A brief history of Israel, the good neighbor

His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

USS Liberty limps home after attack by Israelis, 1967

USS Liberty limps home after attack by Israelis, 1967

The above 67 words are perhaps the source of more controversy than any others of the twentieth century. Known as the Balfour Declaration of 1917, they were written by him to the second Lord Rothschild for transmission the Zionist society of Great Britain and Ireland. In essence, Balfour gave land that Britain held in trust to Jews, and set in motion the crisis that we see in culmination phase today as Israel unleashes a final solution on Gaza.

It’s been a pot slow to boil. Nothing makes me angrier than the armchair historian who sits back, knowing takes a puff from his pipe, and says something like “Well, these people have been at each others’ throats for thousands of years.”

No. They have not. These people, Semitic Jews and Arab Palestinians, have lived mostly in peace for recorded time. It has only been since 1948 that the conflict started for real. And it has been a one-sided one, where an agrarian population has been dispossessed of its land and livelihood and painted as demons in the eyes of the world. It is the emigrant “Jews” of European ancestry that have set about depopulating the landscape for their own habitation, terrorizing and imprisoning Palestinians at once while using techniques of propaganda perfected by Germans to paint the Palestinians as the bad guys.

Perhaps the first act of genuine terrorism in the region was in 1946 when Zionists, led by future Prime Minister Menachim Begin, planted bomb in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. It was done to destroy evidence that the British had accumulated Zionists were at the center of a crime wave that had engulfed the land. 91 people died, 58 were wounded. Later followed Nakba, the Arabic word for disaster, or cataclysm, as over 800,000 Palestinians were driven from the newly declared state of Israel.

Thus began the crisis as we know it today. Some Israelis will claim that the land was unoccupied or that the Palestinians left of their own accord. Rather, they became refugees that had, under the UN Charter, a right to return to their homeland. That’s all by the books now. No one realistically thinks that Palestinians can ever go home again.

In 1967, Israel, claiming self-defense, struck out at its neighbors and seized control of the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, Jordan’s West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. It has never yielded any of these territories. (It did remove Israeli settlers from Gaza in 2005, easily seen now to be part of the ghettoizing of the Palestinian population living there.) Another war, fought in 1972, nearly ended Israel’s short existence. It was only saved by brokered cease fires. In 1978 the naive Jimmy Carter brought Israel and Egypt together for the Camp David accords, effectively removing Egypt as an antagonist. Shortly thereafter, in 1982, Israel, feeling its southern flank safe, invaded Lebanon. The long occupation, not ending until 2000, saw the formal rise of Hezbollah as an antidote to Israeli expansionism. Israel again attacked Lebanon in 2006.

israel-palestinaWhile this expansion has gone on, moving its UN-approved pre-1967 borders outward, Israel has been engaged in internal displacement, removing Palestinians from the lands on occupied West Bank, over time reducing them to occupation of walled-in cantons. The erosion of Palestinian holdings, as shown on the map above, has continued to this day so that it is safe to say that the theft of the entire area from Golan to Gaza is complete at this time (perhaps they will retake southern Lebanon too). The only remaining problem has been what to do with the people who once occupied the land.

Dealing with the displaced Palestinians has been an effort of carefully choreographed deception involving clever suggestion that Biblical prophecies are fulfilled, that Israelis are God’s children, and that they in in their rightful homeland rather than mere interlopers. With religious cloaking in place, they have skillfully painted themselves as victims and Palestinians as aggressors, though exactly opposite is the case. This meme, this notion of victimhood, is reinforced in American entertainment media – there is no such thing as a bad Israeli in our movies or on TV. Even this moment, as the attack on Gaza goes on, HBO has resurrected a crappy Schwarzenegger move called True Lies that has Palestinian bad guys engaged in senseless terrorism. The big Jews of Hollywood control our images of Palestinians.

The Arab world has long come to accept that Israel is not going away, and so only demands that it return to its pre-1967 borders. This is a uniform matter, and the notion that Arabs want to wipe Israel off the map is nothing more than clever propaganda by an Israeli general who does translation of Farsi for western media. Israelis, controlling as they do the mainstream American media, have obfuscated the issue to oblivion. Most Americans think that

  • The Arab world seeks to crush Israel;
  • That Israel has negotiated in good faith while Palestinian have been stubborn and resistant;
  • That Palestinians routinely terrorize Israelis, and
  • That Israeli deaths exceed those of its enemies.

The above assumptions are not only wrong, but backwards, and this has been the amazing thing to watch. Israel is the guilty party in every matter above, and yet gets away with blaming the Palestinians for its own crimes. I’ve been utterly floored by the current attack wherein Israel is devastating Gaza, bombing children, housing, hospital and schools, killing at least a thousand people (probably many times more than that, as we are never told anything true in the US). “Hamas,” an Israeli/US creation, has morphed into the governing body of Palestine and is a political party representing the majority of Palestinians. Using crude displacement propaganda, “Hamas,” in the eyes of Americans, are cells of terrorists plotting to bomb innocent Israelis, maybe even the ghouls who Schwarzenegger is murdering in True Lies. As the Germans say, give a dog a bad name, then you can hang him.

Truth be told, Israelis are the bombers and murderers of innocents. They are an invading force, a curse on the Levant, installed by American and European imperialists and armed by Americans to enforce Western control of regional resources. Israel is a tool of the Western oligarchs, more properly called the USS Israel. That in mind, the US could, this moment, end the bombing of Gaza and rein in the Israelis. That it chooses not to do so … makes it complicit in the criminal acts. We live in an era when evil rules and is rarely punished. Someday perhaps we will have accountability.

