Knob polishers

Too funny. I’ve noticed in times past how these two are at each others’ throats and at yet draw some camaraderie out of understanding things as no one else does. Each is reality-challenged but rock-solid in theory. Like good fiction: Even if it the world really doesn’t work that way, it should.
PS: This is not his first DIAF wish by any means. It is only his first today.

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2 Responses to Knob polishers

  1. Swede Johannson says:

    From Wiki.

    The phrase the enemy of my enemy is my friend is a proverb that advances the concept that because two parties have a common enemy, they can work with each other to advance their common goals. Often described as an Arabic proverb, there is also an identical Chinese proverb.
    In foreign policy, it’s a doctrine commonly used to interact with a significant enemy through an intermediary rather than through direct confrontation.
    Examples throughout history are common, such as longtime enemies Britain and France uniting against Germany during World War I, the Western capitalist democracies aiding the Soviet Union following the Nazi invasion during World War II, or U.S. support for anti-Communist dictatorships during the Cold War.


    • It might be egotistical to assume that I am the one who Rod wants to DIAF. I take that risk. It is set up in such a manner that he can deny it, true or not. his is typical of his shifty nature. (Budge presumes to know that Rod has a soul.)

      Each of these men is arrogant in their presumption of superior knowledge about the world and each prides hisself on excellent mind and depth of thought, work in the classics and a wide range of scholarship regarding the thoughts of dead white men.

      One of them cannot even see through the thin veneer of party politics. The other cannot see the effects of his beliefs when implemented – rigid class structure, walled communities, violence and resentment, and eventually the use of government to hold a lid on things … fascism.

      Each holds me in contempt. I am but a commoner of thought, and can’t see the depth of their knowledge or the excellence of their thoughts. I can only see two men who are full of both themselves and of shit.


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