NSA to Greenpeace: Thanks for the assist!


The above photo is of a Greenpeace blimp hovering over what they say is an NSA data storage site in Utah. It’s filed under “futile, futile, futile.”

I picked up this story at RT, or Russian Times. I assume it was not covered in US state-controlled media, but I could be wrong. It’s not an important story, after all.

In the comments below the RT story is the following:

Charlie Jones: Such a demonstration would never be allowed in Russia. Thank God Americans have the right to show that they disagree with their government.

That comment is filed under “futile, and stupid too.” On the other hand, the comment could be intended to be ironic, which would make it humorous.

I listened to a long discussion concerning NSA and Edward Snowden earlier thus week. There are a lot of angles at play. It was with Jon Rappaport, an investigative journalist who seemed to have some smarts. He’s one of the few I’ve heard who suspects that Snowden is bogus, either the product of interagency squabbling (he’s CIA, not NSA) or a deliberate plant.

  • 1. He’s not told us anything new.
  • 2. He got away too easily.
  • 3. He’s got nothing to say about anything of real importance, real secrets that really would topple some heads.
  • 4. He gave the supposed leaked information to state-controlled news outlets, like the Guardian and New York Times.
  • 5. He’s a serial leaker, playing it for maximum exposure rather than just giving the information to 50 or so dissident outlets around the world and letting them review the material.(Holding on to he information enhances the danger to his life, if his life really is in danger.)

Conclusion: NSA, in allowing Snowden to live and prosper, could be going for the STASI effect – that was the old East German secret police. They could not possibly watch everyone, but wanted people to think they were being watched. So they made sure their presence was known, like in allowing photographs of secret facilities, like the one above, to be publicized.

The effect is self-censorship, and eventually, suppression of bad thoughts entirely. Orwell called it CRIMESTOP, where the mind automatically censors itself, eliminating the need for the state to do that work. Americans are already pretty good at CRIMESTOP, unable to be suspicious of painfully obvious false flaggery and state-sponsored assassinations. The stupid comment above appears to me to be some CRIMESTOP going on, imagining the US to be free because it allows futile gestures instead of meaningful freedoms for its citizens.

What about the Russians offering Snowden asylum? They are (probably) not in on it, but are on top of things. They have Snowden close at hand and are watching him closely, and know he is not for real. The Russians are smart and play their cards close to the vest.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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