This American life

Heard on NPR news this morning, not the exact words:

Israel and Hamas are still attacking one another …

Framing is everything. Palestinians are the niggers of the world. They are invisible. Israel, which suffers hardly at all, is propped up and kept in business by the US, parades around like an abused spouse.

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5 Responses to This American life

  1. 95% of the American public is so very deeply indoctrinated, Swede, and I put you in the upper 10% of that element. How does it feel to be in the top 10%?


    • Big Swede says:

      Kinda used to being in the top 10%.

      I was wondering if you thought it was unfair of Israel to be using the “Iron Dome” rocket defense system?


      • Stop and ask yourself: The US spends billions each year arming Israel. Why would Palestinians shoot rockets there if all it gets them is a proxy attack from the US? Use your noggin! If rockets are being fired into Israel (we never really know) then I would first suspect agents provocateur. Israel has elections in January.

        But I don’t know – there is an objective reality, but no one is going to place it on a platter in front of you. You have to look.


  2. steve kelly says:

    The prisoners of Gaza, like most held in captivity, are routinely abused and killed with impunity. With confinement comes arbitrary violence, and no human dignity. Fits nicely into current U.S. foreign policy: Perpetual war. The U.N. is a failure as long as it’s resolutions can be used to perpetuate the grinding genocide against people who belong to these lands.


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