News and noteworthy

Western media is so imposing that hardly a ray of light ever shines through. Oddly, within Israel, there is more freedom to print stories about Israel than in the US state-controlled media. Here’s one: South Africa says it will prosecute any of its citizens who participate in the Gaza massacre. Since that country knows all about apartheid, the policy makes sense.

Then there is this:

A courageous Jewish woman burns her Israeli passport in London, denounces the Gaza siege and massacre, and interestingly seems to know that she is of “Eastern European” ancestry, and is not Semitic, true of the majority of Israeli Jews.

This indeed I know even as the Bible does not tell me so.

In the comments below my last post, SK linked to The Vineyard of the Saker, and I found a clearheaded voice. I’ll put it in the links on the right when I have a moment, but for right now, urge all readers to give it a look. Guy has a brain.

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2 Responses to News and noteworthy

  1. Big Swede says:

    Recently the most common new born boys name in England is Mohammad.

    She’ll be in good company.


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