Deep Thought

It took the right wing of the Republican party 10 years to realize that their Corporatist party wasn’t actually doing anything for them – It took them that long to realize that abortion was still legal, there was still no prayer in schools, and I can still light a flag on fire whenever I want… Not to mention the fiscal irresponsibility and liberal Immigration policies that were pretty hard to miss.  All it took was a President who was willing to say “God” once in a while, and they were pretty much happy for most of those 10 years.

On the other hand, it’s taken the left wing of the Democratic Party all of 10 months to become completely disenchanted with the leadership of the party and the President.  It only took us that long to realize that there simply hasn’t been much of a course change since our guys took power… almost like the same people are pulling the chains no matter which party has the most seats.

Which set of radicals do you think is more attached to reality?

6 thoughts on “Deep Thought

        1. I want to know what you know about these radicals, Swede. I want to know that you are made up of more than fleeting impressions.

          I do not think you are dumb, Swede. I am reminded of something I heard last night – that if we label ourselves we close our minds. I don’t think you are open to anything we say here, and go looking for things, anything, that contradicts us. If you didn’t label yourself a conservative, you would be more attentive.

          And yes, I know, it is true of all of us, especially me. My only saving grace is that I was once very conservative, and got better.


  1. Perhaps a more cogent question: What, if anything, can unite both “radical” ends to vote in sufficient numbers to oust the corporatists? The Fed? The national debt? Foreign occupations?


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