A point of curiosity

I posted this comment at Cowgirl and realized that audience is not one to target. So I am putting it here, where more intelligent readers occasionally happen by.

Has anyone but me noticed that the words “Tea Party” are slowly receding into the background? Cowgirl, who used to put out a noun and a verb and Tea Party in every other sentence, only rarely invokes the term now. Nationally, it’s appearing less and less. During the election, I hardly heard it mentioned, though I do not watch television commercials or debates. It has not disappeared, but is not being used as a boogeyman as frequently as it was.

The Tea Party conveniently appeared via a CNBC publicity stunt, and then was highlighted and promoted by Fox News. Its agents were portrayed as irrational and stupid. The psychological effect was to reverse the playing field, making Obama appear to be the opposite of crazy right wingers, a sane and rational liberal.

By this perception management device, Obama was able to step into Bush’s shoes and carry forward with the NeoCon agenda, his brigade behind him preoccupied by the Tea Party and oblivious to his real agenda.

I suspected that as Obama receded, so too would the Tea Party. It appears to be happening.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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4 Responses to A point of curiosity

  1. larry kurtz says:

    Almost all Tea Party challengers were defeated this year — with the race against Mr. Cantor the notable exception. And patience for low-reward tactics like a government shutdown is waning. As shown by how quickly even many of the staunchest conservatives on Capitol Hill tried to dismiss talk of closing the government to pressure Mr. Obama on immigration, the lessons of the 2013 shutdown are sinking in.



  2. Anecdotal at best, but time will tell. I am of the opinion that we should look to the primary beneficiary of the Tea Party to find its true origins, and that would be the manipulators and shysters who run the Democrat Party.

    If I am wrong, if the [Tea] party has a life of its own after Obama, then I’ll say so and more on.


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