Blackbush makes me sad :’-(

Traffic is down here, and elsewhere I assume. I cannot fathom the reasons, and don’t even know why people come here anyway. I cannot bring myself to write about mundane things like elections that have zero impact on public policy. I too often chastise people for stupidity when good manners mandate that I pretend otherwise. People don’t like to be highlighted for their shortcomings. We are to praise the Swedes of our world, not bury them. 😉

This I know, however: fear abounds. People are scared of Ebola and ISIS. More than that even, Democrats are frightened about what will happen when Republicans control the House, Senate, and in two years, the White House. I suspect that’s part of the reason for low blog traffic. Democrats are trembling, hiding out, waiting for the inevitable beating on election day, trying not to think about politics. 😕

I don’t worry about such matters.

Ebola is nothing. More people will die in drunken boating accidents this weekend.

ISIS is our own invention, mere cover for a massacre about to unfold, a device to blame it on the Arabs. But man, we’ve done so many massacres, murdered so many millions of innocent people, even if just counting these last thirteen years. And no one cares. Who does body counts? Not us. It makes me sick to think about it, that Muslims, even generously giving them credit for 9/11, have killed a few thousand people while we’ve done a thousand times that, and we think of ourselves as the good guys. It is indescribable self-delusion. 😥

My only alternative is not to think about it. I’m trying my damnedest. After all, I think the world has always been this way, so that the only difference is the wisdom knowledge I’ve accumulated these past years, without which I’d be far better off. 🙄

Should I be scared about Republicans in charge? Folks, that’s nothing new. They’ve been in charge these last 34 years. When they come out in the open, say what they mean and act their part, they hang themselves. They are completely out of touch with mainstream views. They know this. They are far more effective in stealth mode, acting via Montana’s Baucus, Tester, Colorado’s Bennet and Udall, and Blackbush himself, Obama, than using their own people. When they uncloak, say who they are and tell us exactly what they want, they create their own prison, manufacture their own opposition.

That’s all Bush ever did. He lacked guile, could not do stealth. That’s why his two election victories were of the stolen variety, and why he had to be replaced by Blackbush.

Remember elections, 2006? I do. I was still into partisan politics at that time. The public was unified in opposition to the Iraq War, and Democrats took all of that energy and won the House and nearly took the Senate too. Then they expanded the war, calling it the “surge.” They did exactly the opposite of what they campaigned about, working closely with Bush to make it appear to be something big and different. They betrayed us. 👿

Even in 2008 I still had hope in partisan politics. Then Blackbush won office, took all of our hope for change, and destroyed the antiwar movement. It evaporated. It’s in Russia now.

Oh yeah, and then the Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and White House all at once for a while. What did they do? They set up a rule ceding control of the Senate to the Republican minority, the filibuster rule, so that no matter what passed in the House, the Senate killed it. (The freedom given the house to pass bills that were sure to die reinforced the illusion that Democrats are the progressive party. That’s all that did.)

They then spent two years complaining about the filibuster, which they had created. 😯

I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but at that time I finally realized that it was a rigged game. So join me now in thinking about real problems, and set partisan politics aside. If nothing else, there’s football. Oddly enough, Rob’s response to politics seems highly rational. 😉

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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