All of that in mind, remember the Liberty, the 1967 incident where Israeli jets bombed a US military vessel, killing and wounding over 200 sailors, with no repercussions. Unless you can explain that incident in a manner that does not contradict current American/Israeli propaganda, you do not understand the nature of the crisis. It might be time then to sit back, absorb the history of the area going back to Balfour, and understand why non-Semitic European Jews were placed in the Levant to begin with. It had nothing to do with the bible or religion. That was a mere cover story.

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15 Responses to A brief history of Israel, the good neighbor

  1. steve kelly says:

    Another interesting historic event is the Battle of Gallipoli. A major Churchill military mistake, 250,000 troops lost, Turkey emerges. http://www.canakkalehotel.com/images/map/gallipoli_map_in_turkey_map.jpg

    The other is the 1916 Sykes-Picot plan. http://tarihvemedeniyet.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/29-Sykes-Picot-Anlasmasi-1916.png

    The Great Game continues.


    • [Sykes Picot] was signed between Russia, France and Britain [in 1916]. Early in 1917 Italy was added to the settlement. It partitioned the Ottoman Empire in such a way that little was left to the Turks except the area within 200 or 250 miles of Ankara. Russia was to get Constantinople and the Straits, as well as northwestern Anatolia., including the Black Sea coast; Italy was to get the southwestern coast of Anatolia from Smyrna to Adalia; France was to get most of eastern Anatolia, including Mersin, Adana, and Cilicia, as well as Kurdistan, Alexandretta, Syria and northern Mesopotamia including Mosul; Britain was to get the Levant from Gaza south to the Red Sea, Transjordan, most of the Syrian Desert,, all of Mesopotamia south of Kirkuk (including Baghdad and Basra), and most of the Persian Gulf coast of Arabia. It was also envisaged that western Anatolia around Smyrna would go to Greece. The Holy Land itself was to be internationalized.

      It was just the Western imperialists carving up the spoils of WWI.


    • Churchill’s “mistakes” are legend, why he enjoys any reputation at all is a product of victor’s justice. The man was a maniacal monster.


    • JC says:

      Pretty much, what ISIS is doing right is undoing Sykes-Picot. There are videos of them burning copies of the agreement every time they make major headway.



      • If I were an Arab, I would want to burn it too. If I were an agent of the West leading a proxy force of terrorists, I might want to burn it as well as doing so looks good. Appearance may be real, or staged.


  2. Larry Kralj says:

    It makes me ill to see the list of rightwing jewish billionaries over there in Izrealevil negotiating policy with bibi naziyahoo! They are dirty treasonous bassturds! And I see that the izrailees secretly taped everything John Kerry said in his visit over there. I say enough with these nazzi bassturds! They are traitors. I want my country back, my PRE- zionazi country! Is that too much to ask for?



  3. steve kelly says:

    After weeks of lies about Gaza, Washington Post and New York Times should really consider another name for their operations. “Really-Not-News.”

    “Israel’s long-standing relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood was instrumental in the founding of an offshoot organization, Hamas.” http://henrymakow.com/israelcreatedhamastoavoid.html

    This link may not be proper news either, but to many looking for what’s behind Israel’s endless campaign to destroy Palestine and Palestinians, it causes one to think past MSM lies.


  4. steve kelly says:

    There is almost no evidence out there that supports the MSM cover story that Israel wants peace. Bedouins gotta’ go too. http://972mag.com/see-the-prawer-plan-map-israels-government-was-keeping-secret/83333/


  5. JC says:

    Thierry Meyssan put out a great history on the origins of Zionism today, “Who is the Enemy?”

    “Until nearly the end of the nineteenth century, Zionism is therefore exclusively a puritan Anglo-Saxon project to which only a Jewish elite adheres. It is strongly condemned by the rabbis who interpret the Torah as an allegory and not as a political plan.

    Among the current consequences of these historical facts, we must admit that if Zionism aims at the creation of a state for the Jews, it is also the foundation of the United States. Therefore, the question of whether policy decisions are all made ​​in Washington or Tel Aviv has only relative interest. It is the same ideology that is in power in both countries. Furthermore, Zionism having enabled the reconciliation between London and Washington, the challenge is to tackle this alliance, the most powerful one in the world…

    Zionism has thus never had the goal of “saving the Jewish people by giving them a home,” but the triumph of Anglo-Saxon imperialism by associating them with it. Furthermore, not only is Zionism not a product of Jewish culture, but the majority of Zionists has never been Jews, while the majority of Jewish Zionists are not religious Jews. Biblical references ubiquitous in Israeli public discourse, reflect only the thought of the believing part of the country and are primarily intended to convince the U.S. population…”

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is proverbial water to which horses must be led. Good luck. As always, Mayssan brings much background to light that others either do not know or choose to ignore. The piece is must reading for any who care to know the background of this struggle and understand why, though it appears that Israel has imperialists worshiping at its feet, it is merely the agent of imperialists that can do in secret what others cannot.


  6. steve kelly says:

    Any takers on this quote? Swede? Craig? “Rapture,” and all that good right-wing-nut-job stuff. Real “dog-whistle,” AM, “shock-jock,” “culture wars,” “red meat” here boys. Dig in.
    “Zionism is therefore exclusively a puritan Anglo-Saxon project to which only a Jewish elite adheres.” Id., J.C./Meysson (Above).


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