A post about Rob Kailey, what Rob Kailey did, how Rob Kailey did it, and why Rob Kailey did it

[Note to readers: I routinely refer people to this piece when I am attacked in public by Rob Kailey. If it were not true, it would be libelous to publish this. Rob has never threatened me with any legal action or responded to any challenge to open his blog so we can get to the truth.]

Matters not what role they choose to become in your life: lover, politician, business partner, family member, co-worker or Good Samaritan. However, their ultimate agenda is always the same: to make you declare war upon yourself, on your mind, on your soul, on the very person you are meant to be. You will be divided in order to be conquered. (Thomas Sheridan, Puzzling People)

The “Monty” incident happened some time before August 7, 2006, my first post on this blog. It was just a dirty trick that Rob Kailey pulled on me. It should have long been forgotten but he continues to use it to this day to defame me. He’s a dishonest man.

But all of us do bad things. I have. Most of us who do bad things have regrets, otherwise known as conscience, which can cause sleep loss and other physical effects. I am betting that Rob does not know what part of the body I am talking about when I mention those physical effects, and that when he hits the pillow at night, he is instantly asleep.

Kailey Screenshot I will quickly go through the mechanics of the Monty incident. Above is a screenshot of a comment Rob made on this blog a while back. Every time anyone comments on a blog, the blogger has a permanent record of the comment which includes, if you look to the left under his name, the IP address.

Here is what Rob said, out of the blue one day on his blog:

I realize that Eric is incapable and unwilling to control the trolls at his website, but that is a malaise I do not share. What saddens me is that a man I have infrequently found insightful would be attempting to troll me. Mark T. (for Tokarski) is posting under the nom de plume of “Monty” from IP address I can only assume that he is doing so to get me to expose why I wrote a previous post without explanation for those who have no need to know. He’d have been better off just emailing me to ask, but no. He sought to stir shit up, by being contrary and rather rude. I would expect that from Eric, or one of his pets, but not from a “friendly”, as it were.

It just goes to show you that it takes all kinds, and we must suffer all fools. And yes, Mike, you were rather more correct than most about Mr. Tokarski. My apologies if you thought I doubted you overmuch in this matter.

That was a lie. I did not post under the name “Monty.” He did. He trolled himself. It’s very calculating. Other bloggers at that time went and checked their own blog records, and sure enough, my name appeared next to the IP address They came back and said “Sure enough, that’s him. You nailed him, Rob.” Rob then went on to proclaim, for the whole world his victimhood in a long and (fake) emotionally wrought post, which I post below the fold here, as it is tedious and boring.

I was shocked by this, as I had not posted any comment under anything but “Mark T” at his place. I contacted him via his email address – an MSU one – and said hey, man – I don’t know what’s up here. I did not post under the name Monty. Someone else did. He did not answer the email, as he knew that to be true. That someone was him.

Well, I ain’t so bright. I was hurt by the incident, and to this day those who don’t like what I write are certain I am Monty. That’s how the brain functions, and Rob knows this. The guy is not very smart about a lot of things, but he does game and calculate. In 2009 or 2010, finally, after we moved to Boulder, I had a head-slapping moment. I remember the place on the sidewalk as I walked to the gym that day. Of course! Rob Kailey was Monty. He had set a trap.

That’s what people like that do. They do it not just in blogging, but in the business world, in love affairs, in the workplace. If you’ve ever been scammed by someone where you work, trampled by a fellow employee, made to look bad and lost a promotion and lots of sleep, you’ve met one of these people. It is who they are, what they do.

In a post below this called “For display only,” I have trolled myself. I have posted, under the nom de plume “Monty” the following:

“Mark, you are the biggest dick on the planet. I can’t stand the way you treat people, and your wife is ugly. So are your kids. So are you.”

