Still skeptical about Snowden

If any are curious about whether the Edward Snowden is the real deal or a “limited hangout,” here is evidence of the latter: 20130624_600 .

Real deals do not get such favorable exposure. Time Magazine is not now, was not ever, a subversive journalistic enterprise. It’s a hack news operation that almost always supports the National Security State, reporting or not reporting as the situation demands.

Case in point: Do you know of the Strange Case of Barrett Brown? He’s a man who faces life imprisonment for messing for real with NSA and corporations like Stratfor who are in-bedded therein. Not a word in Time Magazine about him.
Footnote: Naomi Wolf, who has also suggested that Snowden might not have actually left NSA employment, and so endures ridicule now from liberals, makes an interesting point that has not escaped me either:

But do consider that in Eastern Germany, for instance, it was the fear of a machine of surveillance that people believed watched them at all times — rather than the machine itself — that drove compliance and passivity. From the standpoint of the police state and its interests — why have a giant Big Brother apparatus spying on us at all times — unless we know about it?

Could it be that by doing his big reveal of what was already known, that Snowden is merely reinforcing a regime of fear?
imageOne more footnote: Time Magazine covers are like Playboy’s, each a cultural comment, one without big tits. This is my favorite of all time. It was 1999, Serbia was resisting Wall Street penetration, all kinds of behind-the-scenes manipulations were going on (including a 1996 plane crash that killed numerous US corporate executives and commerce secretary Ron Brown). In the propaganda system, to prepare the US public for an attack, it was necessary to put a face on the new enemy, and that of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic was chosen. Time, performing its role as servant of the state, ran the cover shown here. Please notice, and it is no accident, that the “I” and the “M” in the word Time form horns on the poor slob, who was later imprisoned, and when found to be very effective in defending himself in court, was found dead in his cell. (OK, maybe you don’t think Time put horns on the enemy du jour, but I gotta ask: Why the blue face?)
(Thanks for link, BFA)

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Mostly retired CPA living the life here in Colorado. Formerly Montana, 59 years, which is why so much of this blog is devoted to Montana issues.
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17 Responses to Still skeptical about Snowden

  1. Jack Ruby says:

    So Bradley manning must also be a con because he is on the cover too?

    • Tomato Guy says:

      Yours is an all-or-none approach. Bradley Manning is simply so well known, and not due to mainstream media, that he cannot be ignored. So they threw him an along with Schwarz in the background. Most people won’t notice.

  2. steve kelly says:

    Global reality repackaged for a nation of jingoistic fools. Perhaps Time’s task is to simply maintain the perception that there is a nation-state called the USA. The global reach of NSA and its corporate collaborators (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Verison et al.) is well documented. Consumer good, citizen bad. How long can the game go on?

    Our Fed bailed out foreign banks big-time.

    Our CIA and Pentagon agents operate in most countries (NATO, UN, JSOC, SOCOM, corporate-rogue, you name it), and assassin-drones’ last big rollout will be on thd Mexican-US border as we the people gyrate to “amnesty” music. Wonder: When Obama’s term ends, will his pardons of Wall Street criminals top Clinton’s and Bush’s combined? Will a single political prisoner, activist or journalist be pardoned? Holding my breath? Not so much.

  3. Big Johansson says:

    Print is dead.

  4. JC says:

    Here’s some fuel to add to your fire, TG:

    And Big Boy, what do you read in the waiting room? Your iPad?

    • Tomato Guy says:

      I read it as tongue-in-cheek, as Klein would hardly be a cage-rattler, given where he works.

      “Print is dead” left me speechless. If Swede can patent that ability, this blog will mercifully go away.

      • JC says:

        Sure it was tongue in cheek. But that doesn’t negate its value as a possible narrative.

        • Tomato Guy says:

          Makes sense now that I think about it – a real person given a fake identity who will blend into the shadows and reenter his real life at a later date.

      • Big Johansson says:

        Like to say my three word response was all me but unfortunately that statement has been droned into my brain repeatedly in the last 25 years.

        My wife loves the Ghostbusters movies. When she works round the house or exercises its always on. The most incredible thing is that line was developed months before the release date in 1984.

        A prophecy that came true.

        • Tomato Guy says:

          Unless it is some philosophical notion, above my pay grade, I think the statement s false. Please explain why you think it is a prophecy that came true?

          • Big Johansson says:

            All you have to look at is circulation numbers for papers, even worse yet news magazine like Newsweek and Time.

            If they’re not dead they’re on life support.

            • Tomato Guy says:

              Maybe it’s the word “read” that is separating us here. I view reading on the Internet as reading too. I view interpretation of 24 symbols as reading. Most Americans are not very good at it, if you look at SK’s link below or above or wherever. And critical thinking has never been a strong point in any population anywhere. I wish I was better at it.

        • JC says:

          “Droned into my head”

          Ah… that explains it. You’ve been brain washed.

          As one who spends a bit of time working in the “print industry”, I can assure you it is anything but dead. It may not generate the revenue it did at the height of its monopolies, but it is anything but dead… no matter how much brainwashing you’ve undergone.

          Take a trip to the library, walk down any isle, and pull out a book and read it… in print. You’ll see what I mean. Unless YouTube has destroyed your ability to read anything that isn’t drilled into your brain with a cathode ray or florescent tube, or a diode.

          • Big Johansson says:

            I glad some yet works in the print industry. Same goes for libraries, its kinda like the article I read on line the other day stating that we’re losing 14 unique languages a day.

            We’ll always want someone from the old days explaining the lost art of physically stored printed word to the next generation of google glasses wearers.

          • Tomato Guy says:

            My general impression is that most people don’t read books, never have. When we were looking at houses it was the exception to find one with book shelves, and even more so to find serious books and not popular fiction. One reporter who spent a night with Bush Sr. at Kennebunkport noted that there were no books there except one: “Who Farted?”, a picture book.

            I know a very bright guy who works for an ad agency, high position, college grad and all of that, who said recently that he had read three books since he left college. One was The Hunger Games.

            Anyway, “print” will never die and I’m not convinced of its wonders. My grandmother, a a teacher, when someone quoted some fact she did not believe would say “Paper doesn’t refuse ink.”

  5. steve kelly says:

    Print can’t survive if people can’t read. If people can’t think, well imaging the fun for all those unafflicted.

    • Tomato Guy says:

      People who don’t read well cannot be indoctrinated on a high level … the intellectual class, for instance. They take special pains to self-indoctrinate and so to be useful to power.

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