Israel: An asshole state

An (hint-hint, wink-wink) "Israeli" F16

An (hint-hint, wink-wink) “Israeli” F16

A few years back the Onion ran a piece on Barry Bonds, the essence of which was that everyone knew he was taking steroids. Their crack staff went about and interviewed Americans, for example:

“Everyone in our front office has known about Bonds since the 2001 season,” said San Francisco-area accounts-receivable secretary Mindy Harris of McCullers and Associates, Ltd. “People in our ninth-floor office, too, and all seven branch offices. None of us were sure exactly which kind of steroids he was on, but we were pretty sure it was the kind that causes you to gain 30 pounds of muscle in one offseason, get injured more easily, become slow-footed, shave your head to conceal your thinning hair, lash out at the media and fans, engage in violent and abrupt mood swings, grow taut tree-trunk-like neck muscles, expand your hatband by six inches, and hit 73 home runs in a single season.”

The only ones who didn’t know or refused to acknowledge the obvious were sports writers. They just couldn’t quite wrap their brains around it. They’re still not sure.

I thought of that article this morning as I read where a U.N. inquiry found that Israel was violating the Fourth Geneva Conventions by stealing land from Palestinians, forcing them from the homes and livelihoods, essentially trying to get them to leave Palestine and move to Jordan. In addition, Israel routinely bombs Gaza, invades its northern neighbor Lebanon, runs secret prisons, tortures people, and is running a debilitating embargo on Gaza that is starving people, keeping them in a Gitmo-like state, a large concentration camp, perhaps the largest in human history.

An (hint-hint wink-wink") "Israeli tank

An (hint-hint wink-wink) “Israeli” tank

We all know this, those of us who pay attention. The only ones who do not know this are in the American news media, and of course, a large swath of the American public, who don’t know much anyway. Israel is what is referred to in diplomacy as a “rogue state,” and is making life miserable for non-rogue and rational actors like Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. I prefer the more non-diplomatic expression “asshole state.” Israelis turned into giant assholes the day that the U.S. decided to arm them to the teeth. They are terrorists, torturers, and aggressors, but would behave themselves if the U.S. told them to stop their asshole behavior. They only do what power allows them to do, like all rogue states.

So we read yesterday in various outlets that Israeli launched an attack on Syria, and that they “informed” the U.S. beforehand. This is Barry Bonds-speak for the obvious: They are acting at U.S. behest, probably on U.S. instructions. The NATO (read “US”) attack on Syria is flailing, and having opened up a second front in Mali, NATO (read “France”) is stretched, so that Israel and the U.S. are going to have to come out in the open and assume more of the day-to-day aggression.

I asked several French and Israeli citizens abut this, and one Syrian, and their answers were pretty uniform – “Oh yeah. We know this. Israel is an asshole state, but they are really just an extension of the U.S.”

I also asked several Americans, and the reaction was generally “Who? Hitler! Holocaust! Superbowl.”

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3 Responses to Israel: An asshole state

  1. Fr. Carolis Florus OTK says:

    Nice bullshit post. Hitler would be proud of you. Suggest you read up on the partition of Palistine, the 1948 war to genocide the Israeli Jews, the 1967 war, and the 1973 war and see who is attacking whom.
    And Israeli POWs were executed by the poor poor starving Arabs you love so much, and the Arabs were trained by the KGB.
    Israel gave every chance to the Palis to have their own country. Yasser turned them down each time.
    Who would you rather be captive by? The IDF or the tender mercies of the surrounding ferals?


    • One of the two of us has a good grasp of history, it appears.


    • Gavin Prouter says:

      In a strange and tragically ironic way…Hitler would be proud of Israel….a rogue state that was founded on the basis of territorial annexation, genocide and displacement of 750,000 indigenous Palestinians…who were either murdered, displaced, exiled, or eventually imprisoned in a modern Warsaw Ghetto called Gaza….absolutely disgusting and morally decrepit country….it will reap what its sows…and is by its actions, villified as a pariah state by the vast majority of people’s and countries of the world…


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