Recommended reading

To those of a curious bent, JC yesterday chimed in the comments with a diversionary trip down two related roads.

The first, an excerpt from Avro Manhattan’s 1965 work, Vatican Imperialism in the 20th Century, on the history of Catholicism versus Eastern Orthodoxy, gives us insight into the real underlying currents that manifest in East versus West tensions, constant throughout history

The second, in two parts from Oriental Review, Vatican Clergy and Ukrainian Nationalism, focuses on Ukraine as the crucial landmass that separates East and West. The word “golodomor” appears throughout, referring to the famine of the early 1930’s which Western propagandists have seized on as a deliberate scheme by Stalin to commit genocide in Ukraine. Pope Francis does not fare well.

It is all to big and broad for me to add anything worthwhile, and all fascinating reading, a morning’s worth. Thanks JC.

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5 Responses to Recommended reading

  1. JC says:

    Thanks for elevating this Mark! The link to the second article by Korybko is wrong though, it should be:

    I particularly like the following quote, as it encapsulates what the “Information War” that our country is amping up is all about:

    “Historical revisionism is one of the postmodern battlefields of the New Cold War”


    • OK, I get it. You perceive me to be someone who thinks he’s smarter than everyone.

      Nice try. It’s a complicated world full of smart people. We do our best. Nothing to prove or lose in that department.


      • Joe Blow says:

        No, really, I just found this guy fascinating because I had never heard of him before. He is about our age, and I never met him. Did you? His views on religion are really very interesting and similar to my own I guess. Not trying to do anything other than point this guy out.


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