The Reagan Assassination attempt, 1981 (a shot from the Bushy Knoll)

John Judge

John Judge

[Written in 2014, I am of the opinion in 2016 that this event was faked.]

I found out that John Judge had died last April when I was visiting relatives in Washington State. I was handed a phone and told that Jim Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable, was on the other line. I had a nervous conversation, during which we discussed Woody Harrelson’s dad Chuck Harrelson, a contract killer, being one of the three tramps in Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was shot. Douglass mildly suggested to me that I focus on a bigger picture, the “why” of it all. He then mentioned that John Judge had died the day before. This was quite a blow to Douglass, who apparently admired Judge very much.

I had never heard of John Judge. Since that time I’ve managed to find several hours of his talks on YouTube. Below the fold is a transcript of a thirteen-minute talk on the Reagan shooting. Judge suspected, as I do, that George H.W. Bush was behind that shooting, and note that when he says “the Bushy Knoll” in describing the perch from which Reagan was shot, there was huge laughter in the room. Apparently a lot of people suspect Bush of a lot of things. (When Bush was UN Ambassador, Henry Kissinger referred to him as “an idiot.” These things are hard to reconcile.)

This assassination attempt, like all others in my lifetime, was not investigated and few details are widely known. And like all other American political assassinations in my lifetime, the details tell a story a far cry from the official one. In this case, Reagan was struck by a projectile that was flat, razor-edged, about the size of a dime. It was fired from above and behind him, and not by Hinckley, who was at ground level and whose six bullets are all accounted for.

Reagan at the moment he is hit.

Reagan at the moment he is hit.

Anyway, read on for a detailed account of the all-night quarrel between Reagan and Bush loyalists over whether the president would be allowed to live. Finally it was decided that he could, but that he would no longer be an active president and that all important matters would be turned over to Vice President Bush. This is when General Alexander Haig entered the room and announced that he was in charge until the Vice President arrived from Dallas on Air Force One. (Funny thing, Bush was in Dallas when JFK was shot too.)

Since Judge was not in the room, it is safe to say there is considerable speculation contained in the talk, but it does assemble puzzle pieces in a way I’ve not seen before. It picks up in mid-thought, where Judge is talking about what his now called “continuity of government,” or succession of power during an emergency. COG “drills” were in place and running on the day Reagan was shot, and on 9/11. Such drills are an entry point for real events to take place using government resources. For instance, Reagan’s Secret Service team abandons him as he leaves the Hilton that day, and he is exposed to the shooter. Understand that they follow orders, and that they have been told to do that. They might think they are participating in a drill, and are not betraying their duty. Then the drill is “flipped live,” a fake assassin fires real bullets, and an even deadlier missile hits Reagan from above. The backup plan is to take him to Bethesda and finish the job there. His loyal servants, against all odds, save his life. For once, a happy ending.

John Judge Speaking in Toronto
Some time ‘early 1980’s’

At first [General Alexander] Haig was going to head up the crisis management team but then at the last minute about three days before the shooting [Vice President] Bush was put in to head the crisis management team. The press couldn’t quite figure out what it was … they were chasing him around saying “what’s a crisis” and “what’s crisis management” and “what’s this all do with?” And what it has to do with, of course, is transfer power and control in either natural or created crises in the White House and at the level of presidency.

So, they asked Bush three days before the shooting “how would you define a crisis?” Bush says “the president will know it when he sees it.” Flat on his back I suppose was the scenario.

And I think he did see it coming out at the Hilton there in Washington, and I did extensive work on the ballistics. None of Hinckley’s bullets hit Mr. Reagan. Hinckley had six bullets in the gun. One hit [Thomas] Delahanty, a cop, and threw him to the ground by nicking, grazing his shoulder and neck. Another one into the groin of Agent [Tim] McCarthy, a 160 pound man, it lifted him up and threw him back to the other end of the limousine. Another bullet, the initial bullet fired by Hinckley, hit Mr. [Nicholas] Brady in the head, knocked him to the ground and did considerable brain damage. One bullet nicked the windshield of the limousine. One bullet went into the Universal office building across the street and one bullet went into the trunk of the car and you can see when you look at photos closely very clear hole, and not a ricochet or a scar mark but a hole going into the car penetrating the outer metal wall.

The bullet that hit Reagan hit him by all accounts at an early point. When the limousine pulled up to deliver him to his talk it pulled up at the door he was to go in. I suppose when we rent a limousine it is expected to come your door, and not two doors down the block. If you’re the President of the United States they will move it six inches to make sure it lines up at the door. They were following standard security procedure when they got there. The limousine stopped the door opened. The Secret Service got out on both sides and formed a human wall and then Reagan gets out and walks through that wall, [and after] a couple of seconds into the door the VIP entrance through some nonpublic halls and up an elevator and out on the stage. He comes back the same route in order to beat the crowd out. This was specifically designed at the Hilton for that purpose, this route.

But when he comes out limousine inexplicably is about 40 feet down the curb, nowhere near the door, so he has to walk out in the open. When the president walks in the open Secret Service are supposed to stand on either side of the front and back as well as other points with a protective diamond. The Secret Service file out all to his right, a line of ducks. They told him that morning …”no security problems Mr. President, you needn’t wear your vest.” He raised his hand to wave – someone called “Mr. President,” at this point, he’s hit.

