Israel deals with its Gaza Ghetto problem

The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them. (George Orwell)

imageI cannot get too upset about the opinions and attitudes of the American public regarding the current Israeli attack on Gaza. This information desert is highly susceptible to imagery and suggestion and so does not have the capacity to deal with this tragedy. Basically, American public opinion, a potentially potent force, has been marginalized.

There are rungs of ignorance. Most people are only vaguely aware of anything going on, and their opinions are easily managed by offering them symbols that inspire their hatred. These opinions come mostly from televised news and entertainment. Listen to maybe a half-hour of talk radio, right or “left,” and you’ll be up to speed on this sector. Gee, I hope they vote.

These people are functionally illiterate. They have bought the idea that Palestinians are the aggressors, and that they are so depraved that they offer up their own children as human shields. It’s utterly and contemptibly stupid, but works in the trailer courts and sport bars of our country.

A level above that are those who pride themselves on being informed. Their level of information is but one step above the sports bars. This is James Conner referring to writers who stray from Mainstream media sources:

They don’t trust the mainstream media, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the Guardian. They seem to see a conspiracy behind every sunflower. They hate the United States and its government with a black bile tlhat corrodes their judgment.

This is dogged adherence to state propaganda, faith-based citizenship. He believes that his trusted information sources have done his homework for him, which is why it is called a “confidence game.”

It does not differ in quality from my buddy Swede, who says in an exchange below

Here’s some research.

He indeed said “research,” and then goes on to cite Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens, who is involved in an elaborate game of obfuscation designed to desensitize readers to the carnage going on in Gaza. Body counts do not matter, good resides in the European Zionist invaders, and the devil in the native Palestinians. Wall Street Journal readers are perhaps our best-informed citizens, and look where they are at.

Israel attacked Gaza in 2008, after Obama won the election. That, I presume, was a message to the new President from embedded neocons within his government not to mess with Israel, which cannot possibly act without approval of its overlord. And Obama, not a real leader anyway, did not need much warning.

This time around is different. This attack is not a message. It seems real. They welcome our hatred. They don’t care about world opinion. They are engaged in full-scale attack on a defenseless people.

Generations have passed since 1948, and Israelis are now, via their education system, deeply drenched in hatred. Defamation spells this out. They are taught to believe that the world hates them for their mere existence, rather than their immoral behavior. So they do not care what the world thinks as they deal with their Gaza Ghetto problem.

The Mideast is in shambles after NATO and US attacks on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Somalia and Sudan are in ongoing tensions. Color revolutions instigated in Egypt and Tunisia have paralyzed those countries. There is ongoing slaughter in the Congo making Gaza look like a day at the beach (with sincere apologies to relatives of murdered Palestinian children). Currently Iraq is under new imperialist attack by proxy forces called ISIS. Ukraine is keeping Russia occupied, probably by design. It’s insanity everywhere I turn, and it is my country lurking in the shadows of every conflict. People tell me I should not blame the US for every problem in the world, and I do not – just the ones it causes, listed above.

I wonder if Israel, a country that recognizes no borders, is finally going to do its own Warsaw Ghetto number, and once and for all solve its Palestinian problem.

Everything is in place, there is no military response, there is no humanitarian response. I feel that the whole of the world now, distracted by fourteen years of NeoCon terror, is in a state of stupor and is, like me, watching in horror and only hoping that someone, somewhere, will do something. We have a useful Pope in Rome – is he too scared to speak up? Lord knows the answer to the problem cannot come from within these borders, under this bubble, from this stupid, deeply indoctrinated population.

JC in a comment on another post linked to this article by The Slaker that offered some hope. The writer recognizes our leadership to be utterly depraved sociopaths, but who are stoppable. Our military cannot get the job done, and our soldiers are no match for Russians, and certainly not against patriots defending their homelands, as seen in Vietnam and Iraq. He wonders if it is all an elaborate game of chicken or if they are indeed crazy enough to start a war with the Russians. I wish I knew. I spent decades blithely assuming that the Cuban Missile Crisis was never that close to real war, only to learn than our crazed sociopathic leaders of that time were as clueless as now, and that we were indeed … that close

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12 Responses to Israel deals with its Gaza Ghetto problem

  1. steve kelly says:

    Now, with coup-leader Sisi in Egypt doing stupid pet tricks for U.S. neocons, people of Gaza have no place to run.

    Obama: Spineless tool or stone cold killer?


  2. Larry Kralj says:

    “The distinctive mark of a moral human being is to be attacked by the Israel Lobby.”

    Paul Craig Roberts


  3. Rob Kailey says:

    Mark, surely you understand that America is to smugly blame Hamas for breaking the ceasefire. Their “raid” may have been a miscommunication (not that Israel has destroyed the Gaza communication infrastructure or anything …) But certainly, the party with overwhelming force invading the territory of the oppressed couldn’t be expected to sit idly by or negotiate when these Pali ruffians so brazenly didn’t psychically understand that Israel is just morally beyond any bad touch, right? And you, yes you! are a bad American for not BLAMING the right people in a conflict we have no real stake in outcome or ability to control. Certainly the dead must be the bad guys, right?

