Who is our friend, who is our enemy?

It is hard to reach Americans regarding America. It’s not a place so much as a mindset. For myself, I got out of that mindset quite by accident, but it also took some effort. When confronted by contradictions that made me uncomfortable, I did not stuff them away and ignore them. That act of confrontation of contradiction, as Rand famously said, is key to freedom of thought.

Here’s something to ponder: Two men, Nelson Mandela and Saddam Hussein, were on the US State Department terrorist watch list*.

One was removed from the list in 1982 and thereafter worked closely with the US in matters uf mutual interest, such as making war on neighboring countries and acts of terrorism involving using of poison gas to suppress uprisings.

The other was only removed from the list in 2008. Before that time he had to make special arrangements to travel to the US.

Guess which.
*Here’s a contradiction: State could just set up blind in the woods down the road and watch Langley if they are so concerned about terrorism, but let that go.

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11 Responses to Who is our friend, who is our enemy?

  1. steve kelly says:

    I remember Kissinger during Nixon as my first encounter with the bazaar contradictions surrounding the use of the terms “terrorism” and “terrorist.” Nothing has changed, really. State-sponsored assisination, and mass murder has probably always hidden behind this murky definition of an enemy against the state. Human rights criminals in the U.S.A. are given lifetime jobs at Harvard. The ICC prosecutes most others.


  2. Big Swede says:

    I always wondered why Bill Ayers wasn’t on the list.


    • No doubt the FBI had a file on him, probably still does. He was indeed dangerous at one time. That whole thing with him and Obama was, as far as I can tell, a psy-op to get voters to perceive Obama as some kind of leftist and solidify his base.

      State Department is focused on “terrorists” abroad, officially anyway.


    • JC says:

      If you know the contents of that list, then you are some form of government agent. Are you a government agent, BS?

      Otherwise, the list is kept secret and neither you, nor any of the rest of us know who is on that list, Bill Ayers or myself included. And you’re just making a cheap fox/breitbart talking point suggesting that friends of the prez can’t be/won’t be on the U.S. government’s consolidated Terrorist Watchlist.


      • Big Swede says:

        Let’s narrow this down and simplify. You’re a terrorist if you:
        1. Are CAUCASIAN.
        2. Are Christian.
        3. Are Heterosexual.
        4. Believe the Bill of Rights means what it says.
        5. Vote anything other than Democrat.
        6. Support arrest and deportation of illegal aliens (undocumented Democrats).
        7. Are a capitalist.
        8. Want the government off your back and out of your pocket.
        9. Don’t on some level hate yourself and all other Caucasian Americans.

        Of course if you have actually committed an act of terror and BF of Obama there’s nothing to fear.


        • 1,2 and 3 are just wrong. #4 – BOR was abdicated by USAPATRIOT. Could not have been done unless people like you were afraid of boogeymen. (Don’t be such a pussy!) 5 – no one in power seriously pays any attention to party politics. That just keeps us distracted. 6: Since we stole the Southwest from Mexico, I think it is kind of funny they are stealing it back. 7: Capitalism doesn’t exist. When tried, it fails.8: The military is the biggest branch of government, and I agree with you that we could eliminate 90% of it. 9: Kind of a racist sentiment, don’t you think? I love the cacophony of voices and languages at airports and shopping malls, which includes a large number of Caucasians.

          Have a nice weekend Swede. Don’t simmer in your hatred too much, as in the end, it will destroy you, and not us.


        • Ed Kemmick says:

          I wonder at the significance of the all-upper-case CAUCASIAN. Is that some kind of Aryan Brotherhood convention, Mr. Swede, or a personal thing? And by leaving Christian with just the “C” capitalized, is faith less important than race? Or maybe you just did a cut-and-paste and don’t know what the originator of this laughable list meant? Please, Mr. Swede, enlighten us.


          • Big Swede says:

            Cap lock on caucasian is a signal to my Aryan brothers.

            I find it laughable tho, the fact we body search 4 year olds and wheelchair bound retirees.

            And there’s Waco. Where white caucasian christians who believed in the bill of rights and wanted to be left alone were burned to a crisp.


  3. chamblee54 says:

    I am curious about the shadow side of Mr. Mandela. You do not get to be the poster boy for liberation without stepping on some rivals. I appreciate the good work that he did, but wonder who appointed him G-d.


  4. steve kelly says:

    If we had friends in Congress they would surely remand legislation (October 11, 2002) that authorizes the President to use the military forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate against “terrorists.” Rand’s filibuster was a great show, but all show. Friends don’t let friends assassinate humans using drones, especially U.S. citizens with no warrant, no criminal charges, no trial, and no conviction. What Republic?


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