Reagan at the moment he is hit. Missile came from above and behind, according to doctors who saved his life. Hinckley is down and to his left, and his first bullet is hitting Nicholas Brady at this moment.

Reagan at the moment he is hit. Missile came from above and behind, according to doctors who saved his life. Hinckley is down and to his left, and his first bullet is hitting Nicholas Brady at this moment.

You can tell he’s hit because, like in the Kennedy assassination, because the missile went into his lung. The lung begins to collapse, the air is blown out, the cheeks expand, and you’ve got a grimace on the face. His shoulder slumps little bit, he’s clearly in pain. And all the magazines, TIME Magazine, go back to that point, show Reagan is hit, his arm up like this. [Raises left hand in air as if waving]. But that point is almost same second Hinckley’s first bullet is fired and hits Brady in the head.

And realizing that Reagan is not dead Secret Service Agent [Jerry] Parr begins to push him into the car in front of him and Reagan’s already in the car and Parr about a third of the way in the car when Hinckley’s last shot is fired.

The shooting scene. The missile that hit Reagan would have come from above, from one of the windows? Hinckley was off to the right at ground level.  Lee Harvey Oswald, at this time, is dead.

The shooting scene. The missile that hit Reagan would have come from above, from one of the windows? Hinckley was off to the right at ground level. Lee Harvey Oswald, at this time, is dead.

So there’s no chance in timing or angles or anything else for bullets to hit Reagan. The reaction of all the other people is much different than Reagan. Reagan still standing and then he gets in the car so they’re all lying around on the ground from these 38 shots. If a 38 caliber or even a 22 caliber bullet hit Reagan, he wouldn’t have been wondering if something had happened to him.

A good assassin, even if you have your vest on, knows that when you raise your hand you expose your heart. And the situation was that up top of the retaining wall on the area that I called the Bushy Knoll, was the assassin. And he was firing not a 38 or a 22 but a very specific weapon developed by the intelligence agencies which is a CO2 propelled fleshet. These are little razor-edged sharp discs or they have them earlier versions were like little tube rockets about half an inch long, very thin with stabilizing fins. And then they got into these little disks that are razor-edged and delta shaped or airilon shape. And this thing makes no noise – it’s just a little puff CO2 gas and it can be fired with accuracy up to an amazing distance.

Some of the guns that incorporated this early technology were revealed by Sen. [Frank] Church during CIA assassination studies in Congress and they had what looked like a German Luger with a rifle scope on it that would fire these things accurately with the scope of the length of a football field. So there’s no problem with aiming them or getting them to do the job and I have to assume that that Luger was the expendable technology and they got better or they wouldn’t show it on TV. And they can shoot you from a satellite and don’t have to worry about a gun barrel. But not that with a 22 of course but with other types of energy and heat-generating stuff they can send out by satellite. If they can knock ICBM missile traveling through outer space out of the sky surely they can catch you on the street.

So once they get Star Wars and place the cities are the first target I think. They can start firestorms and things.*

But this guy made such a little wound with this with this disc (they often contain poison and might have an Reagan’s case later led to the cancer), but also can just be used … I think the idea was to penetrate the heart but it deflected on the seventh rib and went into the lung and missed the aorta by about a quarter inch.

They couldn’t find a bullet – the nurses couldn’t find a bullet wound. Now this is [George Washington University] Hospital emergency room in DC. They’ve seen bullet wounds, believe me. They didn’t know what was wrong, thought he was having a heart attack, finally when they had all his clothes cut off the nurse saw what she described – and I read the medical magazines about this – and she said it was a little razor slit about an inch long with some black blood coming out of it, a little line of blood. And that she thought well then maybe he’s been hit with something. But that isn’t what a 22 or 38 hole would look like.

And then he went in and they couldn’t find it and they almost closed him up. They did three different x-rays to find the bullet and then the doctor the last time just before closing got the thing in his hand and his lung tissue and pulled it out and he described in the medical magazine as round and flat as a dime and flat razor-edged. And then he hands it to the FBI that’s waiting patiently. And it goes the way of all good bullets back into the history bin.

And so we don’t hear about that bullet anymore – we hear about these 22 exploding shells and ricochet shots must hit the back of a car and gone between the door of the car and got into Reagan on his way in because otherwise how do you explain the wound described by Dr. O’Donnell that night a press conference as a 45° downward back-to-front left-to-right wound. You have Reagan here [pointing up with his left arm] and Hinckley down about where you are [points down from podium to audience], and how you going to get me from back there? You know it just didn’t fit so they gotta bend Reagan over like this [bends over and to his left] come back and then ricochet from the other side of the car. Something almost as impossible as the magic bullet in the Kennedy assassination. But these are minor details when you’re killing a president.

