Friday Music Break

Just thought I’d share this.  I saw this band open for The Decemberists in Missoula last year, heard them play on NPR, and recently found out that a couple of their members originate right here in Astoria, where I’m living now.  They’re called Blind Pilot, and other than The Goonies, they’re the only thing that came from Astoria that I’d even heard of before I ended up here (Kindergarten Cop does NOT count.)

Anyways, this video is shot in an Astoria landmark, an old building that was used to dry fishing nets in the early 1900s, and is miraculously still standing amongst the pilings of other buildings long since collapsed or dismantled.  So it was kind of awesome to find this video today – shot at a place I already feel so familiar with.

Oh yeah – the music’s pretty damned good too.

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