Bill O’Reilly: Killing Truth

There is a woman who lives down in our area – I’ve spoken with her on the phone but would not know her if I hit her with my shopping cart at Kroeger’s.  The circumstances of the conversation aside, she is a writer, and “ghost” writes. She named one book that she had written for a prominent psychiatrist, but said that if she named another, she would get in deep financial trouble. Confidentiality agreements on ghost written books can be strictly enforced.

The audacity of pretending to write a book.

The audacity of pretending to write a book.

Still, any damned fool can see that politicians do not write their own books – JFK did not write Profiles in Courage, Nixon ditto on Six Crisis, and Obama did not write either Audacity of Hope or Dreams of My Father. Some public figures seem smart enough to write their own stuff, Obama and Bill Clinton, for example, but there is no need to go through that grueling effort when it can easily be hired out. It’s not like they don’t have input – I imagine that Clinton and his ghost writer worked closely on My Life. However, books “written” by aspiring presidential candidates are likely done in boiler rooms by financial backers with only cursory consultation with the “authors.”

Ball fourBooks by athletes, television news anchors, radio talk show hosts and other pop culture figures are obviously ghosted – one exception, the classic Ball Four by Jim Bouton – he really did write it.
I bring this up because a “news” man, Bill O’Reilly is “writing” a whole series of books on various bits of white bread history, Lincoln, Jesus, and JFK. The books are heavily promoted and written for a dumbed down audience. The JFK book is being put in an edition for children, which I assume only means merely adding pictures. It will also be made into a movie, probably for Saturday morning cartoon viewing, as our leaders have had quite enough of people doubting the magic bullet story. They want our kids to live cradle to grave having never been exposed to the truth of that day.

p5344825George de Mohrenschildt was a petroleum geologist who traveled about the world in search of oil. That was his cover story, anyway. He was a CIA agent. He was on the-periphery of the JFK assassination, not directly involved, but assigned the task of babysitting Harvey Oswald while in Dallas. They formed an odd pair, Oswald with his Russian wife and ability to speak fluent Russian – de Mohrenschildt was a white Russian immigrant. They carried on conversations in their native tongue on matters like Russian literature and political philosophy. Harvey Oswald was no intellectual lightweight. (His doppelganger, Lee Oswald, was.)

The job of a baby sitter is to keep the patsy out of trouble and ready when they day comes for him to stand center stage. The babysitter does not need to know what the big event will be, which is why I think de Mohrenschildt innocent of involvement in the JFK murder. Like so many of Russian extraction of that time, he was dedicated to the cause of anti-communism, which meant his CIA service was likely a matter of personal conviction.

George de Mohrenschildt was called to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1977. He was either murdered or committed suicide one day before – either way can be managed by the “wet” people at CIA, so even if a real suicide, it could have been forced upon him by a psychological assault.

Caught in a lie, but no worries.

Caught in a lie, but no worries.

Bill O’Reilly claims in his JFK book, Killing Kennedy – The End of Camelot, and on TV, that he stood outside the man’s door and heard the gunshot that killed de Mohrenschildt. That’s a big lie.  He was in Dallas that day say those who worked with him. Ordinarily, a tall tale like that would cost a man his credibility. But not in our Empire of Lies – he hasn’t been harmed in the least by being caught in a gross and deliberate distortion do the truth.

That is par for the course in our late-stage empire-in-decline. Truth has no value, liars are exalted, truth-tellers scorned, moved to the margins, even murdered.

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12 Responses to Bill O’Reilly: Killing Truth

  1. Lk says:

    I like this perspective from the pilots for 9-11 truth group. If you never seen it, it’s quite good. Planes, like the lone shooter theory, couldn’t have done it. Expert pilots could not duplicate what poorly trained Arabs did.


    • It gets more complicated, Larry. Richard D. Hall did a reconstruction of the supposed videos of the planes that day, first building a 3D computer model of the area leading up to Manhattan. I had assumed it was video fakery. He placed the videos within that 3D model, just to see if the 24 or so taken that day were of the same event. To his surprise (and mine), everything lined up. The people doing the videos, many of them paid to do so, all agreed on trajectory.

