10 thoughts on “For The Record

  1. It’s not the first time these very same guys have been in the news.

    After holding these men for six years without charge or trial, Military “Trust Us, We Know What We’re Doing” Intelligence set them free. From the US-run madrassa in Cuba. Without having a judge look at the evidence, because, my God, if we let real judges look at evidence, what kind of bone-headed decisions will *they* start making?

    IMO, the releases of Saudis from GTMO in 2007 had a whole lot more to do with keeping the Saudis on the reservation wrt Iraq, Iran, and oil, than the supposed efficacy of the rehabilitation program. (Which still, I think, has a better track record on recidivism than US prisons).


  2. After surviving the horrors of Gitmo’s torture chambers I’m sure these guys weren’t going back to Yemen to open up a coffee shop.


  3. That’s the thing, Swede: they weren’t going “back” to Yemen at all. They’re Saudis. Who escaped from SA to Yemen (although one of the guys in the original report turned himself in in February, and is not in Yemen, but in Saudi custody). Most GTMO alums, though, aren’t interested in joining AQ or getting into a fight. They’d rather start a coffee shop . . .


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