DSM-IV: Normal behavior syndrome

Boys suffering from ADHD

Boys suffering from ADHD

Years back we got a message from my son’s school. He was being disruptive in class, and the teacher, naturally stressed at having too many bright kids to dumb down, wanted him tested for ADD, “Attention Deficit Disorder,” or ADHD, adding “hyperactive” to the description. I refused to allow him to be tested by school personnel, as I feared them to be rote and unintelligent. So I took him out of that system, and instead sent him to the Children’s Clinic and paid $300 for a battery of tests.

Diagnosis: He is bright, and bored. Much to the chagrin of the teacher, instead of feeding him Ritalin, he was to be set aside and given books to read.

But I do have to wonder, if these kids cannot learn to sit down and be bored, where are our future soldiers coming from? Fire fighters? Accountants? Journalists? Nutritionists? We need real robots to fill these chairs, and schools are fighting hard to make sure that happens.

I have an image from my youth: Picture a group of boys standing around a car, hood open, peering at the engine, talking about how it works, how to soup it up, how to make it go faster, racing it, risking their lives. They were learning in a learning environment, challenging their boundaries. These same boys were probably poor students. Who knows, they might have suffered from ADHD before the term was invented, otherwise known as “being bright in a dull environment.”

They’ve got a new one now, and thanks JC for pointing this out. It is called “oppositional defiant disorder.” This is right out of the DSM-IV, I am not kidding:

An ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed.

The psychiatric profession was of great use to the CIA in perfecting methods of torture and was right at the center of MKULTRA, the experiments in mind control in the 1950’s forward that gave us Jonestown and lord only knows what else. If these cretins have thought up a name for natural skepticism in the face of official truth, I fear the remedy. The penalty for being unduly bright and naturally bored in school is Ritalin. In the old Soviet Union, inability to believe official government truth landed people in psychiatric hospitals. What have the dullards who are giving us DSM-IV in store for us?

Oh God, it just came to me – the ultimate punishment: More schooling. Pogie as the teacher.

Jersey Affinity Disorder, aka "Empty Life Syndrome"

Jersey Affinity Disorder, aka “Empty Life Syndrome”

Here’s some other diseases from DSM-IV:

  • CCD: Compulsive conformist disorder;
  • DESW Doe-eyed swallowing whole, or uncritically believing television news.
  • PMD Preoccupation with Mindless Drivel, or watching TV in a trance-like state.
  • SWEDE, Swallowing Everything Despite Evidence
  • JAD Jersey Affinity Disorder, or stealing the identity of a professional athlete and placing it on one’s back
  • LOL or the more severe ROTFLMAO, minds smothered in mindless catchphrases from television or Internet
  • SPEARS disorder, assuming that heavily promoted singers have real talent;
  • SASD Short attention sp…
  • OBAMAMANNA allowing perceived moral superiority to cloud objective judgment
  • SWAT Swing Without Actually Thinking, or assuming that someone who doesn’t conform to Groupthink suffers from Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Add your own diseases. This could be fun.

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One Response to DSM-IV: Normal behavior syndrome

  1. steve kelly says:

    It was “mixed dominance” when I was in (Vietnam/draft era) high school. Lots of “programs”, no drugs, and constant threats of “keeping you another year” (more-school punishment) in whatever grade you were in. It was a perennial “discussion” as I recall — countered with “I’ll drop out.” Then it was “dyslexia.” Now it’s ADD/ADHD.

    “We think that there are differences in the brain that might explain these difficulties, but there needs to be more research.” http://phys.org/news183546926.html

    That’s what they’ve been saying for over 25 years now. Another “solution” (drugs and shrinks) without a proper diagnosis. Lovin’ it!


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