A couple of informative videos

Just an aside, David Halberstram (1934-2007), an American journalist of high quality, was writing dispatches from Vietnam that were too spicey for official stomachs in Langley. He soon found his job description changed by his boss, the NY Times, from covering Vietnam to exile in Poland. What will happen now that a real journalist has challenged a Rear Admiral John Kirby … most likely, AP beat reporter Matt Lee, who is confrontational and utterly logical in parsing through Kirby’s Orwellian doublespeak, will be reassigned. My guess … Latvia.

The video above is 42 minutes long and is in Russian and so subtitled, but is highly informative. It is a Russian weekly TV show called “Sunday evening with Vladimir Soloviev.” Critics will be quick to point out that this is “state-controlled” Russian TV, and indeed that is the proper attitude with regard to any state-controlled media. All news outlets from Russia to Iran to China to the United States are heavily influenced by resident power, so that antenna should be fully out and the viewer on high alert whether it is the Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev or our own CIA mole Anderson Cooper. US media is perhaps the most heavily controlled in the world at this time.

Even so, this is a good way to see how the US is viewed from abroad. The panelists are quick to give credit for its real achievements, but are also in agreement that the current wars underway are a desperate attempt to save the dollar, since our country is now so deep in debt that we can never be rescued. War is our only alternative. Empires in retraction are dangerous. The US is no exception.

I got both of these videos from Vineyard of the Slacker, a link on the upper right of this page first given me by SK. It is a website rich in thought-provoking material.

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