Kailey2After I realized what Rob had done I called him out on it, and he “proved” I was Monty by showing a screen shot of the original Monty comment alongside my IP address. I can do that too. Notice the next screen shot above the comment whereby I trolled myself, the name Monty, a fake email (it would be real but I am not giving it out here), and off to the right, the IP address, the very same one that appears under Rob’s name in the screen shot above.

Case closed. Rob Kailey trolled me. He is an awful person. I just proved it by creating both the incident and the proof at once.

It should have ended years ago, but Rob had a bigger purpose in pulling the Monty stunt, as in every blog encounter since then where I have gained the upper hand on him, not terribly difficult, he pulls out his Monty and pisses on me. And he did it again at 4&20 at 7:03 P.M. on January 17, the fourth paragraph of a long and boring comment:

Which brings me to Mark. For reasons I and no one else will clearly understand, he trolled my website. This was after he and I had met over coffee. He somehow decided that I was an awful human, and frankly, thats [sic] fine with me. After getting called to the carpet for his obvious ruse, he spent well over a year telling any who would listen what a sociopath I was. For no reason apparent other than repetition, many people did listen to him. So let me ask a pertinent question that any who lurk online should be asking constantly: do you honestly think that disagreement is a sign of mental illness or dysfunction? If you think about it, certainly Mark has exceptional skills at drawing co-relations if not correlations, but he truly sucks at any understanding of other human beings. He folds that lack of understanding into his mythologies, but never really questions it. As I indicated earlier, the coffee clutch works only to the degree that one is concerned with relations and can back away from the urge to establish foundation for ideology.

I’m fine with criticism of my behaviors and ideology and beliefs. I know most people cannot see what I see. All of that is OK. But notice the words “he trolled my website.” That’s a boldfaced lie. He knows it. I know it. He knows I know it. We know this about each other, but he continues to do that because he knows I cannot prove without doubt what he has done. He is one of those gamers.

I put the Monty incident away some time ago and began to treat him kindly, linking to him on the website, calling him by his given name, and answering comments now and then with respect instead of hostility. Who among us is without failings? That should have ended it. But he did it again. He is banned here now, and I will never interact with him again in any form. If he attacks me again for the Monty incident, I will refer people back to this post, which is why his name is in the title and subject and tagged, so that the Google does its job. Below the fold is the bleating, self-aggrandizing second post he put up after the original Monty scam. See if you can detect, as I can, fake emotions.
The following are Rob’s words after the Monty scam has worked. He is posturing as someone who has been wounded. This is something I find revolting, like a priest abusing kids and then preaching about family values. It makes me sick. But people who don’t live and breathe like normal people do have to pretend, so preachers preach and then go after the kids, and Rob pulls the Monty stunt and then talks about what a victim he is.

Update: I’m tired of this; all of it. I’ve thought long and hard about everything that happened here this past weekend, and I’ve decided not to ban Mark T’s IP. I’ve no idea why other than it would be morally pointless to do so. I know full well how hard it is to directly spoof a given IP. Craig and Jeff do too. It doesn’t happen that easily, and as I pointed out to Mark in email, if his IP has been spoofed then he’s got one whole helluva bigger problem facing him than that a lowly blogger would think him a troll. For offering that insight, I am apparently a “shit”. Oh well.

I didn’t start this website for Mark. I didn’t start it to be popular, or partisan, or even because I give a raging poop about the world today. I started it to keep in contact with Jon and Mike and Mark (my Mark), my family, and my friends (which includes David and Craig, to be very honest.) The truth is, right now I’m kinda sick of the bullshit. The bedwetting uber-wimps at Eric’s site think I’m some kind of outrageous Bishop of liberalism, the “liberal” press can’t seem to get the idea that I don’t care to be FCC approved, and I’ve got “politically connected” individual crapping their too-soon-needed Depends over the thought of mounting my head on their mantlepiece. And now I get to deal with this low-grade soap-opera crap? Yeah, what a fun fucking time we’re having now.

