Oh, I know. It’ll never be printed. I just get bored and stuff …

To: Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine, re July 3-14/2014 issue:

On Page 28: “… according to multiple sources, [Stephen] Stills began telling people that he served in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968, even though he was in Buffalo Springfield at that time. “That was a byproduct of the cocaine,” says [Graham] Nash. Stills refutes this: “I had been abroad and hung out with a lot of military people, but that’s just totally wrong,”

Same issue, page 22 on Michael Hastings’ death – …”highly unlikely there was any foul play there, says Elise Jordan, his widow. “I worked for the US Government'” says Jordan, a former director of communications for the National Security Council. “We’re not that sophisticated.”

Whoa! Two opportunities for investigative journalism, if you got it in you. Seems Rolling Stone is easily satisfied with throwaway quotes. Those are doozies.

Mark Tokarski
Morrison, CO

The Stills/Nash comments are interesting, as they are evidence that they each know about Dave McGowan’s book, Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon about the incredible number of intelligence connections to musicians who grouped up in Laurel Canyon in the mid-1960’s. Stills was one, bragging that he had been in Vietnam not in 67-68, but earlier and in an unstated role.

Still’s comment is odd, sort of, I mean, you know, who among us has not hung out overseas with military types? I know I have. So have my kids. Bunch of cousins too. That’s pretty common for people after high school.

Nash’s comment is prescient, in that he understands more than most of us about cocaine, including how it affects the geographical memories of friends.

crosby(Another group member is David Crosby, aka David van Cortlandt Crosby, a descendent of the van Schuyler and van Rensselaer families, trust baby and very wealthy before he hit Laurel Canyon, and the son of Major Floyd Delafield Crosby, military intelligence. McGowan has special praise in particular for Crosby’s lack of musical talent throughout the book.)

The Elise Jordan comment blew me away. Am I the only one who did not know that Hastings’ was married to an NSA employee? That adds a whole new dimension to the story, especially the part about General Stanley McCrystal being taken down not by Michael Hastings, but rather by NSA or CIA with Hastings as an unwitting patsy, Rolling Stone the useful conduit.

Maybe Hastings got witting. Whatever it was, I have seen footage of his crash, and it was a massive explosion followed by two smaller ones, and surely no accident. But people in this country are conditioned to be incurious and un-suspicious. So he passes into that dark night and is soon forgotten.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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