Where they stand …


Seems like they are mopping up at this time, Palestinians in walled cantons, land and livelihood stolen. Ain’t apartheid great! (What did Palestinians ever do to Jews to deserve this? Why aren’t they living in Bavaria, stealing land from Germans?)

h/t: Kalki

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6 Responses to Where they stand …

  1. Larry Kralj says:

    Unbelievable propaganda machine for the zionazis. They can even sometimes put the truth out there and nothing happens. It is mind boggling.



    • Larry Kralj says:

      And speaking of propaganda, you might like this.



    • Yes, it is ethnic cleansing, right in front of your eyes, but rest assured the propaganda is only effective on American audiences. The rest of the world has no trouble seeing what is happening there. They are just powerless to stop it because Israel is in a bubble protected my the US military.

      I half a half-written piece on the history of Israel that I need to finish, but just one aspect of the problem that needs exposure: The vast majority of Jews are not Semitic and have no roots in that part of the world. They are of Eastern European origin and are more properly known as Khazars. (Ever wonder why they speak Yiddish, and not Hebrew?) They was a tribe that converted to Judaism in the 7th century. The name Kagan, common among Ashkenazi Jews, was the name given to a Khazar leader, like a Caesar. So the idea that Jews have biblical roots and a claim on that land, even if that were a normal thing to do (should we give North America back to its natives?), has no historical truth behind it.

      But then, the Bible itself is a questionable historical document.


    • PS: I wish people would stop using the word “propaganda” when they mean “lies.” The two overlap, but good propaganda encompasses truth and lies both, as either serve its ends.


  2. Larry Kralj says:

    We must support the zionazis. I don’t get it. How did we get to this point?



    • Everything about this country, I have learned, is a lie. Zionism is a lie too, but as early as 1920 the British aristocracy saw a need to inject European interlopers into that area. It had to have been about the oil fields, had to. The first use of poison gas in that are was by the British against the Kurds.

      The Brits, heirs to the Medici, are some of the most violent, repugnant people on earth, and we follow in their footsteps, a bloody curse on the planet, and projecting it all on our victims. It is sickening and disgusting.


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