Time out

We’re doing a bit of traveling and I am keeping track as I can. It appears that the goons in DC are going for it. They’re going to bomb thousands of minding-their-biz people in Syria, and say it’s all military targets and such. I’ve long learned that when they hit civilian targets, it’s not an accident. The whole purpose of terrorism is to scare people, pacify them by showing them how evil you truly are. Nixon called it the “Mad Man” effect or something. People really have to believe you are crazy murdering mutherfucker. Otherwise, terror does not achieve its objectives.

Did I forget to mention that virtually all of the terrorists either are us, or work for us? That salient fact usually slips by. We’re doing the terrorist bombing, and then we attack to get the terrorists. It’s a game.

Anyway, I’m tired of it all now. I’m having thoughts like “Don’t introduce a new product in August,” meaning that the attack will happen after Labor Day, and probably during evening “news,” or crazy early morning there, so that we get to see it in real time. I’m remembering that when the Obama people announced that they were cutting back troops in Afghanistan, that they were only being redeployed, and now we know where. This one has been in the works for a couple of years, with twists and turns. Some folks hope that Putin can stop the Pentagon. Good luck. He can be threatened or bought or both, probably has been.

I am sick of the liars, but more sick of the believers. I’m taking some time off here. It’s going to be ugly. You do not want to know what I am thinking. Go to Cowgirl, talk about photo ops and forest fire flyovers. Go to Pogie and get the real inside dope. Or anything else. I cannot remain calm during moral atrocities, or “obscenities,” as Skull and Bones sociopath Kerry says. Nor can I reach anyone. Go to your church, pray, support the troops, pledge allegiance, do whatever the fuck you do when your country is committing mass murder.

Don’t forget to vote.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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9 Responses to Time out

  1. Steve W says:

    Counter-Intelligence: I – The Company First in a series of 5 documentaries on the loss of American democracy and the metamorphosis of our republic to an empire. Well worth watching.


  2. Big Swede says:

    Yeah, but will he bomb with congressional approval?

    Let’s ask Biden.



  3. lizard19 says:

    breaks are good. I’ve noticed a bit of an uptick in my use of profanity lately. because shit is really fucked.


    • I get frustrated in the inability to penetrate the barriers put in place by the American propaganda regime. You’ve commented on it too, that when you broach certain subjects, readership evaporates. People really cannot comprehend certain things, and cannot be coaxed into any understanding of things other than that placed in their heads by American education, news, movies.

      Iraq 2003, complete lies. Libya 2011, complete lies. Syria 2013 … It works again and again and again. If they see it on TV news, they assume it is true.

      Shit is really fucked.


      • Big Swede says:

        From the Relapsed Catholic.

        “See, you can be highly intelligent and accomplished, and still be a conspiracy theorist, because the habit of conspiracy theorizing (at least here in the West) is likely a symptom of Asperger’s or some other form of autism, just like compulsively rocking back and forth or playing D&D.”

        Read more: http://www.blisstree.com/2006/12/17/mental-health-well-being/aspergers-and-conspiracy-theorists/#ixzz2dO4K1sKU


        • That’s utter nonsense, Swede. People who see conspiracies simply see conspiracies, where you’ve been trained not to see them. Not everything is a conspiracy, but the major events of our time, JFK, 9/11, Boston recently, are just that. Funny thing, that you believe in the 19-Arab 9/11 conspiracy thoery, which is ludicrous on its face, but also the degree to which the state has you conditioned to believe that 2+2=5 is astounding. That’s not Asperger’s, but it might be a symptom of a disease called “tafoys, or “trusting authority figures over your senses.”


  4. JC says:

    Here’s da fuckin’ shit. ‘Mericans are ok with perpetual war because the dems won the presidency with Obama in ’08, and demobilized the anti-war efforts. As Mark once said “democrats are the problem”:

    “On the eve of American military intervention in Syria, the once-robust antiwar movement has stayed curiously silent.

    Activists who turned out thousands of protesters during the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq say they’ve been unable to effectively organize or raise money since the end of the Bush years, and that newer causes like drones have seized the space on the left once occupied by opposition to conventional warfare. And some acknowledge that the energy has leaked out of the movement because a Democrat is now in office.

    …the movement hasn’t exactly disappeared as much as been reborn among young libertarians who have taken up the mantle from the previous generation of baby-boomer leftist peace activists.”

    And yeah, breaks are good. I just got off a week of being off-grid, only to come back to this Syrian shit. No phone, no internet, no worries. Let’s hear it for the black holes in the cell/internet grid!


  5. Big Swede says:

    Operation Aspirin Factory


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