An apology

I woke up early this morning with a guilty conscience, having left two nasty comments at 4&20, one for Stevens, one for j-girl. I am not apologizing, however, bad as I feel, because I thought at the time that these two sealed themselves off, insular in their hubris of moral superiority* so that I knew in my heart that it was the only shot I was ever going to get at them. I made them good ones. Drew blood.

But I do owe an apology … to Skink and JC. I do not think that Stevens’ heavy-handed attack was not so much about them so much … as me. JC had opened the floor, allowing me to comment there again. J-girl had to be seething. Both of them had banned me in the past, both are controlling and intolerant of divergent views, and both demand genuflection at the door.

And what did they get? Talbot was getting his bow tie in knots. Pogie is afraid to go there. I argued that Bernie Sanders is a shill for Hillary. [I made a disparaging remark about Monica Lindeen, doubting her integrity. The hills have eyes.] When Talbot brought me misinformation on the Bay of Pigs, I set him straight, and the JFK murder was discussed. Monty was gnawing at my heels. In short, I can be a pain in the ass, especially when people want to talk the D-talk, their silly elections and pretensions of moral superiority.

And that’s pretty much, I guess, what makes me “toxic.” I do not adhere to the unspoken rule of Democrat blogs, to talk the D-talk. Skink and JC tolerated me, and that might have cost them their perch.

J-girl, I am told, “hates my guts.” I welcome that, of course, but if so, my presence there had to be grinding on her. She might be the origin of the Friday Night massacre, and Skink and JC might be allowed to post there if they agree that I should again be banned. I don’t know. We’ll see how it plays out. I hope you two boys give that consideration. Blogs all over the world survive without my comments.

This might come off as a tad arrogant, but I know the power of my words, and my ability to afflict the comfortable. I know the passion I invoke in people, and how, usually, they just want to hide from me.  So I am guessing, but not certain, that the two remaining pwoggies on the Montana blogs might have an avenue back in if they agree to the ban on me, as I was before. I voluntarily offer them that as a key to possibly unlock that door.

I have a better understanding of Democrats than most, and so accept this if is this to be the end product of the Friday Massacre. It is better to have at least a small voice for progressive politics on the blogs, and 4&20 seems a logical platform as it is already established. Building a following for a new blog is daunting.
*Having elected a black sheriff, you see … maybe now a woman, both Neocons, but a source of moral superiority!!!

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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5 Responses to An apology

  1. Big Swede says:

    Your “shill” is only 12 points behind in NH.

    “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) trails Hillary Clinton by only 12 percentage points in New Hampshire in a new poll.

    A Morning Consult poll found that “among voters who say they will participate in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary, 44 percent choose Clinton, while 32 percent pick Sanders, who hails from neighboring Vermont.” After kicking off her campaign on Saturday–two months after announcing her candidacy in a YouTube video–Clinton went to Iowa over the weekend and is in New Hampshire on Tuesday to talk about education and propose universal Pre-K.”


    • Funny thing, I slapped my forehead just today about something … In 2004, Kerry defeated Bush, but fraud gave it to Bush. Not that I care about the outcome. But pollsters were twisting their panties trying to figure out how they blew it when in fact they had called it right, but the vote count was fraudulent.

      Then I realized, 1948, probably the same thing – Dewey DID defeat Truman, but vote fraud tilted it to Truman, and the pollsters were twisting their ties trying to figure out what they did wrong. Nothing has changed!!!

      There’s another possibility with Bernie other than shill for Hillary, and that would be shill for Bush. Remember, wire taps and all of that, if they have his balls in a vise, they can force him to do anything. I don’t trust either polls or vote tallies, so I don’t know what game is afoot here. This for certain, Bernie is a shill. it’s just a question of who.,

      Far more likely though, Bernie’s only strength is that neck the woods. They are allowing him to run close in NH to keep pwoggies invested, as Hilalry will need their 2-5% on Election Day. I still see a meek concession speech on day one of the convention.


    • I guess I should have prefaced that by saying all politics is fake. That might help.


      • Big Swede says:

        Fake or not shill’s do not pour hot coals on their leader’s head.

        “Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a rival for the Democratic nomination and fierce critic of free trade, pressed her to come out against TPP before Congress takes up the package again this week.

        “If she joins us, we could stop this disastrous deal once and for all,” Sanders said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” before Clinton spoke in Iowa.”-Reuters


        • Why not? Running against TPP will attract pwoggies. Again, in the first day of the convention he makes his meek concession speech, and all hopes are dashed.

          Politics is perception management, nothing more. Pwoggies are being herded, prepared for slaughter.

          Or, if Bush is the one manipulating Bernie, then there is a genuine effort to unseat Hillary, so that Democrats put up someone Bush can beat.

          Either way, Bernie is a shill.


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