They did not expect him to survive. They got into the car without even police escort and they yelled “rawhide is okay,” rawhide being his code name at the time, “rawhide is okay” … whoops gig’s up. So Plan B and Brady at that point is lying on the ground bleeding and there is an early report that Brady is dead. Then there’s a report that Reagan is shot than that Brady’s shot or not shot or not dead, Reagan’s not shot or Reagan’s dead and it went back forth like that for a while. The press couldn’t seem to get it straight and I’m turning on everything I can turn on, radio and TV, you know the minute I hear it because I know you’re going to get the only news in the first few minutes.

And the situation is somebody comes into GW Hospital on a stretcher, Secret Service all around, and they come in a few minutes before they clear out the emergency room and they bring us guy through on a stretcher. So everyone assumes it’s Reagan, maybe he’s hit maybe he’s dead and he’s going into surgery. But in fact, having looked at the case very closely, I now realize that that was Brady. Brady beat Reagan to the hospital. Brady, who took three more minutes to even get an ambulance near him, got to GWU before Reagan did. And then in the book that McCarthy writes about protecting the President that day he says that they got him in the car and they said they were going to take him to the nearest hospital which is the right thing to do. And so they went up T Street to Connecticut and they said into the thing “we’re going right, we’re going to…” and then he says another code word, doesn’t put it in there but says it means the White House.

And if you go right on Connecticut Avenue and T Street Washington DC you’re heading north away from the White House and up to another place in Maryland where the body of John Kennedy got taken called Bethesda Naval Hospital, so that the United States Navy Intelligence can finish the job on Mr. Reagan.

In fact, Secret Service Agents argued with hospital staff at GWU all night until six in the morning [when] they finally gave up trying to move him up to Bethesda. They wanted to do the killing and the autopsy up there, where they could control it. They didn’t want it done in a public hospital. But a huge fight broke out between the Reagan loyalists and the Bush loyalists in the situation room in that hour. At the command and control module which is the communication module in the White House for all the nuclear and crisis commands sat Helene von Damm, Reagan’s appointment secretary and Otto von Bolschwing’s employee, and the fight ensued to the point that a deal was made to let Reagan live as long as he got out of the way.

Haig emerged, shaken, Bush’s man, and said gentlemen I am in charge here until the Vice President returns. Bush was flying out of Dallas on Air Force One** and so the transition of power I believe happened at that point. Hinckley was an easy enough patsy to set up and blame the murder on. Reagan managed to survive but then from then on basically went out to Camp David, watched old movies with Nancy, waved at the press, …”I’m the president, wanna see my boots?” and Bush ran the White House.
*Judge here is prescient, in my view, as destruction of the seven buildings bearing the prefix “WTC” on 9/11 was apparently accomplished by weaponry we have not seen before, literally turning them to dust before our eyes.
**”Air Force One,” in Secret Service lingo, is what ever aircraft the president happens to be on. So back in the day when Jimmy Carter would fly by commercial jet, that jet became for that flight “Air Force One.” Here Judge is saying that Bush has taken over the reins, and is at that moment and for the duration of the Reagan presidency, POTUS.

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9 Responses to The Reagan Assassination attempt, 1981 (a shot from the Bushy Knoll)

  1. Larry Kralj says:

    Thanks. Great stuff, the kind of stuff I love to read. I never get tired of connecting the dots of just who committed our coup. I know most people gave up long ago, but I still think it’s important to out the perps, for their offspring are still here and active. Kochs, Bushes, etc.


    • Kochs are scarecrows, a distraction. Ignore them.

      I’m curious about the downward trajectory in these assassinations, where there is huge interest and skepticism about JFK, less about RFK and MLK and MX, no questions asked about John Lennon, and JFK Jr accepted at face without any serious inquiry. I was naturally skeptical about the official stories of both Reagan and Chappaquiddick, and George Wallace as well.

      The American public is in a trance of sorts, where horrid crimes are committed before their eyes, and like they’ve been body-snatched, are unable to affect any emotion, and can only let out a piercing scream when someone questions official truth.

      It’s brain dead out there.


      • Larry Kralj says:

        I defy anyone to tell me how this was possible. It defies all laws of physics.


        • You do know this was NOT controlled demolition, right? NOT nanothermites, right? You do know seven buildings were destroyed, all bearing the prefix “WTC,” right. You have read Dr. Woods, right?

          I know you haven’t, wish you would. You are witnessing a new form of weapon, directed energy, where steel is turning to dust before your eyes. By the time WTC 7 went away, it left no seismic signal. There was no material left. It hardly even made a sound. All that stuff about Giuliani sending steel off to China was a lie, just meant to mislead you. There was very little steel left. Steven Jones merely wants to mislead you, as does Richard Gage. They are gatekeepers.


  2. Mark David says:

    In the photo that shows the Hinckley group, and Reagan with his right arm in the air waving, look above the Hinckley group to the second floor. There you will see the shooter that shot Reagan when he raised his left arm seconds later to wave.

    There are a couple of video recordings where the camera is facing the door that Reagan is going towards. Reagan has his left hand and arm up and waving. Then, you hear the pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop from Hinckley. If you listen to it again, before the first Hinckley shot, you will hear the much quieter flachette CO2 rifle firing: pfft-pfft. Interesting that the sound happens exactly when Reagan’s arm is at it’s highest.


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