11 Truth” movement has been initiated by the criminals themselves, employing fake experts and agents provocateur. The followers are for sure just that [mere followers], and 9/11 Truth is merely part of the ongoing cover-up. Those who are not part of it, and this would be Dr. Wood, are vilified by the others, so it is somewhat easy to know who is real and who is fake just by seeing who attacks her.

        On the other hand, she could be fake too. Who ever said it was easy?

        • Steve W says:

          Dr Wood did a shitload of work and delivered a well written extremely well researched book for a very low price, 39 bucks for a 500 page college textbook quality examination of what happened to the WTC. That speaks for itself.

          Want a weird factoid? Amazon is out of new copies of Where did The Towers Go? but used copies are going from 419 dollars apiece. What’s with that?

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