Torture: Just because we don’t know why they do it does not mean they don’t know what they are doing

If it is well-known that torture does not produce valuable intelligence (and indeed this is well-known), but if torture is going on anyway, and unless CIA is composed of stupid people, then there must be other reasons for the torture program. And it’s not new. The US and its allies have been running it for the whole of the postwar era, and not just since 9/11.

Shortly after World War II, with the founding of CIA and inclusion of former OSS and Nazi SS members in its ranks, the U.S. set out to find new enemies. At the top of the list were the Soviets, and soon thereafter followed a Red Scare, an intense propaganda campaign that had us little kids ducking and running for cover in our schools in the 1950’s. They really worked a number on us.

Communists were evil, we were told, so evil than anything we had to do to fight them was OK, that our evil could never be worse than theirs. That produced nightmares. That’s what it was like to be a kid in the 1950’s and early 60’s in the US.

The Soviets were a fake enemy used to justify the decision by the US not to disarm after the war. The US then went on a terror campaign, the object apparently to hold together the old British and French Empires and restore the order that preceded the rise of Germany and Japan.

After stops in Korea, Indochina and Indonesia, the U.S. military machine went on to terrorize Central America, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Chile, Afghanistan, and some African countries, notably the Congo, but the fall of the Soviet Union gave lie to the very reason for the existence of the US military machine.

A new enemy was needed, and … pronto. It had to be introduced to us in such a way that we would be scared out of our britches, just like us school kids in the fifties. A big production number was needed, something that would produce night sweats and frightened school children, just like in the 1950’s. So they gave us 9/11.

Part of the aftermath of 9/11 was training of new terrorists, done at Guantanamo and, as we’ll learn with the CIA report on terrorism due out today, in many other places. Part of that training is a dehumanization and desensitization program, and torture is but part of it. It was briefly exposed at Jonestown and Abu Ghraib, where people are placed in situations that confound their morality and senses. The end result is induction of a kind of psychosis, a Manchurian candidate, a suicide bomber, whole brigades of lunatics now seen all over the world, like ISIS*.

Of course, not all of ISIS are victims of the US torture program. Many are just angry young men. I’ll be damned if I will ever understand why young men get so angry when we bomb their countries, but you know these Muslims. They are not rational. But for those in pivotal positions used to lead the others, torture is part of the recruitment and training regime.

CIA has been developing these techniques for decades. The program was once known as MKULTRA, and was legitimized by 9/11, a coming out party. I have no doubt that such techniques gave us our Phoenix Program of trained assassins in Vietnam**, along with Sirhan, Chapman, Hinkley and perhaps even James Earl Ray, along with underpants and shoe bomber. These men stand by like zombies while crimes are committed, and then take the fall as if they are brain-dead. They’ve been robbed of their identities, and don’t understand what goes on. They are what results from prolonged torture.

Of course, not all of the violent insanity of our world originates in an asylum we call Langley, where the truth sets people free. But a lot of it does.

Anyway, that’s why they torture people, and that is what is really going on at Gitmo, behind that veil. The current acknowledged prisoners there are harmless, and only kept there and kept alive as window dressing, hiding what goes on within. That’s my guess. Terrorists are an uncommon phenomena, quite rare, so rare that we have to manufacture them. But if we don’t have them, we don’t have a reason for the US military budget. We need these guys!

Thanks for asking.
*So the reader is not confused, I regard ISIS as a tool of, and not an enemy of the US military. This does not mean that all of its participants are in on the game. Just enough.
** I wonder what, pray tell, these men did after returning stateside, as cold blooded murder was their specialty. Did they become our serial killers? That idea was suggested by Dave McGowan in his book Programmed to Kill.

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