A shimmering, stinking, steaming lie, and Pogie cannot see it

I got an email, “Pogie’s gone ballistic,” and indeed he has. He tells us Tester didn’t lie, everyone is overreacting. It all hearkens back to when John Walsh plagiarized, and Pogie, a teacher, decided that plagiarism was OK too.

When a Democrat does it. The man is so transparent. And so shallow.

He was nailed by a host of commenters, making me think he might go all James Conner on us and shut off all comments. Here’s the one I liked best.

Duane Short:

Tester’s lie was intended to reach as many people as possible. It was broadcasted via mass media. it would nice if his lie could be exposed via mass media. And calling out a lie is not a matter of satisfying environmentalists or anyone or group; it’s a simple matter of satisfying the truth. Somewhere along the way, politics and politicians decided the truth is inconvenient. In my view, calling a lie a “gaffe” is itself a lie. It’s time integrity be demanded of politicians, journalists… everyone.

Indeed. We’ve seen the Montana journalists do the reach around, the Missoulian learn how to spell “gaffe” and a huge lie written off as a misstatement.

We’ve yet to hear from the liar hisself, just his water carriers. Is it not about time?

Before I forget: the reason we are even talking about this: a journalist, Glenn Kessler, did some journalism. That created a controversy, as it should. I am surprised that we still have journalists. I need to step back and think.

Are there others? Where?

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5 Responses to A shimmering, stinking, steaming lie, and Pogie cannot see it

  1. steve kelly says:

    Journalism in Montana is rewarded with a pink slip. I cannot confirm, but I think I know two who just submitted their last print story this week. The truth about the destruction of our environment will get you fired faster than anything. The old copper collar in now made of mixture of sawdust and bullshit.

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    • I wish them the best and refer them to the Clem’s quote, upper right. God bless them.


    • Oops. Just changed it. It was about how physical courage is common, moral courage rare. Kinda ruined now.


    • steve kelly says:

      I cannot defend either journalist, yet both managed to piss off systemic power knowingly, albiet “around the edges.” Both have once again proven to my satisfaction at least that there isn’t a paid journalists in Montana who won’t evertually be ferreted out and sent packing. We are left with self-sensoring sycophants.


  2. steve kelly says:

    “Scared people readily accept dictators”. © 2015 Eric Margolishttp://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41123.htm


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