Day six: Zermatt

imageZermatt is a ski resort in the winter, and a hiking paradise in the summer, not very crowded. The main attraction is the Matterhorn. It simply dominates the horizon. At 13,900 or so it is not the tallest peak around. But its jutting shape, a horn formed on all sides by glaciers, make it unique, and a climbing challenge. Those who climb it do so mostly on the face hidden in clouds in the above photo, a steep and unrelenting ascent reminding me of the north face of Eiger.

The trip over from Geneva was easy, several hours in the train, playing Scrabble and dozing. There are no internal combustion engines in Zermatt,  only battery-driven little boxes that they use for everything from construction to taxis.

We took a cog wheel train up to Gornergrat Mountain to view the Matterhorn and surrounding mountains and glaciers, and then hiked down a few miles. We then caught the train again. Tomorrow we are going to get an early hike in before the rains come.

imageNote the Vispa River, shown here as it runs through Zermatt, is milky white. I love glaciation and its effects on the landscape, one of which is to color water from deep blue to green to white.

The train ride up to Matterhorn is much cheaper in the afternoon, probably because the sun is behind it rather than in front in the afternoon. Still, I like the photos we got.

I have to write a little more here, though I am out imageof things to say, because I have one more photo I want to put up, a symmetrical image of the Matterhorn and a lesser horn in the foreground. I’ll check now and see if this is enough verbiage to cover the photo, so it is not hanging out.

Nope, gotta write some more. blah de blah de blah, bless us and save us said Mrs. Davis, Kailey is a twerp, and on and on, they were playing “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from the musical Annie in a store today” and that is a cruel thing to do, like “It’s a Small World,” a song you cannot get out of your head. I’ve been trying to replace it with Man on the Moon by REM but those kids’ voices keep busting through. Now I am looking at the photo to the right and it is not as good as I thought. But I have written all this text to cover it, so it stays.

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9 Responses to Day six: Zermatt

  1. Lk says:

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    From what I can gather, they are losing support all the time. I think that the Dems would be wise to disassociate themselves from these weirdos. They should just say that we stand on our record. If you don’t like it, TRUMP it and see how that works out for you!


    • Lk says:

      I’m sure that AbNorma as an honorary black person could explain it all to me. She’s got the C’s to do it. Chops and creds! Damn HARD to be a black woman in a white body! But Caitlyn AbNorma can pull it off! She’s suffered mightily at the hands of whitey!

      But for the life of me, as a white librul who has fought for minority rights my entire life, I just can’t seem to work up the appropriate amount of guilt and shame that would satisfy BLM. And for that I am truly sorry.

      HEY, I make at least as much sense as a good BLM!


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