How come insiders don’t know anything about money?

Pete Talbot wondered at Intelligent Discontent what John Walsh might do with his $700,000 in remaining funds after dropping out of the campaign.

I have more basic questions, and these are questions that I know that Pete, Pogie, or any Democrat, even those who consider themselves informed insiders, cannot answer. They are:

  • 1): How much money did Walsh raise?
  • 2): Who gave it to him?
  • 3): What did he promise in return?

Answer below the fold. As it turns out, Walsh only had $180,000 left after trying to save his sorry ass with a TV campaign, and that money has been scattered to the wind. It is important to understand that the promises made to the donors are most likely attached ot the money, and that Amanda Curtis got only $2,000 of it, meaning that at this point, she is unattached.

Someone please ask Pogie and Pete, as they don’t much like me, why it is that they carry on as if they are some kind of knowledgeable insiders, and yet have no clue who is bribing their candidates behind the scenes. They do not know how to follow money, and yet speak with great wisdom and offer profound advice to candidates.

1): $2,779,750.

2): Check out his Open Secrets page … as far as I can tell, there are many, many more secrets not divulged than divulged there. FEC reports here, use candidate ID S4MT00118.

3): ??? (Such matters are never discussed in public.)

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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5 Responses to How come insiders don’t know anything about money?

  1. Rob Kailey says:

    Uh, Mark, the reason Walsh only gave Curtis $2000 is because that’s the maximum he could contribute directly to her campaign, by law. Just clarifying.


  2. steve kelly says:

    And what happened to Max’s money?

    And how come they don’t know anything about the biggest “kitchen table” issue of all, inflated housing prices?


  3. steve kelly says:

    So, you can vote for “more jobs, less government,” or for “jobs, jobs, jobs,” and you lose either way. But the MSM says “confidence” is continuing to rise. It must be an election year.


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