Two items: Germanwings Crash and STRATFOR spook

The crash of a Germanwings passenger Airbus A320 in the French Alps has red flags all about the wreckage.

  • The plane seemed to have a mind of its own.
  • The flight crew was unable to communicate with the pilots.
  • The cockpit door was locked.
  • Stories of people screaming to get in the cockpit have emerged too too soon after, as if planted, and have been too easily released to the public. (Investigations take months, and real evidence is always closely guarded.)

Evidence produced after-the-fact is laying the blame on co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is circumstantial and of the type that could be easily manufactured. Take a look at the ‘suspicious’ signs in the list in this article. The guy seems perfectly normal. (Even locking himself in a bathroom during a fight with his girlfriend, assuming the presence of alcohol, is not terribly unusual – usually it’s the woman who does that.) However, testimony of an ex-girlfriend, prescription drugs, and a note from his psychiatrist in his apartment all have “planted” written all over them.

There’s no suicide note, no apparent motive.

The political fallout will point a finger at the guilty parties. As always, it could be true as given us by the news media, but high skepticism is in order. As with 9/11 and so many other events of our times, it rings of a spook operation. The ‘strategy of tension’ could well be in play.
The video below appeared in comments of another post, courtesy of SK. It is an English language Q&A session with George Friedman, the founder, chief intelligence officer, financial overseer of the “private” intelligence corporation STRATFOR. If ever there were an insider, it is this guy. “STRATFOR” is a “private” intelligence operation in the same sense that “RAND” is – that is, run in the private sector to avoid prying eyes of real civic-minded government officials. RAND is a known CIA front, and I assume STRAFOR to be so as well. (13 minute clip, intro in German, otherwise English with German subtitles.)

As a commenter noted, Friedman seems to be blunt and almost candid. If you take him at face, as I do, then it should be apparent that everything we are told is a lie, and everything we need to know is hidden just beneath the surface of events.

But some of us already knew that.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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13 Responses to Two items: Germanwings Crash and STRATFOR spook

  1. Craig Moore says:

    The bear knows of mans deception.


  2. Big Swede says:

    The greater the number of flights the greater the number of some suicidal bastards willing to take themselves and innocents to meet their creator.


  3. Note to readers: I want to introduce Craig and Swede to reading, starting small. Does anyone know of any good children’s books to get them started? Charlotte’s Web? Maybe adult-themed children’s books are too ambitious?


    • Big Swede says:

      Charlotte’s Web or your web of lies and distortions.


      • Ignorance is curable, Swede, but you have to start some time. You have to open a book or listen to someone other than your talking heads and megaphone radio hosts.


        • Big Swede says:

          Deflect much? Sooner or later you’ll have to realize that the majority of conspiracies that you concentrate on here have an ideological basis.

          JFK just couldn’t have been done in by a commie, 9-11 was an inside job, Boston’s bombers were set up, ..etc. Economic hardships in collectivist countries are the result of our CIA’s meddling including the shortage of toilet paper.

          Every post you pen evolves around our influence while disregarding the atrocities of others.

          So predictable.


          • Hah. I was you. I was of your ‘ideology’ until I began to look at evidence in 1988. You’ve never done that. So your outlook is based on ignorance, mine on evidence.

            I’ll spell it out, even debate the fine points, but the deal with you is that you will not, cannot look at evidence. That is your ultimate defense, your inability to see anything you don’t want to see.

            I defend my viewpoint on this stuff because I 1) read, 2) have a brain, and 3) apply one to the other.

            You, on the other hand, got nothing. You believe shit, but you’ve never taken the time to check it out. You just believe, like a Latter Day Saint.


          • Big Swede says:

            Admit it Mark.

            If you were the co-pilot of a jet liner of Seal Team 6 and a bunch of CIA spooks you would’ve slammed that Air Bus into the same mountain.


          • You’re pointless.


          • If you ever want to talk about actual evidence, Swede, instead of your emotional investment in what you think is true, I am happy to oblige. Please look at what you wrote in this thread, and find one piece of hard evidence to support you.


          • Steve W says:

            Swede has no beliefs. He exists only to attack others beliefs. He has no evidence. He exists only to ridicule your evidence.


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