Thought control: How it is done in our Empire

We are biding time this morning in Brig, waiting to catch a train to Venice, and then a bus to the Cortina in the Dolomite region. From there we will likely disappear into an Internet desert, but who knows. We’ll be hut-to-hutting, the senior citizen version of roughing it. There is no time for links or even severe editing. Bear with me.

There’s an old observation among dissidents that the American news media is easily as disciplined as TASS ever was in the old Soviet Union, but on a voluntary basis. That’s not true, of course – there is a thought control regime in place in American news media, based on studies by Maslov no doubt.

American journalists are trained in “that’s a good doggy!” manner, and so know with each advancement in the profession which thoughts will be rewarded. If they have improper thoughts, they do not advance, and either voluntarily or by force leave the profession of journalism.

Thus is American news a controlled entity.  The question for the curious is from where the control exerts its conformist mandates.

Amazingly, down on the level of blogs, the same system is enforced. As I look over the landscape at perhaps a score of diverse blogs nine years ago, all have vanished save Pogie, Conner, and Cowgirl. And all three are heavily disciplined Democrat sites.

The enforcement mechanism in blogs is marginalization. As soon as a blog like mine, or 4&20 under Skink and JC (now Reptile Dysfunction) commits a thought crime, party agents quickly remove links. If any of us are openly confrontational, we are banned from commenting. If we are boring and repetitive and echo the party line, we join the ranks of “thoughtful” people. It’s slow death to read the approved comments at those sites, like pounding a nail in the forehead, bang, bang, bang ….

The process is marginalization. It is what happened to Gary Webb when he violated the thought control regime at the San Jose Mercury News in the early days of the internet by reporting on cocaine trafficking in Los Angeles by CIA via a pipeline through Arkansas, governed by The Clintons at that time. He was chastised, transferred, either quit or was fired (indistinguishable), and was eventually suicided.

So it is in the Empire of Lies. I cannot change it. I urge the reader here to continue to read this blog, Reptile, and to annoy the stalwarts ad Intelligent Discontent, Flathead Memo, and Montana Cowgirl by being confrontational to the hosts, reminding them that they swim in a swill of ordinary thoughts that are only widely broadcast because they are approved by the commissars of intellectual discipline. (Conner does not allow comments, as he cannot stand even a modicum of thought crime. He’s extremely disciplined.)

They are boring, but it is their ability to imagine that their “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” repetition of the same mundane thoughts, day in and out and without relent, is interesting, thoughtful, even cogent.

That’s how thought control works. Those under it are the last to know.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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10 Responses to Thought control: How it is done in our Empire

  1. Big Swede says:

    4 out of 5 top Republican primary candidates are “outsiders”. Meaning, of course they have no experience politically.


    • Here’s a thought experiment for you Swede: Take those four “outsiders” and compare their foreign policy to that of Bernie Sanders. If there are any differences, text me, don’t post here. I want to know right away.


      • Big Swede says:

        Damn Mark, I was excited about your challenge so I rushed off to Bernie’s website.

        Funny thing tho, no mention of foreign policy/wars on the front page. All domestic issue priorities only.


        • Lk says:

          Jeezus tol’ me specifically to post this for you, sWEED. Yes, I talk to him all the time. We tight, me and Jeezy Preezy! Do you know Jeezy Preezy as your personal savior? Are you saved, sWEED? I thought not!


          • Lk says:

            p.s. sWEED, maybe bein’ the good Christstain that you profess to be, you could explain to me just HOW this crazyazzzed woman became a champeen for you cause! I mean, yes I’m slow, I admit that. But even I don’t get it! This woman is obviously an idiot of world class proportions. Is THAT what it takes to be loved by Jeezy Preezy?
            Help me out here, sWEED. Blessed are the retards? I don’t remember reading that in the Holy Buy Bull. What was that chapter and verse again, big fella?

            “Well, that was what happened when she divorced husband #1, she was pregnant due to an affair with husband #3, but she married husband #2, who adopted the babies (twins). After a while, she divorced husband #2 and married #3 and then later divorced him and remarried husband #2, who became hubby #4. Confused yet”?


          • Lk says:

            Blessed are the randy, for they shall inherit a news cycle! AND the approbation and support of Buy Bull scholar who can’t remember one verse, Donald tRump! Geez, even a pagan like me knows more about the Buybull than tRump! That’s kinda sad, doncha think, sWEED? Thas one sick retart party you got there, sWEED.


          • Agitprop really really works easy on you? Is that what your message is here?


          • Lk says:

            Been there, done that, sWEED! Kinda reminds me of you. You wing dings are an endless source of amusement to intelligent people throughout the world. And for that, I give you thanks!


  2. Lk says:

    Before we call them heroes, take a realistic look at who they are. I get so damn tired of the GF Spitoon running their endless articles on what heroes the cops are. It is sickening. And now, the PD here in GF is gonna dig’em UP one more time for another burial! Why can’t they simply allow the dead to RIP? The GF PD, along with the Spitoon’s front page coverage, is now gonna honor the fallen every frickin’ year now on the anniversary of their deaths! Incredible. They can’t let it lie. They have to dig’em up again and again, along with the Spitoon, which would have no news if it wasn’t cop, military, patriotism news. Silly, silly stuff.

    The TRVTH about the pohleece in this country is something far different than the endless hero crappola printed in the Spitoon. I really resent that our young people are being inculcated with this hero crap.


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