Life in these United States

Does anyone else have this problem? We are in the “Do Not Call” era, but have had to use call blocking through Centurylink to stop the repeat offenders. However, we are only allowed 25 numbers to block, and quickly used up our quota. Our house phone allows us thirty more blocks, and it too is filling up.

The latest offender is the Denver Post. What they are doing is clearly telemarketing, but they can technically get away with it because almost all people who don’t take their rag once did, establishing a “business relationship.”

One outfit selling kitchen remodeling said that they were legal because a portion of their sales went to charity, thereby getting around DNC restrictions. I am guessing .0000002%.

The worst offender by far is Google. You cannot block enough numbers with them – they just keep rolling over to new ones. And it’s a recorded message, so you can’t swear at them. Nonetheless, fuck Google.

Sad thing is that the less than one percent who respond to telemarketers are enough to keep them annoying the rest of us.

About Mark Tokarski

Mostly retired CPA living the life here in Colorado. Formerly Montana, 59 years, which is why so much of this blog is devoted to Montana issues.
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7 Responses to Life in these United States

  1. steve kelly says:

    Answering machine for friends and foe, with apologies, of course.

    • Tomato Guy says:

      We have a technical prolem there maybe someone understands – when someone calls us and leaves a message, after they hang up the line does not go dead on our end. So we get a delay and then “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up …etc.” When telemarketing machines sense an answering machine they immediately hang up, but on our end we get that pause and then operator message, and before long, since there are so many of them our entire machine is filled with the operator message. I’ve talked to Centruylink about it and they say it’s not them. We’ve had three answering sets and they all do it.


      • rightsaidfred says:

        When you get a regular call; like someone answering your transgender/questioning Craigslist ad; after they hang up, do you get a dial tone if you hold the phone? If not, it sounds like a USWest/Quest/etc problem. Have you had a field technician look at it, or just the diagnostic from the help desk? You might need to find a long time field tech.

        • Tomato Guy says:

          That is the problem – the line does to go,dead when the other party hangs up. I have talked to them aout it and they do a line check and say everything is OK.

        • rightsaidfred says:

          Clarify: the line doesn’t go dead?

          The line check from the help desk is limited. Put in a repair ticket. Or find a friendly lineman who knows the area and mention it to him. When he plugs into your service jack, that is more definitive.

          After that you might need to check your home wiring for grounding problems, etc. There are usually free lancers in the area who do that stuff. Next time a telemarketer calls, ask them who sets up/maintains their phone banks, and get that number. Call him during supper.

  2. rightsaidfred says:

    The telemarketing stuff does seem out of hand. I try to not give out my phone number anywhere, and if pressed just give a fake one. Same with e-mail. I still get plenty.

  3. Big Johansson says:

    How ’bout just going wireless?

    All the NSA is listening to is the Tea Party.

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