Gaza turkey shoot: Why now?

Americans engaged in ground-level organizing

Americans engaged in ground-level organizing

Israel can attack Gaza at will, as there are no forces on the planet that can mobilize the will and muscle necessary to fight them and the U.S., Israel’s sponsor in terror. So the question of why Israel attacks Gaza has an easy answer: “Because it can.”

The proper question is “Why now?”

I don’t have the answers, of course. Voltaire says it is about a gas field underneath Gaza. Others mention the BRICS, and I do not think people realize how serious the threat of an alternative to the dollar is to our frail empire.

Maybe something else too. Maybe distraction. Maybe Israel attacks Gaza to distract us from the fact that Israel is not alarmed or concerned about ISIS, a huge ‘tell.’ If ISIS were genuine Arab movement, it would be of great concern to Israel. It is not.

There is also a civil war going on in Ukraine, the airliner shot down with indicators of guilt pointed at Kiev, and the massive ethnic cleansing currently underway. 700,000 Ukrainians have fled to Russia now according to Ria Navosti, a Russian propaganda outlet I read to offset the usual American propaganda outlets like NY Times, NBC, HuffPo, etc. Kiev has been bombing cities, civilians, even churches … as rogue regimes are inclined to do, and MSM news coverage is slim at best.

Israel is always available to Western powers for various dirty deeds. They can bomb other countries in the region, removing the U.S. and NATO from culpability. They assisted in the 2002 attempted coup d’état in Venezuela. They were a conduit for arms to the Iranians during Iran Contra. Mossad agents danced with joy as they watched the Twin Towers collapse. They can usually be found around terrorist dictators, such as Chile’s Augusto Pinochet, Panama’s Noriega, Marcos in the Philippines, Papa and Baby Doc in Haiti, and Ceaucescu of Romania, to name but a few. Israel might well be nothing more than a terrorist state for hire.

One thing certain, given the source of their funding and the ease with which it could be pulled: Israel does not act on its own.

So in answer to the question of “Why now?” with the current assault of Gaza, I can only speculate that since nothing can be done about it, since bad publicity is no threat to that regime, that it could be done for distraction. The US military/industrial whatever, the Wall Street/London Axis, whatever you want to call it, wants a news distraction for MSM to fill its news cycle, and so instructed Israel to attack Gaza, have some fun, mow the grass, kill a few thousand people, and just enjoy themselves. Have a turkey shoot!

Best I can do at this time – speculation born of mistrust.

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3 Responses to Gaza turkey shoot: Why now?

  1. steve kelly says:

    The only remaining threat to total world domination is in Russia, China, Iran and it’s various proxies in Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza. ISIS will adequately replace “Western-alliance” troops for the time being — same equipment with new operators and same mission. If it is not further implementation of the Yinon Plan, it sure looks like a dead ringer. Armed with Saudi money and U.S. weapons, they represent a formidable fighting force to do whatever is needed to further control the few who will not knuckle-under to the demands of the New World Order as it evolves.


    • I don’t see Israel as anything more than another seeded European colony, making trouble for everyone around. Religion, racial heritage are store fronts for a mere extension of imperialism.

      ISIS and the current attacks on Iraq by Obama are troubling, as it is a powerful force complete with “captured” American weapons. (Are people really that stupid? Don’t answer.) Russia is unwilling to play at this time, and I did not realize that sanctions are harming them – goddamned Western oligarchs can bring power to bear when someone crosses them. Still, I look to the Russians to counter some of this mess. It’s really the only hope I see. Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, are predictably unreliable except to make trouble for the people they supposedly support.


  2. JC says:

    William Polk published a very concise and thorough historical narrative, “The Battle for Palestine”, leading up to the Deir Yassin massacre on April 9/10, 1948. This was an event that characterized the Nakba, and established Zionists’ method of dealing with Palestinians: create fear.

    So to answer your question: “Why now”? It’s simple: same as it ever was. Cold-calculated opportunism.

    Settle back in your armchair for at least an hour to digest this must-read piece! It makes today’s events in Israel and the Gaza much more understandable.

    “What we call the “Palestine Problem” is really a European Problem. No European society treated Jews as full members, and most have ugly records of anti-Semitism. Even relatively benign Western governments exploited, segregated or banished Jews (and such other minorities as Gypsies, Muslims and deviant Christians). Less benign governments practiced pogroms, massacres and expulsions. European history reveals a pervasive, powerful and perpetual record of intolerance to all forms of ethnic, cultural and religious difference…

    In the latter years of the Nineteenth Century, the reaction of the Jewish communities residing in Europe began to change. In part this was because, like other European peoples, Jews began to think of themselves as a nation. This transformation of attitude led to a change from the desire for escape to a temporary haven (Nachtaysl) to permanent establishment in what Theodor Herzl called a Judenstaat, the creation of a separate, faith-based nation-state which was viewed as the permanent solution to anti-Semitism. This was the essential aim and justification for Zionism…

    Whereas anti-Semitism created Zionism, fear of Zionism fostered a Palestinian reaction.

    …the American government had long since decided to throw its support to the Zionists. Already at its presidential convention in 1944, the Democratic Party issued a statement stating that “We favor the opening of Palestine to unrestricted Jewish immigration and colonization and such a policy as to result in the establishment there of a free and democratic Jewish Commonwealth.”


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