That not-so-fresh feeling

I see you added a new phrase to your vocabulary, “surface phenomena,” which is everything that doesn’t fit into your world of corruption, cover-ups and conspiracies. You’re mastering those George Will writing skills – using 25 cent words to enhance your nonsense. (Pete Talbot)

I was taken aback at Pete’s comment at 4&20 – the very idea that a man who fancies himself a political analyst doesn’t know that 90% of politics is hidden from view! The real business of politics is behind the scenes, money changing hands and factional interests advanced by water carriers. Politicians work for those who pay their bills. They are the only ones who hold them accountable.

Voters, easily manipulated, do not. Ergo, voters are given symbolism, while money people get action. It can be no other way.

What we see in public – the speeches, press releases, public appearances, campaigns, are “surface phenomena.” I didn’t make that up as some kind of deep concept that only a few can grasp. That is simply a two-word description of how the public, seen by leaders as a “bewildered herd” (American liberal Walter Lippman), has to be guided to the proper attitude by enlightened leaders, and without knowledge of that manipulation.

If politics is window dressing, if elections don’t matter, if an accurate vote count is not even seen as important, and if that makes a person feel cheated, disillusioned … well, kids, time to grow up. That is a fact of life.
I am not going to link here, so as not to make this opinion known to Jay Stevens, but am sensing something more afoot at 4&20 than a mere Friday Night Massacre. Of course I could be wrong, but I am sensing a man come back home to work for pay, even if from a Minnesota perch. I am sensing phone calls, some upset Democrats, behind-the-scenes pressuring to punish the miscreants who dare use a once big-D Democrat blog to advance true intelligent discontent.

If I am right, then the timing of the massacre was done to allow venting of spleens over the weekend, the predictable hiatus of the writers to a new blog. Come Monday …

  • Jay will be doing D-talk again, all about horse races and candidates, as wide as parking lot puddle after a rain storm, and about as deep.
  • I will be banned.
  • The sheep will return to pasture. Those numbers will go back to where they should be.

Someone, “troutsky”, commented over there that Swede had ruined the blog. Here is the mindset behind that comment:

Democrats need to herd with Democrats, and not allow outsiders to comment or challenge them. A right wing man like Swede commenting regularly on a Democrat blog should not be allowed. He should herd with other right wingers. Groupthink arenas should be quarantined from each other.

My own banning, inevitable there and in force elsewhere, as I have said many times, is not due to anything more than the content of my remarks, which Jay calls “toxic.” I am critical of Democrats on Democrat forums, and they are intolerant and authoritarians, but more than that, they do not want anyone messing with their manipulation of their herd. Those blogs exist to toss bones out to Democrats. Nothing else.

The rank and file Democrats are, like Talbot above, rather clueless. The writers may be as well, but if they work for pay, as I suspect they do, they are merely manipulative and cynical.

We’ll see what happens. If I am shown to be wrong here, I’ll take this post down and pretend it never appeared.

Nah. I’ll leave it up. I would love to be wrong about party politics and those who cluster around the Democrat machine – I want to believe there are some honest people in that party leadership. But it is not likely. It is a sleaze factory, and everything it touches has that not-so-fresh feel about it.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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