Friday sucker punches

These are just a few random notes as I close out my week here.
Here’s the opening line of a post from Pogie:

I realize that a significant amount of what I write on the blog operates at the level of elevated snark …

The whole of his body of work can easily be forded with a mere pair of flip-flops. I can sum it up in four words, and we never need visit Intelligent Discontent again.

Democrats good, Republicans bad.

However, that opening sentence there, about being snarky, indicates a modicum of self-awareness, the first I’ve seen from him. I’ll continue to watch for further indications of awakening. You never know. It could happen.
Below is a footnote I put on the post “Golden Apples”, and will pass into darkness, so I am inserting it here so that seven people read it instead of merely two. It has to do with the Jim Garrison investigation into the JFK murder, the only adversarial investigation ever done into that death.

Garrison was miles ahead of the field in that matter, and understood his enemies long before the rest of us came to know them well. As anyone who looks at the evidence can easily see, the CIA was the agent that killed JFK, but it goes much, much higher into our National Security State. The key word there is Central Intelligence “Agency”. Once you understand that, a whole new world might well open up to you. You might experience awakening. You never know. It could happen.

Which is why, fifty years later, the cover-up still goes on. The assassination is a just a pulp fiction mystery, and JFK was just a flawed man. But the whole of that sordid affair is a portal into the true nature of our country. It is available to any American willing to take that bold step.

Here’s the footnote from below:

RFK, as I understand, sent a private courier to Garrison during the investigation saying that he was watching closely but could not speak publicly, and would reopen the JFK investigation after he became president. Garrison thought that was foolish, that Bobby needed to go loud, as keeping secrets endangered his life. He said that once you are public with information, they can no longer kill you to silence you. (They might kill you anyway just as a STFU example, but what are you gonna do?) Bobby did not listen. However, and this is what I call the Kennedy Curse, that whole family has to shut up about everything, as they all know that if they say anything in public they might run into a large pond or a tree or their small aircraft might disappear into the ocean. So I look at RFK’s 11 children all doing good work and staying silent, and admire them deeply.

I’ve been watching the fear mount as our media pours on the coverage of ISIS. It’s deliberate, planned, and done for effect. Every new war has a new opening, a new script to justify it. Each time they do this, we later find out that it was a lie, exaggeration, or that there was so much more going on than we were told. Then we move on to the next war, and a brand new script.

And yet, I see fear amounting all around me. This famous scene comes to mind:

Speaking of PR stunts that never fail to work, Plum Creek is pouring it on over in Flathead County, and the Hungry Horse News, whose staff intuitively senses where power lies, are cooperating. I left a snarky comment there (yes, Pogie, I am snarky too). But honestly, does it ever occur to anyone that this mighty company, able to hire PR staff and keep news media on its leash, and never known for honesty or integrity … might be playing us for suckers?

Ever? Is it your job, as journalists, to be so incurious?

I guess I know the answer to that question. That’s why the good ones leave, or go all human interest on us. All other avenues are blocked.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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6 Responses to Friday sucker punches

  1. Steve W says:

    “Elevated” snark? In his own mind, apparently. He’s got an “elevated” opinion of himself it seems. His snark isn’t just garden variety, it’s special!

    RFKs kids all mention that he was quite sure that the murder of his brother was a conspiracy. Dr Wood says one of many of the reasons she wrote her book and got it out there was self preservation. She feels, as did Garrison apparently, that disclosure is safer. So far she’s still with us and that’s a good thing.

    Plum Creek Real Estate Holdings? The land speculation company? If they have so much land why don’t they have any “renewable” resources to cut? Or is “renewable” just a crock of BS the wood products industry likes to lie about? And so goes the boom bust cycle. More third world policies put on Montana by our out of state overlords.


    • I do not think less of them for this, as they enjoy being alive, but the Kennedy’s talk in hushed tones about conspiracy as they go about other business. None of them are willing to go loud. Each of them must feel in their dreams the close presence of a 22 behind their right ear if they do.


  2. steve kelly says:

    Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Burlington Northern, Plum Creek, whatever you want to call it, since Day 1 the most valuable “renewable resource” they possess is the U.S. tax code, and congressionally-appropriated, tax-payer subsidies (that’s pronounced “government stimulus,” for all you beach bunnies, Free-Market Mousketeers and mini-Mousketeers)


  3. Larry Kralj says:

    Check out our moronic mayor. This guy is a real piece of work. This got deleted at Cgirl’s site and damn if I can understand why. But the fear for the inbred crowd is palpable. Oh, and so is the hatred. The amount of fear and hatred being generated on purpose is really, really scary. Fascism is coming faster than we know.


    • Fear works. I know who did 9/11, generally speaking, and I fear on each succeeding 9/11 that they will do it again. Most others, having less insight into the true nature if that event, are also scared it will happen again. We are only slightly different.


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