Election whores

41801_214754565188_8024957_nHere are a few comments from around the web:

Well done!

That was DJ Flightrisk at Pogie’s regarding a post on Ryan Zinke. It appears that Pogie has gotten the comment section of his blogged tamed and under control. No more loose cannons or off-topic comments.

It’s the Putin pose.

That was James Conner, whom Cowgirl often refers to as “The Flathead Memo” when seeking to give his opinion more weight than it warrants. Here he is heaping scorn on Ryan Zinke. This scorn, oddly, is reflective of the official position of Mainstream Media regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin. It’s a two-step process: First MSM prints it, talking heads repeat it on air, and then Conner thinks it and even offers it up as his own original opinion.

I could easily have grabbed two other comments, such low-hanging fruit is this subject. Just two observations:

  • Amanda Curtis might as well be tending to her tomatoes. These people don’t care about that race now that the dullard, the poster child for mediocrity, John Walsh, has been taken down. Democratic leadership must be pissed that their appointed successor to the poster child for corruption, Max Baucus, was shot down. They are readily conceding the seat to Republican Steve Daines. Democrat followship ought to be upset about that, but they are not. That is why I call them followhsip.
  • There is not much left in this country in the way of representative government, often referred to as “democracy.” As I look about the world situation, there is a monstrous attack on the Mideast via an outfit known as “ISIS,” known to be formed and back by the Americans with assistance from other client states. The Ukrainian putsch is waging war on its own people, driving them to flee to Russia, shooting down airliners, shelling cities ad towns and killing hundreds of innocent civilians. The object here is painfully obvious, to draw Russia into a border war. It ain’t working. Russia’s only public response has been humanitarian aid. (This would be Conner’s bare-chested Putin doing that.) There are wars going on in Congo killing thousands each month, while CIA is busy trying to undermine the elected government of Venezuela, a place where they actually seem to know a thing or two about democracy.

I could go on. Point is, Democrats are clueless about such matters.

My first deep involvement with Democrats was in 1996 when I ran for legislature, and I won’t rehash that experience. My second was 2000 when I campaigned for Nader. Both experiences left me with a low opinion of the nature of the typical Democrat: Not a very smart person. A Democrat typically will not know any issues well other than those used to drive voters to the polls, the wedges like abortion and gun control. The typical Democrat will suffer low awareness of world events. The typical Democrat will point his finger at Republicans and say they are “low-information voters”, but the slogan better reflects Democrats than the other party. Republicans, at least, put up candidates reflective of their own proclaimed philosophy. Democrats have to resort to cloaked right wingers like Walsh.

The whole of the Democrat operation is seedy and cynical, and leaves me wanting to breathe fresh air and avoid politics in total. Democrats like Conner and Pogie will run around claiming to be “progressives,” an insult to thinking people. They haven’t a clue what that is about.

I have a better word for them: Election whores.

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8 Responses to Election whores

  1. steve kelly says:

    The “Three Little Pigs” strategy, or “triangulation,” or “third-way” politics, or whatever one chooses to call it seems to be running out of gas for the “Republican-lite” crowd, aka, Democrats. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/bobdylan/likearollingstone.html

    The “gives” are so outrageous now — public information, privacy, public schools, health care, soc. security, highways, public forests, water etc. — that even the oblivious see no daylight between Coke and Pepsi. http://www.thenation.com/blog/177437/gop-donors-and-k-street-fuel-third-ways-advice-democratic-party#

    To keep the oligarchical structure intact, a “war against….,” and an enemy, any enemy will do, must be manufactured to control people’s thoughts. The perpetual war is against us, out thoughts, and our actions. None of this is real, of course. Onward, more austerity please.


  2. Rob Kailey says:

    Mark, once again you contradict yourself just to needlessly rag on Democrats.
    1) Having conviction in the lies your party feeds you is not being a ‘higher information voter’, as you suggest that Republicants are. No they aren’t; they just haven’t pissed you off as much.
    2) When Democrats get disgruntled, they stay home, and you mystically and magically forgive them for being Democrats (which in Mark parlance is simply ignoring them in whatever the latest thesis you write is …) Republicants still vote Republicant even when they truly despise the candidate they are voting for. Voting statistics have shown this time and again. I have to wonder if you are ignoring these facts, and turning the truth on it’s head, as some kind of social experiment in how much you can claim to be correct, ex post facto.
    3) There are many Democrats, which you again conveniently ignore, who are very excited about the Curtis candidacy. You know, nobody progressives like Howard and Jim Dean? They are working very hard to get Curtis elected, possibly against insurmountable odds. But as a priest of the holy writ “Elections don’t matter” you cast them down into the pit where Democrat “whores” preside. That would be a great example of manipulating ‘low information voters’ on your part, don’t you think?
    I really have come to believe that you are running some kind of self-indulgent game to see how much sway you can have over the malleable minds of your fellow humans. You’ve covered your butt, should the result be ‘none’, none influence. And you’ve taken a rather shallow and wholly unrealistic tact to ‘prove’ your theorem. You know we agree that there isn’t much left of representative Democracy, and you go out of your way to thwart all effort to get any of it back, while caterwauling about ground level organization against people that are attempting that very thing. You reduce them to ‘whores’ (which actually doesn’t make a helluva lotta sense.)

