The search for truth should not be limited to trusted sources

Pete Talbot offered insight into the workings of the mind of a Democrat over at 4&20. I had offered that his careful checking of sources prior to reading anything was a form of voluntary quarantine. Here’s Pete:

Hey shit-for-brains (Tokarski), I obviously did look at the information and then went a little farther and checked out the source. It’s called research. You should try it.

Of course, the “shit-for-brains” remark means I am going to tear him a new one, and I did. But this comment is revealing of more than just his dislike of me, which I welcome. Pete, like James Conner and Pogie, is one of those plodding dullards who imagines himself politically astute due to the encouragement he receives from other plodding and dull Democrats. If the average IQ is 100, then Petey must be right there.

Petey suggests that a smart person examines sources of information before investing in them. There was a piece up at 4&20, “Broken Windows Policing in Missoula May Require a Bigger Jail,” that Pete discovered, zounds!, that part could be traced back to the Koch brothers. Ergo, he automatically discarded the information and chastised Lizard for printing it.

But why, pray tell, does the label “Koch Brothers” excuse us from using our brains? Do they lie all the time? Far more likely they have a different take on our world and see many things differently and try to tell the truth about them. Hard as it may be to contemplate, the Brothers are probably sincere in their outlook and regard Democrats and liberals as slow-witted and stupid. In the meantime, they don’t question their own world view, which is reinforced daily by dullards around them as well. That effect is multiplied a thousandfold by their wealth, meaning they swim among hoards of sycophants.

One thing for sure, however, is that they know how to manipulate the liberals and Democrats. Mere mention of their name sends the silly beehive into fits of consternation and rituals of exorcism. The Brothers K surely realize that can be used their to advantage. If they oppose something, Democrats will favor it, and visa versa, no thought required. It’s child’s play.

I emphasize that truth is a fungible currency that can appear anywhere in the political spectrum and in many forms. Right-wingers own part of it, as do socialists and communists and even Randians. I have found that true conservatives, who are rare, are perhaps closest to it. I lay claim to some myself. But it is hard to come by and can happen anywhere on the spectrum. It is not “in the middle.” Not hardly. Limiting the search area merely limits success in stumbling on things that happen to be true.

Mere sourcing of reading material is not, as Talbot would have us believe, the sign of a smart person, but rather that of a lazy and easily manipulated one. If Petey automatically distrusts the Koch’s, it’s probably safe to presume that he automatically trusts other sources, like the NY Times, and so has granted others the right to fill his head with shit, explaining his condition, which he referred to as “shit for brains.” I think highly applicable to him, and suspect I have stumbled on the reason why.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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