Saturday musings, and some interesting comments

I am fully aware that I was harsh in tone with James Conner yesterday, as if the man cannot be hurt by rude remarks. However, take note of the tone of his remarks towards the writers at 4&20, wherein he said he could not “in good conscience” allow them to be even linked on his blog. What is up with that? He’s wielding punishment in the only way he knows how, and since he has little leverage or power over them, takes the one thing he has at his disposal, and strikes.

He’s riding herd, or better said, gatekeeping. This is a function of the Democrat Party, to keep the rank and file in line. In truth, 4&20 has wandered afield, and does not do what Democrat blogs are supposed to do, which is talk about political races and candidates and keep it shallow. When that happens, there’s some “Crimestop” involved, wherein people automatically detach because exposure to the blog will yield bad thoughts. But when dealing with the Democrat Party, it’s just a tad more manipulative, more sinister. Rather than merely acting on one’s own volition to avoid Crimestop exposures, the party leaders will go to great lengths to punish the criminals and prevent exposure of the sheep to the bad-thinking miscreants. So they attempt to poison the well.

Whether Conner himself is consciously carrying out party hit jobs or is merely responding to his own Crimestop function – immaterial. The fact is that he struck, and struck as hard as he could, at what he regarded as deviants from proscribed thought and behavior. I urge you to go read his piece, 4and20blackbirds evicted from Flathead Memo’s blogroll,, to see if it creeps you out as it did me. The man has his reasons, they are not honestly stated and can only be guessed at by intuition. But it is all nasty Democrat business as usual. This is how that party rolls.

Yesterday was such a fun day from a blogging standpoint, and again, it is the comments, and not the bloggers, that make it so. One comment that I got here made my day. I wondered in my own response to another comment why John Walsh was taken down, as no one cares about plagiarism in the political class, a low-brow gathering of apparatchiks and tools anyway. From Abe Froman:

I don’t think there is any Baucus – sleezy smell on the take down of Walsh, I believe Walsh was actually probably hand-picked with at the very least the consent and co-operation of the Baucus camp. Most likely a Daines flunky made the discovery but an interesting thought would be if it were a little Schweitzer revenge served cold (for the Baucus camp blackmailing him out of the race). Not that I know anything. Purely speculative.

Of course. It made me want to hang up my keypad, as it is so damned obvious.

From Cowgirl, MontanaMuleGal:

There are movements in some states to put None of the Above on the ballots.

There are no such movements, but there is pointless chatter to that effect. It’s a dead-end. I’ve been exercising my NOTA option for decades, and it is not a “movement” nor an answer. The “movement” is to get away from party politics, D vs R, and to support individuals who espouse reforms and attempt to organize. NOTA is a cry for help, but who will help? Mule Gal needs to look in the mirror.

4&20, Turner:

I find myself often at odds with 4 & 20′s main writers. I think they depend too heavily on “alternative” sources, which are not necessarily reliable, and are too quick to dismiss any and all government or mainstream media accounts.

Most people are busy and preoccupied with jobs, families, finances, and do not have time to scout the world press and weigh and sift various news sources to glean underlying reality. Instead, they want it quick and true. So thy enter into trust relationships with various media outlets. Republicans go to FOX and Drudge, for instance, and Democrats to HuffPo and MSNBC and NPR. The problem, of course, is that all American media outlets are subject to the same filtering system, only tailoring their reporting to suit the vanities of the target audience. The lies are the same.

But the world is fraught with peril and liars abound in all media in all places. Power filters all news everywhere. I tend to rely on foreign news sources for precisely that reason – I know American news is filtered and state-controlled, and that the same oligarchs who own our media also have ties to the British, Canadian and Aussie aristocracies, so that UK sources are not much better. But there are fewer filters on American news via the Guardian or CBC, than say, the Washington Post. Still, it is better to distrust the Anglo press in total.

English versions of foreign news outlets are as fraught with peril as any. RT and RiaNovosti are Russian propaganda outlets, just as WaPo and HuffPo and NPR are American propaganda outlets. But you will get glimpses into world events not covered in the US, and that can lead to better information. PressTV, an Iranian source, is useful, as is Al Jazeera, though the latter is heavily influenced by American power. Obscure is good, and surprisingly, outlets like Haaretz can be informative. Pakistani news keeps a close eye on the US, as our country is attacking theirs.*

I am continually impressed with the full spectrum dominance of American news – DemocracyNow! is a Ford Foundation operation, Counterpunch heavily influenced by Zionist sources. But more than that, suppose I want to investigate the most important events of our time, like, say, 9/11. A search engine and YouTube will lead me to a host of sources about the “truth” of those events, and also by the way, information on aliens and Illuminati … that is, the ability to find the underlying truth of that day is a crap shoot, and it is as likely that “alternative” sources are part of the state-controlled news management function as anything we get from NPR. The people who did that event were smart enough to know that people like me would suspect the game, and so provide us with the alternative too, with on proviso: If you look for alternatives to official truth, you’ll end up immersed in true nonsense.

The truth is out there, but it will not find its way to you. You have to go looking, and you’ll need a machete to find your way to it. The answer, as always, is to use our brains. Never trust, always, as best as able, verify, connect dots, suspect skullduggery everywhere. You are encircled by liars, including the ones you trust.

