Some thoughts on global warming/climate change

Modern architecture gone wild.

Modern architecture gone wild.

What follows comes under the heading “twisted logic,” but in a land of no logic, the twisted variety takes its place. It is about the great scare of our time, nuclear annihilation communism terrorism global warming.

I remember the exact scene: It was late in the day, after 1987 and before 1990. I was sitting on the left side of our flowered couch, facing east towards our dining room, and was reading. It suddenly dawned on me that the Red Scare was an illusion and that communists and the Soviet Union and China presented no threat and could be ignored. What a relief!

Shortly thereafter the Soviet Union collapsed! I did not realize my own power. I did that.

Not too long after, terrorism replaced communism and the Red Scare was rebooted with new evildoers. But we had a nice ten-year interval of relative freedom from fear.  Since the end of WWII, that’s quite rare. The 90’s, Seinfeld, thinking about nothing, worried about silly things like casual sex and re-gifting … wasn’t it fun?

Global warming has the same boogeyman kind of feel about it. I’ve looked at beetle-kill and our annual conflagration forest fires, super storms, and I worry. I’m OK with Miami going underwater, mind you, but damn I hate to lose those pine trees!

I’ve drifted away from the scientific consensus. I am back to relaxing. No doomsday awaits. Every age has its eschatology, from Armageddon and rapture to comets to communism to terrorists to the planet withering away under its own heat. What are we anyway, a bunch of Seventh Day Adventists?

Things that make me callous/indifferent/suspicious:

  • Al Gore: If a man is not to be trusted in all of his other endeavors, from supposed Vietnam service to public service, why trust him in this one? Why did he self-appoint on this matter anyway?
  • Consensus: Scientists are as manipulable as any of us, and could easily be subject to herding, suggestion and groupthink. Take a look in the one-minute clip below. Ignore the words, as it is about a different subject, but watch how members of a high-powered scientific panel reluctantly raise their hands in a peer-pressured environment.
  • Popular hype: Anything in the United States that receives wide media exposure should be treated with great skepticism.
  • Data: Just as Gore’s famous “hockey stick” was an optical illusion, so can all of the emphasized data on climate change be an illusion fostered not by what is presented, but by what is ignored.
  • Public opinion: We live in a country in which public opinion counts for nothing, where we are herded, not heeded. Why are we being hyped and divided on this subject?
  • It’s not up to us anyway. If the problem is real, the ruling powers will not consult public opinion, but rather will simply take action without our knowledge or consent.

That’s how it works. Since we are a fake democracy, the burden of global warming, if real, is removed from our purview. We have no power, no say in public policy.

Is it to make us feel guilty about driving cars? Not recycling beer cans? Running air conditioners?  If that is the problem, there’s no shortage of alternative energy sources. I am not talking about windmills and gaudy solar panels. If the problem is real, the solution is easily within reach.

If the problem is not real, then it is a distraction, and the logical question is “To what end?”

I do not know.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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One Response to Some thoughts on global warming/climate change

  1. steve kelly says:

    What if it’s all being manipulated? Need a cover story, right? re: 9/11 storm that never made the news. Another mystery murder to solve.

    “We now know that a combination of aerosol geoengineering combined with HAARP manipulation can create, steer, mitigate or intensify storms.”


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