Free beer, I mean, books

Hitlers warI am currently reading Hitler’s War, by David Irving. It is an expensive book, costing $50, and is 985 pages cover-to-cover. For reasons unknown, I was shipped two copies. I am offering the extra copy to anyone who wants it, for free.

The book is controversial and has been banned in some places. In others, Irving has pulled it from the market due to editing by censors. That made me curious – anytime something is censored, someone has ulterior motives for not wanting us to see it.

My fear getting into the book was that Irving might be a “holocaust denier,” and that is one area I have no desire to touch. He is not, that is, he gives evidence that Hitler and the Nazis hated Jews and wanted them removed from Germany. He thought them scheming people and held them responsible for World War I and the rise of the Bolsheviks. Revisionists are now stepping in and claiming that Hitler wanted merely to relocate them, Madagascar his preferred destination. (Siberia was suggested to him, but he thought that climate would make them tougher and even harder to deal with.)

But plenty of Jews were murdered. Himmler seemed the guy doing that work, and there is no written evidence that he was ordered to do so by Hitler. At one point there is reference to a Jewish population that has decreased by four million, but no indication as to causes, that is, no smoking gun.

And anyway, Hitler and the Nazis hated lots of people – Russians, Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Huns among them. He admired the British even as he regarded Churchill as a swine.

Irving works only with original documents, meaning that his scope is necessarily limited. There has been distressing destruction of records, much of it done by Americans and British after the war, and of course the Germans themselves. But a wealth of information remains, and based on that, Irving wrote the book.

As always, judge for yourself. If you want it, media mail will get it to you for a few bucks, so I do not need to be reimbursed for postage.

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