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MH17Murder, She Wrote:

Intelligence analysts in the United States had already concluded that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile and that the Ukrainian government had something to do with it.

This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a fighter that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth.

The neo-Nazi Kiev regime, U.S. puppets, most likely with U.S. cooperation, were running drills at that time, which are commonly “flipped live” in U.S. false flag attacks. Intelligence and organized crime operate on the fringes of legitimate government, and do not have legal access to government assets. The training drill is one means by which they gain that access. If there is a scheduled “drill” in your area, you might want to arrange to be somewhere that day. Bad shit happens.

Air traffic controllers were removed from their posts prior to the incident, and all data regarding the flight was confiscated after. MH17 would only have taken its fatal course through a combat zone on orders from Kiev air traffic control. Thus a civilian airliner is shot down and most participants in the event are aware only too late what went down. They also realize that they are dealing with cold-blooded murderers, and so STFU.

Kiev and the U.S. look filthy. Note that “US” investigators are cited by PressTV. There are factions within our country, including legitimate government agencies just doing their job. There are other more powerful factions that work in silence and exert power by brute force. This faction controls our media, and will probably soon silence the voices in the investigation that are speaking truth. No mention of air-to-air missiles will appear in U.S. media, as it is state-controlled and most Americans are trained not to look elsewhere for “news.”

I assume that U.S. media is still harping on the Russians and rebel guilt in the matter. This is a hard thing for people to grasp, that all those talking heads seem to act with one voice, that the news they read comes from above and they are mere sock puppets.

The essential person in the scam is the anchor, a person chosen for the role because of believability, and not professionalism or intelligence. I have heard Brian Williams talk about his job. He seems to think that he has some role to play in deciding what is news, what is not. He is either very stupid (a community college dropout), or very dishonest.

The dean of U.S. talking heads was Walter Cronkite, and people assume it was different then. It was not. A face on a TV screen is nothing more than imagery. But this is the main feature of our propaganda system, and why it is so effective: If it is on TV, if they call it “news,” people believe it. It then becomes true. This happens without our consent or knowledge, as the TV itself is a hypnotic device, and people suspend critical judgment while watching.
Sanctions that bite: Russia responded to U.S.-backed sanctions with its own, carefully singling out and punishing only those countries that have participated in sanctions against it. This will create discord within the ranks. Members of the EU do not want to break with Russia, which is an economic partner and not a military threat. (Never has been.) The Russians have said from the beginning that sanctions will hurt the West far more than itself. Now we watch it play out.


Ukraine attacking its own people, still claiming that Russia “stole” Crimea. U.S. Attacking Iraq again, humanitarian bombing, I suppose, not intended to hurt anyone or advance any military causes. (Does anyone besides me taste bile when the U.S. says it is doing these things to “save” people, rather than merely maim and kill them?) Gaza still under brutal attack. ( “It’s a hideous atrocity, sadistic, vicious, murderous, totally without any credible pretext,” says Chomsky, and I could not agree more.) There is no moral, military or strategic justification for the bombing, which has killed and injured tens of thousands and left half a million people homeless. It is a war crime of massive proportions, but since our propaganda system is so effective in keeping people in the dark, Americans assume that the Palestinians (“Hamas”) had it coming.

Sorry Americans, I should be nice about this, but you make me sick.

The fascist regimes want war, it appears. So far the targeted countries have been slow to respond to the attacks. Russia, more than the rest of the world, knows the face of fascism. It will not back down, nor will it foolishly respond to the prodding that is going on. U.S. planners want a military response from Russia in Ukraine, as it opens the door to its-own ideas, allowing it to paint Russia as the aggressor. So far, Russians are too smart.

As always, war is about many things. It is about natural gas and pipelines. It is about financial dominance, BRICS. It is about geopolitics. It is never about democracy or human freedom. It is never about what they say it is about. They always lie, about everything. Further, every one of these attacks currently going down can be critical-pathed back in history to one event: 9/11. It was the opening salvo of World War IV, it appears, and was delivered by the U.S. on itself, although Mossad did jump up and down cheering when it happened.

In the end, 9/11 could be viewed as an act of desperation by a crumbling empire, a receding superpower. It is when empires recede that the world is in greatest danger. The 1,200 or so people who jumped from the towers that day might offer gruesome symbolism of the sinking ship called United States of America.

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6 Responses to News roundup

  1. Larry Kralj says:

    Nice enough of bush and his dick, cheney to provide all the arms the caliphate needs! Great foreign policy we got there! Jesus. I simply can’t believe how the bush crime family has destroyed the entire freakin’ world. And really, I wouldn’t have believed it before 9-11. This could get very interesting for our good “ally” Isreal real quick.


    • Larry Kralj says:

      The hatred and fascism in the world right now is truly stunning.

      All we can do at this point is sit back with a sixer and watch the show! But not to worry, the fascists here have things under control.


    • Presidents are selected, and not elected, and the traits they exhibit are gauged to appeal to the audience they need to have vote for them. So the idea that Bush was dumb played right into his hands, as people defensibly voted for him for that reason. Not that Kerry or Gore gave us anything worth voting for.

      With Obama you have exactly the same policy carried forward, but the marketing fine-tuned to appeal to people who think they are more intelligent. Obama is for NPR voters, Bush for Fox, but it’s packaging, and not substance. They are the same man. It is hard to assess which voting bloc is dumber – the ones know knowingly vote for the dumb guy, or the ones who think they are voting for something different and are not.


  2. steve kelly says:

    In India, as in the U.S., those who need democracy most can’t get any.

    “You have these institutions—the courts, the media, the parliament—all of these being hollowed out and then shells being put in place,” she said. Ms. Roy explained why she sees Indian democracy as being reduced to a ritual.” I say what if any poor man or woman, any adivasi living in the forest—What if they were to turn around and say to us tell me one democratic institution in this country where I can appeal and where I can get a hearing?”

    “I can guarantee you there is no answer to that question today in India,” Ms. Roy said. “There is absolutely no answer to that question. They cannot go to the courts. If they vote, it’s like voting for this washing soap or that washing soap both owned by the same holding company.”
    – Arundhati Roy


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