    Maybe you do just want the Gubmint to fail such that we might maybe get something ‘better’. (We won’t.) What you call whoring, I call hope. The parties are an organizing principle, even as corrupt as they seem to be. You want one to die a horrible death, and it just happens to be the one that the people most in agreement with you hope the best for. Hmmm…

    (Cue up your crap about how the parties are the same, which again contradicts everything you’ve just argued …)


    • Rob Kailey says:

      And just for the record, it remains more interesting throwing words around here than most other places …


      • Having a gripping interest in a subject like football is worthy, and your writing on the subject is a noble pursuit. No criticism intended here. But do you also plan to write about other matters? Your voice is recognizable in the crowd.


        • Rob Kailey says:

          I don’t know if you read my post on “Emphasis”, but Ferguson MO was clearly in my mind while writing it. Variant application of rules has a consequence. I have very little interest anymore in being overt while spending time online. The progressive left doesn’t want pragmatic disagreement applied to a fragile structure. The main-stream Democrats, as you well know, don’t like any rocking of the boat at all, (though you persist in that pointless endevour for no reason I will likely ever understand.) The right just gets as childish as hell, and it annoys and bores me. I get more satisfaction in writing about a game. The outcome can be stilted, but it is never certain. That’s interesting.

          Thank you for your compliment.


    • 1): I did not say that R’s are higher information voters. They are not. But a right wing system allows them the luxury of transparency. Democrats have to cloak.

      2): Given that those candidates the Democrat leadership support are cloaked right wingers, it makes no difference if some stay home while others vote. This stay-at-home attitude, however, speaks to inability to organize.

      3): I’ve no doubt some people are going to work hard for Curtis, and that she will lose. I hope she is smart and builds a base for the future, and realizes why she was appointed to run. My point is that party leadership has ditched her, which is why Pogie is now the anti-Zinke guy and Cowgirl is off doing feel-good holier and smarter shit. Neither write about her. I know Cowgirl is paid staff, but I have wondered about Pogie, if he too is in the state party payroll. How else do you explain his ability to constantly drivelize the same beat, D-good-R-bad. It’s so stupid!

      As to the possibilities for representatives government, as Bertrand Russell said, the voting public is not smart enough to run a country and should be ignored. However, kicking the bums out on a regular basis is a worthy outlet, and he felt the highest and best function of democracy. That’s a typical Brit, I suppose, whereas Chomsky will note than in places where democracy really is effective, like Nicaragua, Haiti, Venezuela, Chile, that those countries come under US military and intelligence attack. Clearly we can do better here.

      Here’s where Russell missed the boat: his attitude is only useful if we have two or more parties. We only have one, with two right wings. Ergo, we never really get to throw the bums out, do we.


      • Rob Kailey says:

        Not necessarily. It just means that we need to vote for a few wildcards, regardless of label. I certainly don’t need to remind you that Steve Kelly, Bob Kelleher, Melinda Gopher, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren all ran under the D brand. I sincerely don’t know if you were aware but Melinda recently offered herself as a candidate for the open candidacy to run against Steve Daines, this after openly and brazenly insulting anyone and everyone who would have supported her bid.

        We do have the chance to ‘throw the bums out’; but like I’ve pointed out, that would require a fair number of Republicants, not Democrats, to get the clue that the people they vote for are abusive and awful to them. Where you and I have much disagreement is your argument that even good people will be inevitably corrupted if elected because of the 2 party system. You don’t know that for certain, and I don’t know that you are wrong. We have Sanders and Warren and Franklin as examples of those who have succeeded as Democrats (though Sanders has gone from Democrat to Independent to Vermont Progressive Party.) I don’t mean this as insult, but you have drawn a more hopeless and tighter circle of reasoning than St. Thomas Aquinas. Put succinctly, it is “damned if you do, damned if don’t” in your presentation. There are those, myself included, who have a bit of hope that we can reform our politics without pitchforks, fire and bullets. Again, I could be wrong. But so could you.


      • Big Swede says:

        Curtis is going to have to be smarter than this.


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