The dead progressives society

We watched the movie Dead Poets Society last night. It has been many years since I first saw it, and I see so much more than before. The movie, from 1989, was panned by serious critics as a schmaltzy and light treatment of poetry and poets. It grabbed a few well-known lines here and there but never gave a poet serious treatment.

I watched it again, of course, because of Robin Williams’ tender performance. As a non-poetic person, I would have joined the rest of the United States in turning away from the movie had it given poetry that serious treatment. It would have been art house fare.

Movie suicides are always contrived, and I do remember thinking in this movie that the character who takes his own life would not do so in real life. Neil Perry wants to be an actor, and his Daddy says no, and he looks at ten years of study ahead to be a doctor and so pulls out Daddy’s gun. It was a necessary plot device, but illogical.

imageI recently read a review of the movie Gravity that completely panned it and Sandra Bullock’s performance, and I thought “Why can’t you see the movie is not about space or fixing satellites, but rather about what a mother goes through when she loses her child?” I came close to tears at the end as Bullock lands on a beach, pulls herself up and begins to walk again, so moving was that scene. She had survived the worst of the ordeal. She begins anew.

Similarly with Dead Poets, even as I read Roger Ebert’s insightful review, I thought please, Roger, you really think a movie about poetry will sell tickets? Hollywood does not work like that, cannot. There are serious artists who put their life’s blood into these efforts. But to succeed, they have to be smugglers. Peter Weir, the director of of DPS, used some plot devices, some metaphors (the suicide, the cave, the one-dimensional parents, teachers and administrators and the school itself) to make a statement.

About education. How it regiments us. Turns off our imagination. In the end, kills our spirit. He could have done a better job, I suppose, but let’s at least talk about what the movie is really about.


Speaking of which, Pogie is in pain again, not getting it done and putting out a call for “writers,” echoing the the Godfather no less! (“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”).

I suggested to Pete Talbot at MTCowgirl that he volunteer, pull James Conner along to form a triumvirate of mediocrity atop the high horse of arrogance. The three together could indeed induce illogical suicides in sentient beings, and bring back memories of Invasion of the Body Snatchers as they take over bodies and minds imitating what Pogie calls “… somewhere between moderate and far Left”

It bugs me when Pogie claims to be anything resembling a true lefty. Man, that is body snatching.


imageSpeaking of Cowgirl, the Montana Democrats, by power of suggestion, are going to put up an inexperienced Sarah Palin type to run against Steve Daines, conceding the seat. Amanda Curtis might be nice and smart and a fresh face, which they sorely need, but she’s being run out there as the party leadership’s way of saying “look here, not there.” The “there” might be one of the two men who ran in the primary and garnered actual support, John Bohlinger and Dirk Adams.

Democrat leadership must hate primaries. That’s all I can make of it. Even so, this is a surprise to me – I thought they might run out a true progressive and then let him swing in the wind, perhaps even sending some rope to the lynching.

Instead, they are doing the Sarah Palin maneuver.

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13 Responses to The dead progressives society

  1. Big Swede says:

    Palin inexperienced? Wasn’t she a governor?

    What kind of legislative experience did Nader have?


    • Swede … ah never mind. Would take too many words to explain, and you don’t like words.


      • Big Swede says:

        Words and books.

        You may also remember Palin was running for VP, a position which often is a work study for the highest office.

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        • The position [president], as I see it, is largely a ribbon cutting one where the person holding the office has no real qualifications and only makes appearances and speeches. It’s ideal for an actor. In fact, as I see it, Reagan had no real power after he was shot, and in his second term was sinking Into Alzheimer’s, yet the people around him were able to manage him in a such a way that his true decline was not apparent until he left office, when no one bothered to contact him about anything. This is evidence that the position is a sham.

          It could be that a smart person gets hold of the office, as Kennedy or Nixon, and attempts to move policy on his own. But there is power in places in this country that is silent and apparently has the ability to kill or remove a president without objection or investigation. So it as that both JFK and Nixon were removed by coup d’état.

          Anyway, I regard Palin as an entertainer, with a delightful personality and much charisma, but not intelligent in a book or policy sense. If put in office, she would merely cut ribbons and makes speeches, much like Obama.


  2. Big Swede says:

    Stay focused Mark. I’ll argue Palin’s accomplishments later.

    Here’s Amanda.


    • steve kelly says:

      Swede, what’s not to like about that? Too close to the camera? Whaaaaat?


    • Not much to dislike there, spirit, intelligence, rebelliousness. I am not offended by any of that. She does have a brain and is using it but does not understand how being true to self in politics is deadly. Democrats know this too. If they pick her, they are conceding the seat.

      Regarding Palin and her accomplishments, kind of a pointless argument, don’t you think? She was anointed in 2008, six years ago. She’s well known to me and I am not upset by her. She’s an entertainer, a narcissistic personality that lights up when the light come on. Just leave it lie.


      • Big Swede says:

        They did pick her officially today.

        Here’s my theory. The powers to be have one purpose, to placate the fringe.

        When she fails miserably the mainstream will say we tried your candidate and it didn’t work.


        • I don’t know anything about her, but you are essentially right except that what you call “fringe” are actually mainstream sentiments that are marginalized by the two parties due to their money backers.

          The two parties are far removed from the mainstream, but since the mainstream don’t know shit about organizing, they have no power. That’s how oligarchy works.


        • I did say in the posts above that it was I …” thought they might run out a true progressive and then let him swing in the wind, perhaps even sending some rope to the lynching.”

          I do wish you’re actually read posts, but then I remember you’re functionally illiterate. All’s forgiven. You’re doing your best.


          • Big Swede says:

            So I was “essentially right” and now I’m Walsh?

            Regardless I took it one step further, she’s a poison pill forced down progs throat. Will take years to recover.


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