Portrait of the moral coward in middle age

Just doing some mopping up here. Getting banned at Pogie’s was natural. I know the guy so well, and my being there is unpleasant for him.  I rain on his parade. But after the banning, Rob Kailey jumped in the fray. Knowing I was banned, the fool gave me a science lecture. There are people out there who do not see through him, mostly Democrats, which is kind of an explanation.

Since you’re too butthurt to have noticed, my comment disappeared along with all other replies to you when you got yourself banned. I couldn’t have known you were banned when I left it, Captain Reason. What i left wasn’t a lecture, it was laughter. Let me give a clue as to why. Since the moment your son and I brought up vector force, the nature of your scientific illiteracy has been apparent. You mistake velocity for speed, and don’t know the basic difference between the two. Speed is simply motion of an object over time. Velocity requires a direction to the equation, which is why you can’t have force, or an opposing force without velocity. That’s why I’ve been laughing at you ever since, Captain Reason. You consider yourself well educated and you don’t even understand the fundamentals of what you discuss so arrogantly.

Now, if you will excuse me and even if you won’t, it seems the changing conditions have blown the bad air into here. buhbye.

Here’s what he is referring to:

Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Rob made everything up in that paragraph, using jargon and flowers to sex himself up, making it seem as though he knows what’s up. He does not. What we see in the image above is impossible.

imageI know people are troubled by this, as the implications of the image being a manufacturered computer graphic, like a Superman movie, are staggering. I cannot help you. Please read what I wrote below about moral courage. Kailey has none, but you, dear reader, can be better than that. Deal with evidence, set faith and belief aside. When it comes to TV and movie images, believe your brain, and not your eyes. Men cannot fly. Aluminum planes, when they hit steel and concrete buildings, are crushed.

This is true no matter the direction it is tracking. Newton is clear about this. It does not matter which object is moving, which is stationary. If it goes faster, it gets crushed harder. There is no point where the building yields and absorbs the plane as seen above.

Deal with reality. Use your brain. Do not let others think for you.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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5 Responses to Portrait of the moral coward in middle age

  1. Rob Kailey says:

    I’ve made up nothing, Captain Reason. I didn’t make up that you stupidly thought I posted a comment knowing you’d been banned, when that absolutely could not have happened, and I don’t make up physics or the math that describes it. You got nothing, cupcake.


    • You attacked me at ID precisely because you saw i had been banned. That part is simple, as it is your style to hide in the bushes. I mean, when exactly did you grow a set? Last week?

      Your understanding of physics and math is only exceeded that your knowledge of politics, that is to say, zero. You’re a complete phony. I spotted you years ago. Now go and die one of those thousand deaths your type is famous for.


      • Rob Kailey says:

        Captain Reason, say this to yourself real slow like, so you might actually get it. When you were banned at ID, with the exception of the comment Pogie responded to, all of your comments disappeared including all the responses to them. That means including mine. So noodle this out for us. Which do you think came first, my knowledge of your banning, or the incredible disappearing comment? I know that you can only grasp complex ideas or reason when someone spoon feeds them to you in a book. But this little conundrum should be simple enough for even a twerp like you. Did I know you were banned when i left that comment as you willfully lie about, or am I time lord?

        Here Mark, learn something about physics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTHehy84XJs. Pay particular attention to the cinder wall which most closely approximates the construction of the WTC towers. Also keep these two facts in mind: 50 ft per second is only 34 miles an hour, and a 2×4 is one helluva lot less mass than a giant flying pressurized tin can. I know you’ll never be convinced because your dick-headed fantasies give your life meaning, just as does your hatred for me. But don’t tell me you know anything about science and expect me not to laugh.


        • Of course you knew I was banned at that point. The comment was not meant for me, But for your supporter(s) – where is Craig these days anyway? You wanted to put it in a place I could not respond. You do calculate like that, I know.

          Regarding your video, I especially enjoyed the part where they told us that they put a concrete wall in place to stop the projectiles. Too funny.

          However, if the planes were made of wood and the building of Tyvex, you’d have scored big here! You’re hilarious, doubling down on stupidity.

          You might want to stop digging, hand me the shovel, and leave here.


        • By the way, field effects have a lot to do with phenomenon we see in hurricanes and tornadoes. Wind by itself cannot lift a vehicle off the ground and place it on a roof. But a Tesla coil with interference can do remarkable things, even putting a piece of straw through a tree.


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