Adventures in the hall of mirrors

Oh, what the hell. We’re having so much fun anyway.

Linked here is an affidavit by John Lear, who is the son of the founder of Lear Jet. I have avoided citing him in any discussions because I am not sure he is trustworthy. One, he was a pilot for the CIA in Vietnam, flying for Air America, or the CIA operation that was used to fly heroin into Vietnam. In the 9/11 business, anyone with an intelligence background needs to be distrusted.

Two, he appears to be doing a garden-path limited hangout. The “limited hangout” is where an agent discloses a certain amount of truth, but only to mislead people. This is what Stephen Jones was doing with his nanothermite evidence – trying to lead people away from Dr. Judy Wood and directed energy, which appears to be on the right track. John Lear is a professional pilot and technically adept in flight engineering and dynamics, so I find his affidavit to be credible. However, if you follow him too far you will learn that he thinks there are people living on the far side of the moon and under the surface of the earth, and that we are all transported there twice before age 13. That is classic psy-op, to lure people with truth, and then crash them into a wall with obvious nonsense.

That in mind, I am putting up the link here because his affidavit was part of a real court case, and so is open to discussion and critique among professionals. It is not hard reading at all, but the concepts are foreign to the pedestrian. He concludes that no plane could have hit the Twin Towers because an inexperienced pilot could not perform those feats; because the building would offer too much resistance for it to be absorbed as seen on TV; because the parts of the plane would not disintegrate anyway, especially engines that operate at 650 degrees centigrade and weigh 9,000 pounds each; and because planes cannot fly that fast so close to the ground.

However, in cartoons, everything is possible! He therefore accuses NIST and the government and its contractors of fraud.

The affidavit is four single-spaced pages long. Takes about twenty minutes.

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