Running is hard on joints

imageWe are staying with friends here in Phoenix and have been out and about, hiking the desert, attending ball games. Just a passing note, every now and then we come across a jogger in the hills or on city streets, and these folks always look like they are in pain.

I used to run, never more than twenty miles a week, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then my knees started to hurt, but I kept at it. Finally I had surgery on one of the knees and the doctor told me to stop running. I thought my hiking days were over, as I believed that I needed to run to stay in shape for climbing and carrying weight.

I was wrong. After recovering from the surgery we have hiked a lot, and my legs are always fresh, even bouncy, and I can easily endure long treks. Of course there is always some pain involved, but the pain was much worse when I was a runner.

So as I look the runners and their grimaces, I understand the impulse, and am grateful that I quit before I had destroyed my knees to the point where hiking the hills and mountains would be impossible. By blowing out a knee early on, I was able to keep the ability to stay mobile.

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2 Responses to Running is hard on joints

  1. Craig Moore says:

    I would have thought by now you would have put your joints in your pockets and not in your shoes.

    I blew out my knees running. Found out from looking at the soles of my shoes that I was landing on the outside edge. This caused my knee to orbit which shredded meniscus. I had orthodics made which made my feet strike the ground evenly. I also have had 2 knee surgeries. Stopped running too.


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