So, I’m just gonna go with it. You want to give me your opinion? FINE! All I ask is that you attempt to be as honest as possible. I’ve always expected that from Craig, David, Dave, Jen, Geeguy, Steve, Rocky and every single other person I disagree with in this Montana online community. And not a one of them has disappointed me. They’ve been themselves, and that’s good enough. So have I. You want to try and screw with me, I’ll screw with you back. But wouldn’t it be a helluva lot better to actually engage each other as free people, and honest Montana folk?

Yeah, I think so too.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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10 Responses to A post about Rob Kailey, what Rob Kailey did, how Rob Kailey did it, and why Rob Kailey did it

  1. steve kelly says:


    You now know what you’re dealing with. A few tips that might help to avoid this personality type in the future.


  2. Joe says:

    Uh, wouldn’t you want to use Kailey’s IP in your screenshot? Obviously, you have your own IP address. The point is to replace your own IP address on the troll comment with someone else’s. That would demonstrate what you’re trying to demonstrate.

    But really, this sounds like protesting just a little too much. Kailey could have faked a screenshot. Most of the Internet can do that (except for you, apparently). But it’s his word against yours and you can write a zillion words and not prove anything. And this attempt is just sad.

    You know what would be entertaining? Find someone you both trust and ask Kailey to screeshare or give them access temporarily to his blog.


    • You’re not paying attention. That’s exactly what I did. is his IP, and I made it look like he was a troll named Monty, which is what he did to me.

      And I am protesting too much at these assaults on my character, maybe half a dozen times now over the years? The guy is publicly calling me a liar, which I am not. It’s an open and hostile act on his part, a trap he set, and a sociopathic passive-aggressive move that just leaves me stone cold. This is a bad person.


      • Joe says:

        Ha, it’s true I wasn’t paying attention to that point! Sorry about that one. On the other hand, you still didn’t do it correctly, as the date and time in your Monty screenshot matches his comment from 12/23, not the Monty comment on your other post. It doesn’t really look good for you that you’re claiming to demonstrate how he did it and you can’t actually do it. And you spent all this effort on something that doesn’t help your case anyway.

        My last point still stands. Demand he open up his blog admin for someone to check his story. Seems like a good cudgel to me. If he’s lying he won’t do it. If you’re lying, you won’t. There’s still some grey area, but it would certainly be interesting.


        • I could have easily changed state and time to match. Do you see the little “edit” in the lower right next to “15:41.”? I just didn’t think to do that.

          Why don’t you challenge him to open it up for inspection. I’m not going near him. But I’d be interested in his response. He is lying. I am not. The power of his game is the seeds of doubt he is able to introduce by putting me in a defensive position. See how it has worked on you?

          Fuck you, Rob Kailey. Fuck you very much.


  3. Steve W says:

    Rob isn’t worth it. He’s not very interesting and he’s not a good writer. He’s mean spirited. He drove every blog he ever touched into the ground because no one wants to read him.


  4. He’s a terrible person, but he gets away with shit like this. I am tired of being slimed by the mealy bastard. This is like the fifth time he’s pulled out this Monty shit when he gets his ass reamed on the blogs. My only crime is being smarter than him, like most of the world. He’s a liar, a coward, and as you say, a bad writer

    I got a comment from a guy (he doesn’t seem to understand blogging, mentioning a banned name sends the comment to trash) advising me on how it’s just my word against Kailey’s. The slimeball knows gaming. The commenter’s name was “Joe,” but I suspect it’s really Kailey and I think he is advising me in how he really pulled it off. How’s that for chutzpah.


    • Steve W says:

      RK is a low level psychopath. Even Swede picked up on it. I thought his comment at 4+20 interesting and quite perceptive. Rob’s reply was BS.


      • Please tell me more about that. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think I found it – someone threatening other bloggers. Curious, no?

        I found myself in agreement with Swede on all this global warming stuff, not for the same reasons, of course. It was unnerving.


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