Killing Truth

I have been at this blogging game for eight years now. I never arise in the morning with a topic in mind. As I read and go about my business something will usually come up. I enjoy writing. I enjoy reading and exploring the minds of other people. I never try to be topical, as American news is mostly distraction – real events of importance are not included in the daily fare served up by news media, which is state-controlled.

Most of what I write, I’ve been told, goes right over the head of the average reader. No way are people ever going to come to grips with their rogue government, criminal enterprises, false flag provocations and fake democracy (not that real democracy in the hands of an uneducated citizenry offers much promise). The Average American suffers low intelligence. I don’t know if they are dumbed down or merely dumb. On some level maybe they know that all about them is fake, but to acknowledge that would require such an unfathomable shift in attitude. They prefer to live in fantasy land.

So several days have gone by now and I’ve had nothing to write about. I am wondering if this is the end. I always knew it would be something that happened naturally rather than a conscious decision, like Pete Rose not retiring, but simply failing to put himself in the lineup for weeks on end. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

OB-UP782_oreill_E_20120917235735I think my current malaise started when I saw Bill O’Reilly on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I have no problem with him, he’s just an entertainer whose job it is to inflame tempers. But he also writes very stupid books, and they go right to the top of the best seller list.

Very few Americans read anything at all, and those that do go for that tripe. Good grief. That is so discouraging.

In the meantime I’ve been for years reading real writers and historians trying to piece together the pieces of the American puzzle. Their books don’t sell, their ideas are censored from our media. They are not featured on news or entertainment media, and so have to seek out nooks and crannies on Internet radio or YouTube. But as Paul Simon said in different words, that is where the words of the prophets* are written.

In O’Reilly’s latest work of fiction, Killing Patton, he is claiming that General George F. Patton was murdered by Josef Stalin. I would not put it past Stalin or any smart leader to murder anyone. They live in an amoral Machiavellian world. But what O’Reilly has done is to remove suspicion of murder from those with motive for murder. He’s rewriting history, and doing so to serve someone’s interest. It must be so as he is no author or thinker, certainly not a writer of any quality. In the Fallon interview he didn’t stay “I discovered,” but rather “we.”

It is indeed an Empire of Lies, and O’Reilly is fulfilling a state function, putting the past in order for American apologists, cleaning things up. Even as I don’t mind him or his regular TV work, it bothers me that I know that he is not writing these books, but just lending his name to them. He’s performing the same function as the old Soviet Commissars: rewriting history to serve power.

That is where I lost interest in writing here, knowing that the Commissars will always win out in the end. We know who killed JFK, who did not shoot Reagan. Interestingly, we know very little about the intrigue around Abraham Lincoln, as that slate has been wiped clean. Along comes O’Reilly who, without any effort or even a modicum of fundamental honesty, papers over all of the work of real writers and historians and carries the day.

That makes me sad. Bill O’Reilly is neither a journalist or historian, but rather an entertainer. But he seems to lack basic decency and human integrity.

Here’s a thought that might carry me on to new avenues for exploration, something about which, like all of the topics O’Reilly has written, he knows nothing but about which he might want to “write” a book: Hitler was neither insane nor a maniacal monster. Neither was Stalin. Churchill … maybe.

Have at it, Bill. You can clean all that up for your sponsors. You could call it Killing Truth.
*The word “prophet” is misunderstood. It is not someone who knows the future, but rather merely someone who speaks the truth. Throughout history such people are reviled.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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10 Responses to Killing Truth

  1. steve kelly says:

    If he’s on tv he’s a tool, and a cartoon. Probably enough clueless, ineffective lawyers out there to create an O’Reilly cult.

    Been thinking about “sunset clauses” myself lately. Must be in the stars, or something.


  2. Big Swede says:

    Martin Dugard wrote the book Bill O had limited participation and lent his name to bolster sales.

    Find it amazing tho with all the controversy surrounding JFK’s death that you’d bemoan another author’s creativity.


  3. Swede, most people who read O’Reilly’s books are not readers. His name here is being used as an authority figure, as that is how most Americans get their opinions. They will read his book and nothing else on the subjects he’s been writing about lately.

    I am a student of the JFK assassination, having read scores and scores of books by independent researchers. The body of evidence that this was an internal coup is massive and impressive. Evidence to support to lone assassin theory is all, and I mean all, in some form compromised.

    However when O’Reilly published his book on JFK, he ignored the massive body of evidence and merely concluded after a brief tour of official truth that Oswald did it. The book was nonsense, but the key is that his readers will not be exposed to the evidence around that crime, just as you have not been exposed to it.

    So O’Reilly is fulfilling a commissar function for the state, as an opinion leader making sure his flock think correctly and are not exposed to anything but official truth.


    • Steve W says:

      often they buy up their own books to get them on the best seller list.


      • I suspect that O’Reilly, like others of that branch of the right, basically a talk radio intelligentsia, has enough of a following among literate (if extremely dogmatic) right wingers that sales are genuine.


        • Steve W says:

          Maybe, maybe not. You may be giving them more popularity than they themselves are able to muster.

          Do you know folks who watch O’Reilly and then go out and buy his fake books? I know folks who watch O’Reilly, but not who go and buy his books.

          I don’t see them at yard sales. Dr Pill, yes, O’Reilly, no. This isn’t marketing science, i have no data. Just a gut feeling.


  4. lizard19 says:

    I have a hunch you will keep writing.


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