If you sense you’re on a garden path, leave the garden.
*SK: Bad wording I know. hard to get away from nation state paradigm.

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5 Responses to Saturday musings, and some interesting comments

  1. steve kelly says:

    re: MSM. When you hear a sound it is lies. When you hear nothing it is lies by omission. What makes empowering lies so popular? What makes truth punishable as a crime? Simply expressing one’s inalienable right to free speech or maintaining a press free of government control can get you jail time. It’s not easy living upside down, but the masses practice day in and day out like they’re training for the Olympics. They are beginning to make groveling look easy. I suppose this is what happens when all dignity and self-respect is sucked out of a human — and now we export this crap like salad spinners and fast food.


  2. JC says:

    I hold no animosity towards James Conner. He is who he is, and says what he says. I don’t take any of it personally. Actually, seeing how some people react to what we are writing helps me to see where the problems in the world are.

    Conner doesn’t want to believe that his government is capable of war crimes. That is understandable, as a person with an sense of morality doesn’t want to be complicit, and while Conner an my politics diverge radically, it doesn’t make him any less of a decent person. I know he cares passionately about the things he writes about. He is a decent person. But when decent people are confronted with lies about our government, and the possibility that they can do horrible things, they either have to accept their complicity or strike out at the messenger. Hence the raw words for liz and I.

    I actually took Conner’s challenge about some of the things I was saying and spent considerable time last night doing research into the connections between the parties to the Ukrainian mess. And it is hard to connect some dots definitively because of the nature of language barriers and the ability of oligarchs to cover their tracks. For instance, the connection between Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and Burisma is a tough one — the history of corporate linkages is murky. The main connection was drawn by the Anti-corruption league of Ukraine,which is a highly reputable outfit trying to get the people’s resources back; make the oligarchs pay for what they have stolen. They’ve got it documented out. But is it good enough to lay allegations out? I spent three hours trying to verify it and feel confident that it is good material. But write it out? I’ll take hell for it, as have the others that have done so.

    I’ll probably get this story written out, but the longer it takes, the more there is to it. All the Ukrainian military action in the SE? Prepping the area for the frackers to move in (oh, and Burisma just hired a D.C. lobbyist to push for the Russian Aggression Act, and to lobby for millions in U.S. aid for oil field development). The U.S. public does not want to hear how corrupt our complicity with Ukrainian and U.S. oligarchs and politicians (and their families) has become. Are people ready to hear that the VP’s son is ready to push the U.S. to the brink of war with Russia just so they can open up another oil & gas field? It’s Cheney and Haliburton in Iraq all over again, except Russia is across the border instead of Iran.

    What’s really wrong with Americans is what the psychs call “cognitive dissonance.” People can’t tolerate what is shown to them, so they resort to all sorts of displacement behavior, including dumping on the messengers.


    • Dumping on the messenger is one thing. I am used to that, don’t mind it at all. I expect it. What Conner did is quite different – he is trying to stop others from being exposed to your message. That fries me. It’s authoritarian. He’s afraid other people are going to commit thought crimes. I have a right-wing blog that is after me, with a nasty post with my name in the title and I’ve been getting comments from there for weeks now, none nice. But at no time has anyone there said “Don’t expose yourself to him, don’t think your own thoughts, think mine instead.” Time and again, as much as I do not immerse myself in their ideology, I find right wingers more mature and willing to grant others the right to think their own thoughts than the liberals. Budge is the only one that demonstrated that paternalistic “don’t drink the water” attitude. That is, however, so common among Democrats.

      I was listening to a guy from Veterans Today on Red Ice who said that their intelligence sources say a US F15E AN70 radar unit left an airfield in Azerbaijan right around the time that the airliner went down, and that it is equipped with sophisticated missiles that can strike from very long distances. Such stories as that, which will never be any more than dot connections, are unimaginable by Americans, but if you’ve lived long enough to realize that this country is run by criminals and psychopaths at every level, you think “hmmmm. That might explain it.”

      But we will never know. I also came across this catchy little quote, which made me laugh: “The bodies of Mr. Putin’s enemies will come floating by.”


  3. Abe Froman says:

    I have not looked into these matters with a lot detail, as you say life intervenes. The gas angle as JC makes a lot of sense really on an intuitive level but it’s more about power I think than just opening another gas field. Russia’s primary lever against Europe and therefore in someways the us is the ability to turn off the gas in a confrontation. I don’t think any open warfare is a possibility so that would really be a much more effective weapon for Russia. I don’t have any idea how much gas is I eastern Ukraine but if it’s significant enough to lessen dependence on Russia for Europe that’s certainly something the us would fight dirty for.


    • Most interesting, and it’s too late tonight the write about, the Ukrainians were running drills in which an aircraft was to be fake shot down, a supposed simulation, to test their response systems. This is how events like 9/11 and Boston went down, drills going on, thousands of innocent participants, and then spooks break in and “flip it live.” The drill is how these shadow forces gain access to government resources.

      That sealed it for me. This was a western event, Ukrainians participating without knowing it, and now afraid to speak up. Behind it? It’s got a US smell all over it.


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