Traitors within

The political assassinations of the 1960’s (continuing to this day) are a manifestation of a disease, a pathogen that has infected our power structure. Removal at this late date is extremely difficult. The time to act was 1963, or perhaps 1945.

Murder is an essential tool in any power grab. Its effects are endemic, resulting not only in the death of targeted individuals, but also in the silence of onlookers. Fear is as effective a tool as murder itself.

Silence rules now in our country, and every crime that does down is greeted with that silence. There have been hundreds of murders staged as suicides, plane crashes and accidents, heart attacks and galloping cancer. Every prominent death should be greeted with suspicion.

Our country is not unique or unusual, and the events in our recent history have played out in many other places. Andrew Lobaczewski wrote about the phenomenon as he saw it play out in Poland and the U.S.S.R., and gave it the tedious name “ponerology,” not useful. He called the resulting form of tyranny, with terror hidden behind a veil of democracy “pathocracy,” or rule by psychopaths. That’s a little better.

In France they called it a “reign of terror.” That’s best.

Psychopaths, always around, can infect a body and take it over. Their goal is power for its own sake. Their primary tool is murder. We’re inured to it now … when JFK was murdered, it affected us deeply and people wanted to know how it happened and who did it. When his son was murdered in 1999, there was hardly a peep. We’ve changed, lost curiosity, become passive spectators. We suppress our natural curiosity. It is a silence of the lambs.

The key to pulling off a murder is to break down security. All political assassinations need the cooperation of insiders. When JFK drove into that ambush, all of the work of killing him had been done. Police, Secret Service and military had all been compromised. That is why he was exposed and killed. It was a big operation with lots of planning.

Dr. Martin Luther King was also ambushed. He too had security around him, some of it professional, and some amateur. The latter was a group called the “Invaders,” armed men who protected King at all his public events and stayed close to him, forming a circle when he was exposed. They were deeply loyal to him.

The Invaders were at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis on April 4, 1968 – for most of the day, anyway. However, prior to his killing, they were evicted from the premises. Dr. King’s security was stripped away, just as JFK’s was.

It was a shot from the bushes below his balcony got him, but there were backup assassins in place, U.S. Army sharpshooters. Dr. King, under no circumstances, was going to get out of Memphis alive. It was a big operation with lots of planning.

Who did his small part, evicting the Invaders from the motel, removing a critical part of King’s security that day? Who infiltrated his inner circle? Who lied about his whereabouts after the shooting? Who claimed to be holding him as he died, smearing blood on his turtleneck for later TV appearances? Who was designated his successor?

Below the fold.

JacksonThe Reverend Jesse Jackson.

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