Vote for Ryan ZInke

“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.” Thomas Jefferson

Honest? No. Corrupt? Probably. Smart? In a bad way. Interesting? Absolutely!

Honest? No. Corrupt? Probably. Smart? In a bad way. Interesting? Absolutely!

I was just scanning the American news outlets regarding the election in Syria. It’s rather pathetic, either no reporting at all, or this corrupt screed by Juan Cole.

But it’s reassuring to know that things have not changed, or as Truman said, that the only thing that is new is the history we do not know about. Which is most of it.

Mr. Cole must know on some level how corrupt our own elections are. We have but two parties and they each abide by the same philosophy and rules, only changing their public appearance to appeal to different voting blocs. The “leaders” they put forth are fourth-rate men and women, as by definition these people must say things that please their electorate while acting to please their true constituencies, their financiers. Their success relies on their skill at duplicity.

But suppose we have an honest person running for office, who wants to serve the public good – what then? He will be targeted for removal if he wins, and if considered a critical post, the election itself can be altered by the voting machines, which are easily hacked and insecure.

Vote counting technology is superior to ours

Vote counting technology is superior to ours

If I had to vote, I’d feel better about doing so in a Syrian or Egyptian or Crimean election than here, as we are so godawful corrupt. There the choices seem quite real, and the outcome will impact public policy. Further, their technology, dipping one’s finger in paint after voting, trumps ours.

There is a man running for Congress in Montana who is interesting. That’s the best I can say for him. He’s an ex-Navy Seal, and talks out of school. He looks intelligent and devious. He’s surely not honest, but if that is a qualification, don’t vote. He’s no scholar or advocate for public good, but dammit, he’s interesting, and that’s more than we usually get out of our elections.

His name is Ryan Zinke, and so far he has managed to cause apoplectic fits among the usual suspects.

Assume that we will not get honest candidates, real leaders, people who are not beholden to hidden money. Assume that the best we can ever hope for is interesting. That does not happen very often. I’ll take it!

This one will be fun.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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5 Responses to Vote for Ryan ZInke

  1. Rob Kailey says:

    You keep claiming that Zinke is “interesting”, but establish nothing about him that is of interest, except to you. What is interesting about him, save that your chosen opponents waste words to discredit him? He’s not interesting at all, but you seem to think he is. Why? There is nothing wrong with his opponent save that he has a D behind his name, but you think Zinke so fascinating …
    You’re being petty, Mark. Surely you can do better.


  2. Nameless Range says:

    Your journey of self-awareness to the realization that the lifetime of political lies you once thought were true but are not, has morphed into something.

    As you so often do, you’ve put the cart before the horse.

    The horse being logic. The cart being your emotions.


    • Oh c’mon guys. Your Walsh and Lewis dutifully regurgitated every platitude, not meaning a word of it. They’ll end up being being very good cloaked Republicans if elected, and if they are elected, you will ignore them just as you do Tester these days. Yawn … Business as usual.

      On the other hand, Seals and Green Berets are our home-grown terrorists, and god only know what this Zinke has done – drown infants? Slit the throats of pregnant moms? Assassinate democratically elected leaders? The people who run the Seals have let some of them out far on the leash, letting them talk trash about Team Six and other lies. This Zinke guy is fucking evil! You can see it in the eyes. He’s lying about everything, just wants to be in Congress, probably bigger things in store for such a tool. It’s interesting!

      Our system is so corrupt there’s no hope for good people getting elected. Can we at least have some fun? Jesus, what a drag you guys are!


  3. Green Machine says:

    He is so creepy and gross! Definitely the ickiest candidate we’ve seen in some time. I agree with Mark for sure on the evil part, but not the interesting . He just looks and acts like an big, puffy, awkward doofus. He can’t spit a sentence out without fluttering his eyes a bunch and stuttering. Both signs of lying, shocking to everyone I’m sure. He IS good for some laughs tho. I mean, is he for real?


    • On the other hand, you have John Lewis, wired to all the money and sleaze around Max Baucus, ready to carry forward with traditional Montana politics, running as a Democrat, behaving like a Republican once elected, and depending on voter apathy and stupidity to stay in office.

      In am just saying that if you want creeps in office, vote for openly bold-faced creeps and not cloaked ones. Haven’t you had enough of Baucus sleaze?

      PS: growing up in a family of six in a small house with one bathroom, we always knew if dad had just used the bathroom. In the same manner, seeing Lewis wanting to hold public office, I sense the ongoing presence of Max Baucus in Montana politics.


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