    (I’m not tying to escalate hostilities between you and Conner. But for fuck’s sake, it is pathetic that anyone would admit that one party acts in defense of itself, admits that the Hamas militia may not have gotten the orders of ceasefire, but still demands that we good proud ‘Murkins blame that party for a weak hostile response in the face of a genocide. Israel could stop thios slaughter any time they want. They simply have no wish to. Apropos of nothing, I seem to remember the hailing in song and poem of General/President Jackson leading an assault on the British in New Orleans months after the peace was struck in the War of 1812. Damn, I suddenly feel like a fine Patriot …)


    • Larry Kralj says:

      Thank you. Great post.


    • …a conflict we have no real stake in outcome or ability to control.

      The US could end this conflict with a phone call this morning. I know it seems counterintuitive, that Israel is out of control, but the direction of the money and arms carries with it absolute control. The US allows Israel to behave like a rogue nation because, I assume, Israel otherwise does as it is told in other conflicts in the area.

      The rockets that are launched from Palestine might put a hole in a roof or wound a person if they hit him square on the Yarmulke. They use their firepower for propellant and smoke, so they do not explode when they land. They are crude, home made, and, I suspect, fired at will on command from the Israelis to their agents within Gaza. This is why the “Iron Dome” is so effective. It isn’t needed or used. (As I read, Israel is protected by the AEGIS system aboard American ships offshore should there ever be a real attack. Those vessels are not participating in this turkey shoot.)

      The US and Israel have been of one mind since 1967, when Kissinger was impressed with their attack on their neighbors. All negotiations are fake, and the Camp David Accords were a huge victory for Israel, relieving their southern flank, allowing them to lash out to the north, invading Lebanon. When real negotiations come close to succeeding, as they did at Oslo, Israel undermines them with a false flag attack or some other distraction. It is only to buy time to build their walls, illegal settlements, and squeeze the Palestinians into the cantons and prisons. James Baker, under Bush, said “there can be only one Palestinian state.” He was referring to Jordan, but Jordan does not want them.

      So the question is, what do do with them … They cannot openly murder millions of people, and the logistics of moving them, a diaspora, are vexing. I do not think that they have enough railroad box cars. I sit and watch in wonder. These are cruel mutherfuckers, these Khazars, and I do not put anything past them, but there are limits in a civilized world to their public depravity.


      • Rob Kailey says:

        We might be slightly talking past each other again, Mark. Conner didn’t pen his post to the MIC, nor will any of those fine cogs ever read it. He penned his post for the common Montana folk who couldn’t care less beyond what their ‘friends’ tell them. You of all have established that we have no say in what Lockhead Martin does, certainly we don’t have a stake in the shadow workings of the MIC. What we do have a stake in is our personal views concerning genocide.

        I don’t fault James for ‘gatekeeping’ on behalf of Israeli support. He didn’t write that post in defense of defense contractors. He wrote it in defense of obvious bullying at least, and genocide at worst. I fault him for attempting to corrupt what little honor good normal Montanans have left. He told us, quite pointedly, exactly where we should attribute blame so that we can all feel better about the massacre currently underway.

        Put another way, nearer and dearer to my heart, James wrote a blog post defending the Sand Point Massacre, the slaughter at Wounded Knee, the “battle” of the Big Hole. He wasn’t encouraging somnambulent agreement with Israel. He was encouraging active moral participation in a genocide. I know you are focused on power, and I hardly disagree. But I still believe that power derives from the people, and for others to take it doesn’t require gatekeeping. It takes a cultured racism, a belief and a blame. That’s what I reacted to from James Conner.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Agreed. Power derives from the people, which is why so much time and effort is spent in this country making sure educated do people like Mr. Conner, you and me have proper opinions. The mass of people can be controlled via the entertainment and news system, but those of us who read books and think ourselves better informed than the rabble have to be kept stupid as well. It’s am amazingly effective system when all of the intelligent people buy the lies right along with the WalMart shoppers.


    • PS: There are no hostilities between me and Conner. No doubt he’s a good man with many good qualities, but his recent behaviors, mostly his cheap shot at 4&20, have exposed in him some failings that I and other have pounced on. This has driven him into quarantine. He must feel besieged. He only need come out of hiding, and I have no doubt the people involved would quickly forgive and forget.


  4. Larry Kralj says:

    Good speech. And for the record, I’ve been through many rocket attacks. They really aren’t that scary. If you lay down, the thing would have to LAND on you to kill you. True story. When I was at DaNang, rockets were a night occurrence, and no one paid much attention to them.


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