Moral cowardice on parade

Utterly predictable Pogie has struck again, banning me. The man’s a child. It’s OK, inevitable in fact, as Pogie will always be Pogie, cut from the same cloth as Jay Stevens. The party members, D and R, are alike in levels of intelligence and lack of intellectual curiosity, but Democrats are far more intolerant of dissent. I think it correlates to level of self-delusion.

Timing was bad, however, as Rob Kailey seeing he had a chance to take a shot at me that I could not respond to, managed to get in one of his science lessons over there, which I have to answer here:

I’ll be the first to admit that my comment is only tangentially related to the non-discussion of [Marshall’s] opinions concerning ID and its proprietor. But I gotta say, [Paul], you crack me up every time you state that you are a man of science and reason., Mr. “Velocity has nothing to do with Newton’s third law of motion”. Of course, the only people who will understand why that cracks me up are those who are persons of science and reason.

I would answer … Rob, that’s just plain stupid. Your understanding of Newton is only exceeded by your grasp of politics.

“Equal and opposite” is the key. Velocity does not change the nature of the relationship. Throw a baseball really, really, really really fast, it will not go through a brick wall. It just gets flatter. Material of heavier mass prevails.

Based on your understanding of Newton, next time you are out driving and see a big truck headed towards you, floor it!! It will save your life. You’ll pass through the truck like a knife through butter, without a scar.

My conscience makes me say this: Don’t do it, Rob. It’s a trick.
Pete Talbot put up another of his deep thought pieces on Republicans being bad, to which I responded

Pete, criticism of the other party has no impact. they don’t care what you think, don’t read it. If you want to have an impact, I suggest you hold your own party accountable, even scrutinizing them as closely as you do the other.
Oh, wait … That’ll get you banned.

Pete said “You’re here, aren’t you?” Too funny. Pogie was hall monitoring and when I said “That’ll get you banned.” That’s when he banned me, in utter UN-self-awareness, his forte.

He’s been seething. The little Nazi can’t help himself.

Anyway, Pete Talbot, Rob Kailey, Don Progreba, have a meeting, see if doing so raises collective IQ of the room. (Hint, guys, and this is science: You cannot add IQ’s together. The three of you added together does not equal a smart person.)

A all three of these people (and Polish Wolf) studiously avoid this blog, but all take shots at me when they feel safely out of range. They are moral cowards.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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