      While it is physically and practically impossible for 767s and 757s to perform the feats of that day, much less untrained pilots, Hall’s research tells us that something flew through the air that day and was captured, and then possibly masked as a darkened shape of an airliner (Cruise missile?) What they pulled off there was highly sophisticated. There is a technology at work there we have not seen before, just as the force that turned the buildings to dust is new to us. (Dr. Wood thinks it might have been used in OKC back in 1995, a much smaller scale operation, and with the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, a really odd duck event back in 2007.)

      I am leery of John Lear, as he usually ends his presentations with wild-eyed speculation that appears designed to discredit everything he says before. He’ll talk about people living on Jupiter and moon colonies and Martians, almost as if he is deliberalty sabotaging his own message. Weird.


  2. steve kelly says:

    Another mysterious trail of “suicides” has dogged the non-story about “misplaced” cruise missiles fitted with nuclear warheads taken from Minot, ND in 2007.

    An excerpt from a story by Dave Lindorff: “This wasn’t just a mistake. I’ve counted, and at least 20 things had to have gone wrong for this to have occurred.” – Philip Coyle, a senior advisor at the Center for Defense Information

    There’s that probability factor again.

    Isn’t there one still unaccounted for? Saving the best for last, no doubt.


    • Americans can’t do basic interest calculation, much less probability. But that missing nuke is very frightening considering all of the agitprop around Iran right now.


      • Lk says:

        I spent four years in the Air Farce, some of that time guarding nukes with my dog. That scenario could not possible have happened. I fully believe that Cheney had planned to nuke a city somewhere in the U.S. Who knows why it failed.


        • Why do you assume it failed? Do you imagine that covert operations are dependent on those who happen to hold political office?


          • Lk says:

            I don’t think it failed. It may have been a trial run. Or, maybe they simply couldn’t agree on a target. I mean, really, New York City was a natural for a hit. You would offend absolutely no one in red state America by hitting NY. And they did. By hitting NY, they killed two birds with one stone. They struck the heart of librul America, and energized the inbred fascists to usher in fascist reforms. It was a win win. But nuking someplace is a whole different story. It would have to be blamed on someone. Who? N. Korea? Suitcase nuke? Terrorists in the military? Who? I think their cover story was probably to risky. Hell, they may have called it off. And the route from N.Dak to the south, what city you gonna bomb? Maybe Mayberry?

            And it may have come down to an heroic pilot who simply wouldn’t break protocol.

            But in any event, it had Cheney’s finger prints all over it. All I know, Mark, is that it couldn not have happened on accident. They protocol systems are redundantly redundant.


    • Lk says:

      The message is quite clear. Anyone who questions the bizarre notion of the official story of 9/11 dies! Check out Danny Jowenko. His on sin was telling the truth. Can’ have that now, can we?


      • Lk says:

        He didn’t deserve to die. Hell, he couldn’t have even suspected what he had done.


      • I generally avoid Veterans Today, as at least two of its writers are, in my view, government disinformation agents. And anyway, “controlled demolition” is a blind alley, could not have happened, did not happen, and is unsupported by any evidence.

        That does not mean that there is not valuable information passing through there, as good propaganda requires a mixture of truth and lies to thoroughly obfuscate truth. So I hold the likes of Gordon Duff and Jim Fetzer at arm’s length. I don’t trust either one.

        Fetzer, for example, pushes the idea that “mini nukes” were used to bring down the the Twin Towers, an utterly absurd notion completely at odds with the evidence, and a blind alley used to mislead people of curious mind. He also pushes the notion that LBJ masterminded the JFK murder, again at odds with evidence and designed to lead AWAY from, and not towards the real culprits.

        You half to be careful, Larry. The whole of the leadership of the “9/11 Truth” movement is merely engaged in a second level of coverup, designed to capture and quarantine naturally skeptical people and keep them chasing rabbits. Half of the leaders out there (at least) are government disinformation agents. I avoid them in total. Any group with “for 9/11 truth” in its name is suspect.

        It is not simple.


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